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  1. We were recently on the Epic Transatlantic from Port Canaveral to Barcelona, and were in the Haven. The Haven key cards do get you priority service, as long as no one else has punched another deck, before you insert your key card. It only worked on the 2 outside set of the front 4 starboard elevators, and not on the middle 2 elevators in that bank of 4. There is a slot at the bottom below the deck numbers. Put your card in and press the deck you want to go to. You will see Priority Service scroll across the top screen, and elevator goes directly to deck you selected. You could get on one of these 2 special elevators and get priority service, as long as another deck had not already been punched in. It does not work on any of the other 3 elevator banks, though. Also, the Assistant Concierge was on the lower Haven floor on port days, and kept one of these special elevators locked out to transport Haven Guests down, for 1 hour after the Captain's announcement you were able to go ashore. That was a nice perk.
  2. You might check tour excursions through Robert's Hawaii. They have a page to put your cruise ship and dates sailing, and it shows what they offer at each port. Roberts Hawaii Tours are very similar to the NCL cruise ship yours, only cheaper. (They used to do the NCL ship tours years ago, but had a disagreement.) The more tours booked through Roberts the cheaper the price. We were well satisfied with them. Even did a Pearl Harbor / City Tour after disembarking cruise ship, and got dropped off at our hotel late that afternoon, before they took the others to the air port.
  3. After booking a cruise directly with Norwegian Cruise Lines, you have 30 days to transfer your booking to another Travel Agency. Contact several different Travel Agents, to see if they can add anything extra on to your NCL deal. You may be surprised, because most will be able to sweeten your deal. We have done this several times. NCL will usually be unable to match their better offer. It has to be done within 30 days of the original booking, with NCL though.
  4. We were on the NCL Spirit in August 2018, on a 11 night Mediterranean & Adriatic Cruise. I don't remember going through customs, when disembarking at the Port Of Civitavecchia. We did have to go through customs / immigration at the FCO Airport flying in and flying out of Rome. We rode the port shuttle to the cruise ship from Hotel. Noticed several private vehicles dropping off passengers outside the NCL cruise terminal, where the port shuttle also dropped us off. A short walk to enter the cruise terminal. So, I assume they would also picking up passengers there after the cruise. We rode the port shuttle back to Hotel to store our bags for the day. You might ask the car service to be sure.
  5. I would recommend Civitavecchia Cab Service. We took CCS from FCO to Rome City Center Hotel for a 2 night stay, from Rome CCH to Civitavecchia Port Hotel for 1 night stay, and walked across street the next day to catch the shuttle bus to ship. (I think CCS would take you directly to where you check in at your pier.) Then after our cruise we caught shuttle back drop off point across street, from the original Hotel stayed in at Civitavecchia Port. Hotel Traghetto keep our luggage, and we spent all day in the port. Arranged for CCS to pick us up at hotel later that evening and take us to FCO. A whole lot better than spending all day at FCO. We had 3 different trips with CCS and were well satisfied with all of them. On time, courteous, friendly, helpful, English Speaking, etc. We did the private service Mercedes for 2. (119 Euros for 2 of us to FCO.) Didn't want to be waiting around for another group on any of the 3 shuttles. You can go to their site, put your information in, and they will give you a price. Reasonable and highly recommended when I searched. Boarded the port shuttle at 10 am and waited about 30 minutes in the NCL check in area. We were in a suite and got to board around 10:30. It was crowded with quite a few ships boarding at the port. I think NCL says not to be earlier than 1 hour, before your assigned boarding time.
  6. Sailed on the Dawn out of New Orleans on 02/26/17, the Sunday before Mardi Gras Tuesday. Suggest trying to find a hotel close by the cruise terminal - if there are any left. The city closes most of the streets in the downtown area that Sunday for the parades. There will be a couple main routes left open to get to the cruise port that morning, but it will be slow and you will encounter a lot of traffic. The taxis had problems like every one else. Talked to cruisers that flew in that Sunday morning, and weren't able to get to the port in time. They fortunately had insurance, and were able to get onboard at the first port.
  7. We were on the NCL Spirit last August that stopped at Dubrovnik and Split in Croatia. The taxi drivers at Dubrovnik would take Euros for trips from ship to city center and back for a set charge. Maybe 15 Euros - don't remember exactly? The small ice cream, soda, coffee, pastry shops, street vendors, etc. at both ports, wouldn't take Euros or credit cards though. Only 2 ports on the 11 night cruise that wasn't on Euros.
  8. The behind the scene tours are free to Platinum Members and above. The request for the tour needs to be made by 9pm on the day of embarkation, at the Cruise Next Representative Office. Sometimes, they offer behind the scenes tours to others on board for a fee.
  9. YELLOW BIRD !!! It was the Captain's favorite on the GEM, and ours too. Always served at the onboard parties. Sadly, on later cruises we were told that NCL stopped serving them. One ingredient Galliano, was hard to keep in stock at the bars.
  10. We used Civitavecchia Cab Service on our Rome cruise. Booked private transportation with CCS from FCO Airport to Downtown Rome Hotel for 2 nights, pick up from the Rome Hotel to a Civitavecchia Hotel for 1 night, and boarded ship the next morning. After disembarking from cruise, we spent the day walking around Civitavecchia, instead of sitting at the airport. Had a 7pm flight. Emailed CCS a day before arriving back and arranged private transportation back to the FCO Airport. It takes about 1 hour to get from port to the Airport. It is suggested to arrive at Airport 3 hours early for an international flight. You make your reservations with CCS, and pay the driver when you reach your destination. (In Euros.)
  11. We have been on 7 different NCL Cruise Ships, some more than once. The two Hotel Directors that I will always remember are Steven Jacobsen from the USA (Chicago) on the Jewel, and Armando Da Silva from Portugal on the Spirit. These two Hotel Directors do a great job and should be commended for making sure you have an outstanding cruise. We have been on Celebrity (3), Royal Caribbean (2), Carnival (3), and Princess (1) cruise lines. There was not a Hotel Director on any of them, that even came close. I will say that Capt. Kate on the Celebrity Summit, was the Best Ship's Captain ever, though.
  12. The NCL Epic Roll call for April 27, 2019 Transatlantic from Orlando, arriving in Barcelona May 12, 2019 has disappeared. It was started on Dec. 21, 2017. I have been keeping up with all the posts concerning this cruise. I went to the roll calls like it used to be (BEFORE THE RECENT UPDATING OF THE CRUISE CRITIC SITE), but no sailing is listed on the roll calls for April 27. It has the dates of sailings the weeks before and the weeks after, but on April 27 sailing on the roll call. I would like to keep up with it, since we will be on that 15 night cruise. I won't bother about trying to search other topics on Cruise Critic. Just need access to this 4/27/19 to 5/12/19 NCL Epic Roll Call. It seems like I am not the only person having trouble. A lot of things have changed with the Cruise Critic recent updating. In my humble opinion, it seems like the old site that was just replaced was so much better! I have been a member of Cruise Critic since July 2009.
  13. We are Platinum Members and just back from a 11- Day Mediterranean and Adriatic cruise from Rome. Invited by the Hotel Director (Armando), along with another couple from Florida, to dine with him one night in Le Bistro. Our Concierge Karin brought the invitation and asked if we would be interested in going. We thought about it a while, and finally decided to say yes. Hadn't ever dined with a ship officer. (Didn't have to dress up - just wear long pants.) We really enjoyed the experience. Great food, drinks, and conversation. Armando was great host! Drinks to get started, bottles of wine with a full course meal of your choice, along with deserts and after dinner drinks. it seemed that the time went by so quickly, but it probably lasted about 2 1/2 hours. Armando said he gets to do this 5-6 nights a cruise. Missed the show in the theatre that night, but this was so much better.
  14. It took us 5 cruises in 12 years to get to platinum level with NCL. There were also 6 cruises with other cruise lines, during those 12 years. We have a 11 day sailing out of Rome in 32 days and a 15 day Transatlantic coming up in April of next year. Then we will only need a 7 day NCL Cruise to move into Platinum Plus. Still a long way from Ambassador!
  15. Yes, if you book a cruise with NCL, you have a maximum of 30 days to transfer it to another TA. NCL has a form you need to fill out, informing them of the new TA with your information, and it has to be signed by you. The new TA can't do it for you, but will be glad to help. It is easy to do! The cruise can't be paid in full to transfer it, though. We have done this on the last 3 cruises. If you find a good cruise sale on NCL price book it, and then shop around to see who has the better deal to transfer to. You may be surprised in the offers. A TA is usually much easier to deal with.
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