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  1. I have just found out I will need to use either a knee scooter or manual wheelchair during our Sun Princess cruise this Sept. We have a mini suite booked. If you have experience using these DME items please share the concerns I need to consider. I will be able to walk short distances. Thank you, Joyce
  2. Does anyone recommend a restaurant near the port of las palmas that we could walk to from the ship? Thank you
  3. Soon a port new to us will be Las Palmas, Canary Island. Plan on having a special 80th birthday meal while in port. Please recommend a restaurant near docking area. Is it possible to walk or will we need to get transportation. Thank you for anu suggestions. Joyce
  4. Wondering what hotel you stayed at and what transportation you used Thanks Ed
  5. I had John Smith on my last cruise and that was all I had to drink hope it is no my next TA CRUISES Ed
  6. Help last time we booked a transfer from Heathrow terminal 3 was a bad experience. If you are pleased with a company, you have used, please share your experience. Our driver did not meet us in terminal. Noticed while waiting over an hour to connect with driver other companies had reps just out of security area with signage. We are 4 adults traveling together. Thank you
  7. Anyone know were is the sofa bed is located in the mini suite on new Sun Princess
  8. Anyone know were is the sofa bed is located in the mini suite
  9. How do I change my flight on line? how do I get to the page to change it or just price another flight? When I try something it says I already have a flight. Do I have to talk to someone at carnival tin order a new flight? Thank you for any input
  10. Is it easy to get a taxi at Barcelona Airport and cost or is it better to hire a private car? Thanks
  11. Does Carnival cruise offer transportation from Port Carnival to Orlando Airport? How do I book it? Thank you
  12. We booked princess plus and we got 2 casual dinner meals, this is supposed to be a new perk. Can anyone tell me what this includes? Thanks
  13. Are there any recommendations for hotels before cruise and also transfer from airport and to pier Thank you
  14. Is air cheaper on the carnival site? and can I choose my flight? Thank You
  15. Is there a way I can check available air for a cruise before I book a cruise?
  16. can i cancel my cruise and get my deposit back if I cancel before the due date?
  17. Does the carnival Glory have production shows on the trans Atlantic cruises? Does the Glory have self laundry rooms?
  18. If I cancel cruise before due date will I get all money back Evan if I payed for airfare?
  19. How long will it take to get from domestic to international on united at Bush international Airport
  20. First I have heard of this surprise call!! Is it only regarding certain ships? Is it tied to passengers who are on casino offers? Thanks for info
  21. Recently I heard but wonder if there is anyone that can confirm the following? That Elite passengers or anyone having the benefit of free laundry service can if thy choose go to customer services and get tokens to use in laundromat to do their own clothes. If so can passengers use both options? Items not willing to have shrunk do their own. And send other items out at no charge. Sounds good maybe too good to be true. Thanks,
  22. Does anyone know how long it takes to get through customs in Athens coming from the US? Thanks
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