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  1. Excursions out today for our cruise.Email at 9 am,booked immediately. All still available 2 hours later.
  2. Our 2025 aft suite is at a 35% reduction- exactly what we paid .
  3. Apologies I didn’t make it very clear. There are four DD anft suites and 4CC aft suites, but in total there are only four right at the back. we didn’t want deck 11 because of the smokers. We noticed the smoke many times sitting on deck 12 having lunch at the Veranda. It was horrible.
  4. Some cabins are very popular on certain decks so I guess they sell at 35%. Quite quick . The big 4 aft suites have one only at 35% I believe then the discount drops.
  5. 7.15pm. Call came in. Got aft suite at 35% off. Exact suite that we wanted.
  6. Glad you got what you want everyone. We pre registered on 21st March so getting close! We want an aft suite and only a couple are good enough for us. Have to be careful of smoking (deck 11), under the decks. It was very unpleasant inhaling smoke whilst having lunch out the back on a warm day on deck 12 .
  7. Goodness me. Ours was last March 2023!
  8. Everything opens on my phone but not my pc would be easier to see on my pc. Do you know when we will get a price?
  9. Forward suites are not good in rough seas. The difference between one of those and mid ships is considerable.
  10. Just over the last 12 months we have cruised with 4 different companies. Best Food; 1st Saga 2nd Oceania 3rd Regent 4th Seabourn Seabourn was tasteless and having watched a chicken being sliced in front of us that was oozing blood, never again.
  11. Nowhere near as many sales here in UK. . On various ships we don’t get the services discount or even transatlantic upgrade flights free.
  12. In 2010 we cruised Antarctica on Princess. We were told we would be the last large ship to enter as far as we did.
  13. Hubby went out one day on a bike, the Captain and 2 senior managers came in on theirs! 😂
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