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  1. Have fun! Please report back with how your day went.
  2. Whether they dress up in a tux, suit and tie, polo and slacks, t-shirt and jeans, or t-shirt and shorts, they will not stick out and will not be the only ones wearing whatever they choose to wear. Whatever it ends up being, enjoy your cruise!
  3. No reservations. Just got off the ship (waited for the mad rush off the ship right at first call to end, so maybe an hour after docking) and went past the lines at the taxi stand because we didn't want to sit in a van waiting for it to fill up, even if it saved a few $$$. One of the guys selling tours just past the vans said he'd find us a car taxi after we told him we just wanted a ride straight to Grand Case. Five minutes later we were in a car. I think if you walk out of the port area you're more likely to find a taxi but someone else may chime in on the best place to actually catch one...we may have just gotten lucky (when his first guy didn't want to take us, we just started walking down the street towards town....he chased us down about 100 yards later saying he found one). I'd head out to Grand Case earlier rather than later. Around lunch time it's a popular place for tours to stop (we had a couple tour boats and a couple vans worth of people stop by around then) so it may be tougher to get good loungers at that time. But I don't recall it ever being really full.
  4. If I recall, we gave the driver $30 for the trip there and $40 for the trip back. He didn’t quote us that much (think it was $25) but I tipped extra because I wanted to make sure he would come back at a pre-arranged time to take us back to the ship and when he showed at the exact time I tipped him even more on the way back. $20 for two loungers and an umbrella. We love Rainbow, it’s our go-to in SXM.
  5. We were there during the week of January 5th. Took a morning taxi from the cruise pier up to Grand Case and spent a good part of the day at the Rainbow Cafe. Taxi back to the ship in the afternoon. No problems at all and no sign of problems for us either.
  6. Is a suggestion that isn't enforced really a rule? No.
  7. Our large suitcase, open with a mid-sized suitcase opened and laid inside it, fit easily under our bed on Oasis last week.
  8. Cruises sail at capacity week after week. Call it a "fake sale", "marketing gimmick", "joke", or whatever you want to call it....it works.
  9. That's absolutely a fair point, and I understand the difference (as someone whose job entails dealing with the same corporate vs. local plant differences). I just am constantly amused by the folks who never waste a chance to say how bad Royal (or any of the other cruise lines on these boards, as I'm sure it's the same everywhere) is, but somehow seem to keep giving Royal their hard-earned money. I get the feeling sometimes it's a "Royal does their best to steal my money, but for three drinks a night in the Diamond Lounge I'll put up with it" mentality.
  10. OP actually gets kudos from me for cancelling the cruise. Very few things funnier than folks who have the same complaint as OP and come on here yelling that they'll show Royal who is boss by never cruising with them again (after they give Royal another $10k for the three cruises they currently have booked of course) or those who constantly complain about Royal's "shady business practices" and "fake sales" then continue to cruise with a company who treats their customers like dirt.
  11. Meh. A: "I hate marketing emails!" B: "Well then why don't you unsuscribe? A: "But I don't want to miss anything!!!"
  12. Quite a few times each cruise my wife will hand some $$$ to folks cleaning the staircases or other public areas around the ship.
  13. The post was stupid. Hope that satisfies your curiosity.
  14. So they realize a year ahead of the cruise they should have budgeted more time. They can: 1) Cancel now and give you options a year in advance, 2) Hope it all works out and if not, cancel two weeks in advance, or 3) Hope it all works out and if not, let you go ahead and cruise while construction workers finish up the job. Sounds like they took the lesser of three evils. Hope it works out for you, whether you choose another line or continue to cruise on a cruise line which exhibits such "bad customer service."
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