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  1. Thank you,Used to Oceania Cruises.There is clearly a difference on a few things!
  2. Having never been on silverseas before,can we arrange this on our cruise next year occasionally in our cabin with the bottle of sparkling Rose (post Covid restrictions not applying) .? Is it complimentary?
  3. Thank you for your help everyone.Just a quick question.I am sure when I looked at the cruise for next year it included overnight 5 star hotel pre cruise.That seems to have disappeared in last week. Can I be mistaken?
  4. Oops.slip of finger should read 606.🤦‍♀️
  5. Thank you. We are looking at classic veranda cabins available which are: 605,696,607 and 609. All deck 5 (bar a couple). Any tips on which would be best.? (silver shadow)
  6. I know we were switched to Sky because it is a bigger ship for the popular itinerary. Many people want to travel from Southampton. (Princess told us yesterday) .
  7. We had an email direct from Princess. It was very subtle and looks a bit like a copy of the original booking. I’m assuming you have a hotel the night before too as the sailing date is 26th. Hope your TA can help out Maggie. Our TA knew nothing about it when I messaged them! 😱
  8. Im not complaining. I am very happy to be on a ship as new as Sky. I’m just keen to have what I believe I have paid a deposit for. I am sorry you no longer have a cruise booked. I am not responsible for that but I do empathise. It has happened to us on more than one occasion. Hope you can get something to look forward to again. 👍
  9. Yes Don you are right. We want an aft cabin, full stop. Nothing on the side of the ship. The cabin we chose cost more then we wanted to pay but it was the only choice. It really is about position, We don’t want to accept anything else. We particularly wanted this itinerary and are with a group of others. I figure I have a contract with them for an aft cabin. Princess have told us yesterday that we will hear end of September. I want to be prepared, so thank you everyone for your help. 👍
  10. Our sailing on Crown Princess has changed to Sky Princess. Same date and itinerary.We booked a deluxe aft balcony as we love the aft cabins.These cabins don’t exist on Sky,They are called premium deluxe balcony and come at an extra cost,As Princess has switched ships,are we entitled to stay on the aft D Deck at no extra cost? That is surely our contract.? Thank you,
  11. Thanks Lois.Im used to looking at Oceania tour costs, so much more than a group of 6-8 doing a private tour.I appreciate when doing private tours,the need to make sure you are back in good time. Are the dining rooms ,walk in or do you have to reserve a table?
  12. We too are looking at our first Silverseas cruise in November next year.Im looking at a basic veranda.Feel there is no need to have more space and a coffee machine.Im assuming their tours are quite pricey.like all cruise companies,so do passengers tend to sort out private tours prior to sailing as on other ships?Thank you for all your valid info.
  13. For us to rebook the same cruise but in SOA,we have been offered an upgrade and a few Bob off.The upgrade just means a deck up,same cabin.Deck placements make no ods to us unless cabin under pool deck.Because the price of the cruise is increased,the money off means nothing.In fact the cruise works out dearer even with ‘upgrade’.
  14. I have no idea.Just told the information when my husband phoned regards cruise options.
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