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  1. That's absolutely a fair point, and I understand the difference (as someone whose job entails dealing with the same corporate vs. local plant differences). I just am constantly amused by the folks who never waste a chance to say how bad Royal (or any of the other cruise lines on these boards, as I'm sure it's the same everywhere) is, but somehow seem to keep giving Royal their hard-earned money. I get the feeling sometimes it's a "Royal does their best to steal my money, but for three drinks a night in the Diamond Lounge I'll put up with it" mentality.
  2. OP actually gets kudos from me for cancelling the cruise. Very few things funnier than folks who have the same complaint as OP and come on here yelling that they'll show Royal who is boss by never cruising with them again (after they give Royal another $10k for the three cruises they currently have booked of course) or those who constantly complain about Royal's "shady business practices" and "fake sales" then continue to cruise with a company who treats their customers like dirt.
  3. Meh. A: "I hate marketing emails!" B: "Well then why don't you unsuscribe? A: "But I don't want to miss anything!!!"
  4. Quite a few times each cruise my wife will hand some $$$ to folks cleaning the staircases or other public areas around the ship.
  5. The post was stupid. Hope that satisfies your curiosity.
  6. So they realize a year ahead of the cruise they should have budgeted more time. They can: 1) Cancel now and give you options a year in advance, 2) Hope it all works out and if not, cancel two weeks in advance, or 3) Hope it all works out and if not, let you go ahead and cruise while construction workers finish up the job. Sounds like they took the lesser of three evils. Hope it works out for you, whether you choose another line or continue to cruise on a cruise line which exhibits such "bad customer service."
  7. Except “rules” aren’t “rules”. Royal Caribbean has every right to have a suggested dress code. And they have every right to enforce or not enforce their suggested dress code. Bottom line, if you want to wear shorts in the MDR on formal night and they turn you away, suck it up and deal with it. Conversely, if someone next to you is wearing shorts in the MDR on formal night, suck it up and deal with it. The dress code is Royal’s policy to enforce, not yours (“you” and “yours” in a general sense, not directed at you ilovesailaway).
  8. This quote should end all dress code threads.
  9. BINGO. If anyone thinks “formal night” is anything more than a cruise line trying to make a few extra bucks selling photos, they’re fooling themselves.
  10. Awesome....my wife passes out much of our $1 and $5 bills in tip money to these folks during the week and loves to see the smiles.
  11. Had 1688 on Explorer in Alaska in May. Yes, the room is wider than a normal balcony room. Balcony is bigger as well. I’d book it again in a minute.
  12. I’ve had two 9:00-9:20ish flights out of FLL and made them both easily with self-disembark. 100% guarantee that you’ll make it? Of course not. But I’m 2 for 2 with plenty of time to spare each time.
  13. I guess it's a possibility that someone went to the trouble of stealing card information to watch some Netflix movies but left cash in the safe.
  14. Most people here will tell you check-in times are not enforced.
  15. The only time I've seen "No shorts allowed at dinner" on the Cruise Compass is on formal nights. However, I rarely eat in the MDR so I don't know how often that is enforced. I've been in specialty restaurants on formal nights and have seen shorts being worn. tl:dr wear shorts if you want and have fun.
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