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  1. There are different shops on different ships, so which are you sailing on?
  2. That Is over a year from now, isn’t it? You have to do what you are comfortable with of course, but it’s awfully early to know what the world situation is going to be like a year from now
  3. Stick with the balconies you know, find a cruise on an M or S class ship
  4. The line knows, but doesn’t care....the loungers will be there until they wear out But back to the question about the veranda-that-isn’t-a-veranda, If you’d like to set a damp bathing suit in the sun to dry, you can’t do it in those rooms because there is no drain in the floor like normal verandas have. Sunbathing on the veranda is nearly impossible, and of course there isn’t a lounge chair. Opening the window shuts the room air conditioning off. The shade system does not black out the room and the shades are already malfunctioning or are brokenn
  5. Luminae is not a specialty dining restaurant.
  6. If you need a snack for a medical condition, bring some commercially sealed products from home; the. cruise line will not provide
  7. While better training of the MaitreD staff in Blu would perhaps lead to more consistent enforcement, you make good points and I suggest that you send a letter to corporate headquarters laying out your argument. As they are unlikely to see this comment here, that is the best way to try to influence them to effect a change
  8. No sky lounge Not enough bars and no quiet intimate ones No reasonably priced gift shops No card room No coffee table in stateroom TV doesn’t swivel uncomfortable seating in stateroom and throughout the ship there’s more but this is what comes to mind when I think of The Blunders of Edge
  9. Staterooms are the same size. All passengers have access to the Concierge. Not worth the money as far as I am concerned
  10. The Retreat is for suite guests only, as Michael’s Club is now. they don’t plan to take the whole lawn, AFAIK, but there will be a Suites only sun deck
  11. We pull our suitcases up to the gym and put them on the scales there
  12. 42 that’s the answer to life, the universe and everything, isn’t it?
  13. Before or after Easter?
  14. Take your key card to Guest Relations who will punch a hole in it, in the proper location to avoid the sensitive innards
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