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  1. Sort of sad as we saw famillies dress up for halloween, and look amazing (The entire adams family eating in the MDR!), and tbh most of the hen parties we have seen have been fairly sedate...one group had different themed hats each night with a seafaring theme...captains hats, pirate hats, lobsters and light up jelly fish, and the seaside...the only dodgy one was the 'lighthouse'...it was a lovely shade of pink,but was most definately a lighthouse! we loved it, the staff loved it, and they were giddy rather than drunk or offensive.They have not been on cruises shorter than a week though....
  2. Thankyou...I love a good musical!!(and comedian), but a couple of years ago the costumes and staging were a bit 'off'...very talented performers in the main...went with thompson last year, and although the ship its self was dated, we couldnt fault the shows....really looking forward to this cruise
  3. we havent travelled with Pand O for a good few years...what are the shows like now? we stopped going as they were a bit dated, and have sice been on other lines, but wondered if they had caught up?
  4. I think a lot of the problems were time....we just missed the stop for embarkation so were in the terminal,and then on in 20 minutes...when we looked after there were huge queues outside....we found the windjammer organised and well stocked...but again heard others had trouble...food in the dining room was ok, but service was slow...agree about the fish and chips...they looked good, and were free on the first day, so people had them on day 2 and were stung by the charge.yes there were drunks, but generally good natured, and we also saw the most well behaved stag night ever...(mind, the stags were a little older!)...we laughed as they had 'keep calm' on their t shirts, and if they had two drinks they were doing well!! we probably wont do another short cruise as everything felt squashed in,and do have concerns that it would be very expensive if the proposed charges come in for the activities...for example we did the escape room, but as a family of five it would have cost us 100 pounds for 45 mins....
  5. just off also...our cabin had not been redone, and was looking a little tired, but the rest of the ship is lovely...there are some strange bits...such as the dog and badger pub has been renamed the ale and anchor, and the picture outside is.....a dog and badger! same with the dining rooms,renamed, but still the same pictures, and the staff refer to them as Romeo and Juliette and Macbeth.Playmakers bar looked cavernous and bare when empty but came into its own showing the football and the royal wedding...it has enough sections for people to feel they are together, but to give separate spaces to avoid trouble...very well thought out. Need a little more inside quiet bar space I think, but we were on the three dayer, so it was busy...also olive or twist which fulfilled this purpose, was either full or booked for a private party. escape room is great, lazer tag amazing flowrider and skating as good as always.bungee thing ok, but prob would not do it again. all these things were free, but have been told that there will be a charge soon
  6. thankyou....we are a family of five adults, and trying to work out spends!!
  7. would like to know the prices of bungee thing and puzzle room...plus how you book them?? we are going on the three dayer and don't want to miss it
  8. Belgium/ ypres is particularly bad as you are coming back to the ship at rush hour...been twice on ships trips with two companies and been an hour late each time....both times the coach has come up to the ship and the gangplank has been raised, the doors shut and off, before we were out of the check in area! would not go on a full day trip with a private company there,Always use private trips in the carribean though
  9. we are on this one too...so looking forward to it.....hope to have a bit of wedding. but not too much!
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