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  1. Thank you all. I phoned Oceania and despite the young lady being a bit confused,probably a newbie, we have booked La Reserve.There were 2 available dates for the odyssey/ bourgeois menu and one date for the Champagne menu on a week cruise.I have been able to pay with onboard credit for the date I wanted. She had no idea about any discount if we booked prestige beverage package,went away to ask and said yes, there is a discount. looking forward to it and glad of all the tips on here. Happy sailing everyone.
  2. Thanks.I will phone. As I said it’s in my trolley but now I can on,y pay via credit card and not onboard credit.
  3. Comparing Navigator to both O ships.Navigator:We did not like the outside pool area.There was very little shade on sea days and insufficient amount of sun loungers and towels.Shade is important for my husband having had 2 malignant melanomas.We like to eat outside as often as possible in warm climates early morning and evening.Navigator only had a few tables and it was a scrum for breakfast and at 6.30pm.A lot of smoke filtered around the pool and it seemed to be quite noisy.Pre board hotel was very poor.Day before disembarkation,flowers from our suite,nuts and Internet were removed..Poor afternoon tea.Generally understaffed.None of this with O ships,in fact there is a lot of shade.We did prefer on Regent,the free internet,very good gym,free launderette,included excursions, transfers,better steaks,better library. overall we prefer slightly,Oceania so far but that doesn’t mean we will not do Regent again for the right price and itinerary.I guess it’s harder to compare if you have different grades of cabins,
  4. We are sailing November 4th.Not sure how I will know when the menus are available.I had an idea they sell quickly and that is why I want to get moving on this.Thank you.
  5. I want to book the two of us for La Reserve,la cuisine Bourgeoise or similar.I have it in my ‘trolley’ but unable to book it.Is it bookable the same time as speciality restaurants?
  6. Hi Apologies for not getting back sooner.We have done Rome quite a bit and Mura is right,we just wanted somewhere easy and convenient.You were a great help.Citavecchia is fine for us. Some of you confused me with Mary,but I’m sure Mary is lovely. We spent a while getting through your tips and have booked a hotel that does transfers from airport to hotel for €100 and free transfer to port. So looking forward to another Oceania cruise. Thank you all
  7. Thank you for your replies.Will take a look.
  8. There are only 2 of us on the roll call at the moment. I am looking for a decent (not expensive) hotel by the port for an overnight stay as we arrive a day early.Also transfer tips.The transfers seem to be very expensive.Someone said that some hotels do transfers from airport and to port. Thank you in anticipation.
  9. We have done Oceani suite and PH.PH is gold card and no priority boarding tenders.Oceania suite and above have Gold and black card,They go down to the level that the tender is on,by clinic,and have separate line to wait.When tender is ready for embarkation,the gold and black cards get on first.May sound good but at Easter Island with raging seas,we were on first and it nearly killed us waiting for others to jump on the tender.Seasickness at its best! 😂
  10. Good to be back on here after a year of gruelling treatment.My husband feels we are ready for a week away in November.We are looking at an Oceania cruise (of course),concierge level.Can anyone tell me if these cabins on deck 12 have any early morning noise from above deck in the mornings? We were in a beautiful Oceania Suite on this deck to French Polynesia and loved the privacy.The cabin was under the treatment rooms so was very quiet.Thank you.
  11. Unfortunately unless you can choose your cabin,you may well end up with one that no one else books.Noise from above could be one of the reasons. I am dreadful about noise above me and therefore never do a guarantee,just in case.
  12. On both our cruises we had free access to the Spa Terrace,but didn’t use it alot.It can get very hot up there.We also found on the last cruise that a group of European friends,bagged at least 3 seats per couple.It can be boring, asking then to move.If it’s quiet up there it can be relaxing. The pools are very hot as are the showers.I wouldn’t pay to go up there.
  13. Looking myself at Alaska,I came across this if any help,depending where you live. Holland America Alaska Itineraries Of the two lines, Princess Cruises is the only one to offer sailings from San Francisco and Los Angeles (starting 2018). The 10-night San Francisco sailings cruise through the Inside Passage and stop in Juneau and Ketchikan, with some sailings stopping in Haines and others in Skagway and some itineraries including Tracy Arm glacier viewing, while others feature Glacier Bay. The 12-night Los Angeles itinerary visits Ketchkian, Juneau, Skagway and Victoria, and also offers Glacier Bay scenic cruising. Princess is also the only one of the two cruise lines to offer an open-jaw itinerary that starts in Vancouver, but ends in Seattle. This itinerary includes stops in Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway and Victoria, as well as scenic cruising in Tracy Arm.
  14. It appears there have been ‘rumblings’ for a while.I certainly had a few at the end of our luxury once in a lifetime suite in January. There are lessons to be learnt from this and grateful for your advice. To hit someone as hard as that Dan,who is a loyal customer, is bad,very bad.
  15. Wow.I see 16 over the next 14 months.Where does that leave us???
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