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  1. We thoroughly enjoyed it.We don’t sail with friends and always dine at a table for two, so getting together with others from cruise critic was really good fun.We felt we already knew most of them even though we had never met.We would not have booked on a willy milly basis,not knowing anyone.There is plenty of room around the table.$25 is nothing when you receive OBC.
  2. Donna, we would love to come with you in March if you can pay,😂.. we have just had a short cruise on SAGA on their new ship and it’s fantastic.We will need to toss a coin to see which ship we will choose. Although we have a week in November this year on Marina and 2 weeks next November with SAGA again.Counting the weeks is not good as life flashes by.! Wishing you and your sister a lot of future fun. P.S Those who haven't done Privee,go to your roll call and find enough people to make up 10 for this great evening.Well worth it .
  3. And Donna, we loved you and your sisters company.x
  4. On Spirit of Discovery, we were in a standard balcony cabin and we were told to put out luggage AFTER 9pm and before we retire to bed. So ours went out at midnight.
  5. The deluxe cabins we saw, were wider than the standard and had more room at end of bed.The standard are quite tight at end of bed, especially if you are of broad build.Shower room and shower were fine.Balcony bit small for our liking but for a cruise with all port days it would be fine. After our recent cruise,we looked at upgrading to a deluxe for our next one,but the price jumps up.
  6. We just cruised the 4 night cruise with Jools Holland.What a great ship.We are Oceania fans and there was a lot to compare with. We loved the kettle in cabin,the shampoos etc,free fruit in cabin on arrival. But sadly no clock. Room service 24hrs and food from main dining room when it’s open. TIP....plug hairdryer into socket by patio doors.It doesn’t work in shower room. Great ice cream machine by pool and various flavours in lounge, with sprinkles and sauces. Plenty of sun beds but not enough shade on hot days.Various wind barriers on higher outside decks with small comfortable seating areas. Free spa facilities were very good. All the speciality restaurants were excellent.Grill had lovely assortment of meals and the verandah had freshly ordered meals at lunchtimes.No complaints with any food.Lots of willing to help staff.Verandah chairs are very deep and if you are not tall,you will need a cushion from an empty seat to relax.Also few places to sit when staff and visitors eating there. Our cruise was inclusive drinks which meant free wine and beer with meals.A lot of people including ourselves,thought it was all inclusive,But what you buy is very cheap so no problem. The lifts buttons are very badly lit.It is hard to see what button to press.This was a big complaint. Our biggest complaint and I hope they do something about it,is the design of the Club.It has a big ‘hole’ in the middle to look down into main dining room.This meant that the wonderful young couple on piano and singing were drowned with happy eater noises then cleaning up until 11.30pm.Spirtit of Adventure is the exact same design as Discovery except for 2 details and one of these is the ridiculous design of the Club.It has a floor over the main dining room.We mentioned it to Captain on a day he was wandering around the ship.That evening (and two after) he had the Staff captain up there with other staff,monitoring it.It was agreed there was a problem. The cabin was a bit tight but comfortable and kitted out with binoculars and a blanket.Plenty of cushions for the seats on balcony.Kept very clean twice a day.I feel there is a need for towels to not be replaced regularly if hanging up. Did not try afternoon tea ( always too full) or eat in Main dining room. A wonderful captain.Probably the happiest captain we have ever encountered. Tenders were comfortable, being individual seats. A really great aspect was the amount of British products used.British cheeses,crisps,ice creams and wines,including sparkling wine from Kent. As said in initial post here about chairlift, we dont need a chairlift for the pool,nor did I see anyone who did.The steps are well designed into the pool and have handrails.Most passengers were quite mobile.The showers are poorly marked so no one used them prior to pool use. There were those that didn’t cleanse hands at relevant times,coughed into hands then used utensils in buffet and also those that picked at food with hands,but that you get on most ships.(Oceania don’t allow anyone to touch the buffet untensils,they serve for you.As I am used to this,I tended to use a paper serviette when handling them). Overall we were very pleased with the new ship and did not in any way feel like it was only it’s second sailing.The staff were amazing. pick up from home was prompt and we picked two other after us.Although they say half hour maximum,it rather depends on the drivers Sat Nav or Tom Tom.We know we went a very long way to get to next pick up.Coming home, unfortunately we were an hour late getting picked up from ship as problems at Dover.Then Dartford tunnel a nightmare.As we were running late we were late dropping off our first drop then we had to go out of our way again to swop cars and our driver take next passengers to Dover.So 2 hour trip took nearly 5.Both our drivers were very professional and cars comfortable. We have booked a second cruise,two weeks on the ship next time.We would like to upgrade to deluxe cabin for the extra room,but the price goes up considerably.
  7. Just to warn that if you are from a country not using US dollars,if you pre pay the upgrade for drink package,you may not get a good currency conversion.We always pay on board. 😉
  8. Thank you all. I phoned Oceania and despite the young lady being a bit confused,probably a newbie, we have booked La Reserve.There were 2 available dates for the odyssey/ bourgeois menu and one date for the Champagne menu on a week cruise.I have been able to pay with onboard credit for the date I wanted. She had no idea about any discount if we booked prestige beverage package,went away to ask and said yes, there is a discount. looking forward to it and glad of all the tips on here. Happy sailing everyone.
  9. Thanks.I will phone. As I said it’s in my trolley but now I can on,y pay via credit card and not onboard credit.
  10. Comparing Navigator to both O ships.Navigator:We did not like the outside pool area.There was very little shade on sea days and insufficient amount of sun loungers and towels.Shade is important for my husband having had 2 malignant melanomas.We like to eat outside as often as possible in warm climates early morning and evening.Navigator only had a few tables and it was a scrum for breakfast and at 6.30pm.A lot of smoke filtered around the pool and it seemed to be quite noisy.Pre board hotel was very poor.Day before disembarkation,flowers from our suite,nuts and Internet were removed..Poor afternoon tea.Generally understaffed.None of this with O ships,in fact there is a lot of shade.We did prefer on Regent,the free internet,very good gym,free launderette,included excursions, transfers,better steaks,better library. overall we prefer slightly,Oceania so far but that doesn’t mean we will not do Regent again for the right price and itinerary.I guess it’s harder to compare if you have different grades of cabins,
  11. We are sailing November 4th.Not sure how I will know when the menus are available.I had an idea they sell quickly and that is why I want to get moving on this.Thank you.
  12. I want to book the two of us for La Reserve,la cuisine Bourgeoise or similar.I have it in my ‘trolley’ but unable to book it.Is it bookable the same time as speciality restaurants?
  13. Hi Apologies for not getting back sooner.We have done Rome quite a bit and Mura is right,we just wanted somewhere easy and convenient.You were a great help.Citavecchia is fine for us. Some of you confused me with Mary,but I’m sure Mary is lovely. We spent a while getting through your tips and have booked a hotel that does transfers from airport to hotel for €100 and free transfer to port. So looking forward to another Oceania cruise. Thank you all
  14. Thank you for your replies.Will take a look.
  15. There are only 2 of us on the roll call at the moment. I am looking for a decent (not expensive) hotel by the port for an overnight stay as we arrive a day early.Also transfer tips.The transfers seem to be very expensive.Someone said that some hotels do transfers from airport and to port. Thank you in anticipation.
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