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  1. Just to clarify - I am looking for tour company recommandations!
  2. Anyone have recommendations for day tours in LA for both a turnaround day (on a B2B) and for debark day (staying overnight). Thanks!
  3. Has anyone done a day-tour on turnaround day in LA?
  4. The first cruise is 4 days stop in Catalina Island, then Ensenada. Will that make a difference?
  5. Doing first B2B ever and it's in LA. We are planning on spending the day in LA and looking at options for tours. I assume we can get off anytime since we have no luggage and only have to go through immigration. Is there are special process for B2B cruisers when we re-embark? Thanks for any insight!
  6. Well, I won't be disembarking tomorrow as planned as we are already off the ship. On Sunday (Saint-John) while visiting the Bay of Fundy, I fell and broke my ankle. After xrays at the emergency showed it was indeed a break (requiring surgery), my DH had to go back and pack up our bags. Customer service was very helpful and someone helped DH get all our things together. They even packed up the 2 dozen water bottles. My DH gave them to the security people - he had enough bags to lug on his own! After spending the night at the hospital, we decided to drive home to Montreal (10 hour painful ride) so that I could have the surgery here at home. We always think these things happen to other people… well, they don't. Although I have medical insurance, we did not have trip insurance, so no possibility of recovering part of the cost of the cruise. I guess some will say the moral of the story is to have trip insurance, so we'll see for next time… Thanks CruiseVA for posting the Patters. I have kept all the Patters from all my cruises but unfortunately my DH forgot to take them during the kerfuffle of packing. Well, we did have 8 fabulous days out of the 13 planned. We will definitely have to do this itinerary again - hopefully all 13 days next time! Safe travels home to everyone and happy future cruising.
  7. There were hardly any empty seats at the 9:15pm show. We got there almost a half hour before the start and it was pretty full. By showtime, there were people standing.
  8. No sorry. I was only interested in the 12 bottles.
  9. Here is a picture from our balcony. Shows how close it is. Ditto the comment about buying tickets online. My only beef was with the people jumping the line. We were near the front and those buying their tickets would just hover around and not get in the line of those with tickets!
  10. We purchased the 12 bottle wine package on the first day from the person trying to sell us the wine tasting. We have the gold package which allows us 12 bottles for $336 plus 18% tip. We can pick any bottle up to a value of $45. If more, we pay the difference. They give you a card with 12 punches. You must have this card with you. For all the electronic updates, it seems like they could update this too! All the wines we have had so far have be great!
  11. I have never posted in a live thread but with the unlimited internet, I thought it was time to pay it forward for all those who have helped me in the past! Here are some overall observations after the first few days: Embarkation was a breeze for us. I understand people have different experiences so I guess it depends on several factors such as the time you arrive, how many people are there, the experience of the person checking you in, etc. Dining room has been a bit chaotic. The girl at the Coral reception is a bit of a twit. Not sure if she even understands English. Had to repeat 5 times that we had a reservation and she kept wanting to give us a pager. Thank goodness we ended up at a good table our second night so we asked for a permanent reservation there. After getting the Maitre D’s blessing, we are set for the rest of the cruise! The wait staff is great. I had a feeling our waiter was very experienced and turns out he has been with Princess for 20 years. We tried to see the show Bravo on Sunday but did not feel like standing. I have never seen the Princess theatre so packed! However, the Explorer’s lounge has some great shows. The guitarist (and vocalist) Jumari is amazing. So is the group Static. I have not used Ocean Now to order drinks, except to get my free one which I did directly at the bar. Seemed a bit silly to have to order online with the bartender standing there waiting for me to press « send ». Oh well...it was free. 😉 Speaking of drinks, gone is the martini menu at Crooners. I have been slowly working my way through the 75 martinis, but alas, that has come to an end... I’m not sure if it’s only on CB. Oh well, I don’t really like CB’s Crooners anyways, not like the Ruby or the Royal...much too small. We had toilet issues yesterday morning - just stopped flushing. Not the best thing in the morning! When we got back on-board, all was in working order, along with a plate of chocolate strawberries and a note apologizing for the inconvenience. I thought that was a nice touch. Overall, the « Ocean » experience is something I could do without. I like the use of the medallion instead of the cruise card, but must we have all those bright blue screens with our picture popping up every time we walk by? Just my opinion... As others have mentioned, I did not get the Platinum/Elite lounge schedule either. Not a big deal but was wondering if they had done away with it. Off to enjoy my day at sea...😁
  12. I found it strange that the Captain made the announcement without any explanation of what the « matter » was... And when all was settled, there was still no explanation. It was a bit odd. Also, when he first announced that there was a « matter », it sounded like « murder » because of his accent! A few people were freaking out around us!! Our waiter told us the issue or « matter » had been a small fire in the engine room.
  13. Having sailed on the CB 3 times, I must say the changes are really nice. It looks like a new ship!
  14. Boarding was a breeze! At the last minute our Ocean Ready app showed that we were not ready! Good thing we had taken pictures of the pass. We were all checked in within 5 minutes. Would have been less but they had to go get our medallions. Hopefully they will start shipping to Canada. Went to the line for Elite and Platinum. Thought we would have to wait but boarded right away. I was worried that they would “coral” us to the dining areas, but no, we went right to our cabin. Had lunch at buffet which was virtually deserted and now ready to relax 😎
  15. And here is the view from our room at the Westin. See everyone onboard!
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