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  1. Staterooms are the same size. All passengers have access to the Concierge. Not worth the money as far as I am concerned
  2. The Retreat is for suite guests only, as Michael’s Club is now. they don’t plan to take the whole lawn, AFAIK, but there will be a Suites only sun deck
  3. We pull our suitcases up to the gym and put them on the scales there
  4. 42 that’s the answer to life, the universe and everything, isn’t it?
  5. Before or after Easter?
  6. Take your key card to Guest Relations who will punch a hole in it, in the proper location to avoid the sensitive innards
  7. I can’t see Celebrity offering a late shuttle. There wouldn’t be enough passengers participating to make it feasible. Later in the day, when everyone is arriving to the ship, you would be the fish swimming upstream, going the opposite way
  8. See your other thread. The chart of extra benefit for on board booking has been posted there
  9. As weregoingcrusing confirmed, there is no obc but there is a possibility for a discount on the price of the cruises
  10. The OP is looking for round trip. For that itinerary, a stop in Ensenada is sufficient. No distant foreign port is required on a round trip, any foreign port will do. it is when a cruise begins in LA and ends in Hawaii that a distant foreign port is required, which is why you never see such itineraries. Celebrity may offer the LA roundtrip again in the future, but no one knows if they will or not
  11. So if OBC has never been able to be used to prepay the gratuities, and it still can’t be used for this, there is no change, and I don’t understand the OP’s beef?
  12. But then there would be unpopular announcements of increases in cruise fares. Comes out the same.....
  13. There is an asia ports of call board. Perhaps it would be a better place to post because the question is not so much about Celebrity cruising as it is about the port
  14. I don’t understand. It says it applies to new bookings, but then tells that it will be applied to current bookings? Typical poor communication on Celebrity’s part?
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