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  1. So poorly worded.....doesn’t give you much confidence that anyone with a brain works there🤔
  2. It is NOT the same as the designated cigarette smoking area, as I recall. Cigarettes can be smoked on the deck outside the casino, but not cigars.
  3. I don’t understand, do you mean the same people complain?
  4. Power up eligibility depends on where you live, not what your current tier is
  5. You will want to ask that on the rollcall for your cruise,
  6. Passing judgement on those who enjoy cruising differently than you do, Dwight? Silly.
  7. So, no opportunity to visit friends and relatives, eat at a local restaurant, shop independently? Is that the word on the street?
  8. Not being on Facebook or Instagram, I am hoping that someone here who is can tell us, how many people actually got dressed up and posted their photos?
  9. It is priced and sold in the bars as beer, and children are not allowed to order it. Don’t look for Carnival’s policies to be upheld on Celebrity.
  10. Transfers from airport to ship can be purchased only if using their flights on the day of cruise. But there doesn’t seem to be any way to use on board credit for the purchase transfers from ship to airport can only be purchased once on board but you will be able to use on board credit for them
  11. Great nephew who has already been on two cruises said “cruising will look blue and feel squishy” and that answer is as good as anyone’s right now😄🤷‍♂️🚢
  12. One amount should correspond To taxes and fees
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