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  1. I was checking my CC account and noticed that "Ability to enroll in Royal Caribbean's Crown & Anchor Society Diamond Level" is listed under Elite Plus but not Elite. My Royal account still shows me as Diamond and I'm CC Elite. Maybe they changed the benefit and grandfathered the benefit. Anybody know?
  2. I just spent an hour on the phone with my big box TA asking about the rest of my refund. It turns out they refunded it on 5/28 but they credited it to the wrong card. I got it just not where I was looking.
  3. I worked in a "paperless" environment for years. When I teleworked, paper documents were scanned in the office and uploaded to a network folder, where I accessed them. We also had documents uploaded by outside users to our system. It's very possible to work on the newest first if you are not paying attention.
  4. Mine went through in 1 day but it was a considerably smaller amount
  5. I miss the excellent service we receive on Celebrity. My husband says we don't "vacation" since we're retired, we travel. I say if I don't have to fix meals, clean the house and make the beds, it's a vacation.
  6. Did you call your TA? After a dropped call, I didn't want to wait for Celebrity to answer the phone again so I called my big box TA and they were able to check.
  7. I just spoke with our Big Box store TA about the rest of our refund. The rep told me that the missing money is the commission and that's paid separately. He says they expect to refund it by May 31.
  8. Really? The cruise I'm watching is still $1000 per person more than the cruise that was cancelled.
  9. Our refund was partially processed. We were booked for 4/25, cancelled on 3/24 and the refund was posted on 5/24. We're still missing about 10% but that sounds like what everybody else is reporting so I'll give it a few days. Our refund was partially processed.
  10. Our TA contacted us. We had called to let them know we wanted the refund the week before but I figure out big box TA was probably busy stocking toilet paper and forgot our conversation.
  11. I don't know whether this applies or not, but when Celebrity cancelled my cruise the email I received said "If you pre-booked any shore excursions, beverage, internet, specialty dining or other onboard packages, through Celebrity Cruises, you will have the option of receiving 125% Onboard Credit (OBC) to be used on your next sailing, or you may choose a 100% refund. In order to select the 125% Onboard Credit please click here to submit your request. If we have not received your choice of compensation for these pre-booked items by April 8th, you will automatically receive a full refund to your original method of payment. Guests with independent shore excursion arrangements should contact their tour operators as soon as possible. " Since there was no way to communicate the request for a cash refund, I'm guessing I'll be waiting until after 4/8
  12. Do you consider drunk driving convictions as criminal convictions? Probably not. According to the Canadian government website, drunk driving will stop you for being allowed in Canada, since it's a felony in Canada. 17% of Americans have a drunk driving conviction. Canada is of course allowed to make whatever laws they want, my complaint was about the cruise lines and the stupid American law.
  13. I would love to see some Pacific Coastal or Alaskan cruises that don't go to Canada. Almost 30% of adult Americans have a criminal record that can prevent them from visiting Canada. Thats a lot of cruisers that are precluded from a large number of cruises.
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