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  1. We were on the Zaandam and debarked in Quebec City.we were on a school bus that was full we had to keep our carryons on our lap for the four and half hours we were on the bus.We were on the bus from 8-12:30 We were let off at a picnic rest stop mid way there was no place to buy water and the temperature was warm.When we arrived at cruise terminal we were not allowed of the bus because too many taxis arriving with incoming passengers,after over a half hour in the sun with no air the bus driver let us off the bus.Our luggage which travelled in trucks had not arrived it took over an hour to get luggage and get a taxi.No taxis knew we were coming our driver said.We left cruise terminal at 1:45 the people in line with us had plane tickets to Texas for 2:40 PM so they were going to miss their plane.We saw no one from Holland to give this elderly couple help and I called Holland and got a busy signal.
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