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  1. As someone "of that ilk", we've only been on one other Fred Olsen cruise and as far as we were aware, we were the only paying LGBT couple onboard - the rep from Titan and his husband were onboard too. On a small ship, it's fairly easy to spot other same sex couples. On our last CMV cruise, one of the passengers requested an LGBT meetup and from then it was always in the daily newspaper, but we didn't see one on the Ambience, but could have asked. As on every cruise we've ever been on, there was a Queen night - but with a twist. The music was set around a women's football team and there was a same sex storyline involved, I won't give too much away, I'll just say that the show got the biggest applause I've ever heard. It was genius and I bet you can all imagine the song they sing at the end. Last week, we disembarked the Saga Spirit of Discovery (for our 35th anniversary) and there was a smattering of LGBT guests. I'm surprised they didn't put on some sort of reception for us (instead of just having a little space in the bar, with Saga I'm fairly positive it would have included some fizz and food). Funnily enough, one of the LGBT guests was travelling with her mum - who just happened to be called Dorothy, so we did have our own Friends of Dorothy group by the end of the cruise!! An LGBT/Friends of Dorothy meeting is a lovely addition, but not a deal breaker for us. Not really sure what to expect on our forthcoming Fred Cruise in this respect.
  2. We were on a lowly P&O ship, but it shows that whatever you pay doesn't stop the weather interfering with plans!!
  3. We're on the same cruise. It was an offer too good to miss. We've been to many of the ports, including Neum, Saranda and Kotor which we've done on land based holidays to Dubrovnik/Corfu, but not Venice (we ended up in Trieste because of fog) or Split (always been on our list). It'll be the second longest cruise we've done (we were on the Marco Polo to Canada in 2019 for 30 days).
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