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  1. Don't overlook youtube as a great resource ! If you want to see what it's like to travel by train to Denali or to Seward, just enter 'train from anchorage to denali' and you'll find hours and hours of video. You'll also find video of popular excursions...... Kenai cruise, Denali shuttle/tour bus, Fairbanks Riverboat tour, flightseeing from Talkeetna, jetboat tour in Talkeetna
  2. What happened to your original plan? It seemed like a good one and so easy: - the family overnights in Whittier in the RV, and the next day your husband catches the 9am tunnel to return the RV to Anchorage. You hang out in Whittier until 11:30 or so when you can board the ship. Hopefully you'll find a place to do laundry during those 2 hrs. Call the Chamber and see if there are laundry machines somewhere.
  3. Don't rule out Vancouver departures. Vancouver is only 150 miles away and easily reached by various bus companies, amtrak cascades train, or rental car if flights are too expensive. Plus Vancouver is a beautiful city. Vancouver departures sail between Vancouver ISland and the mainland so it's more scenic and the waters are more sheltered. Seattle departures sail on the west side of Vancouver so no scenery and the potential for rougher seas. And as you look at the various cruises, be mindful of port times. Make sure you're in port long enough and at the right time of day for planned activities. ie 7am to 1pm isn't ideal for quality sightseeing.
  4. I understand that one-way drop off fees are high, but when you compare the transfer fees for 5 people vs a one-day Hertz rental car to Seward, is it THAT much more ? Another option to check for price is PJS taxi in Seward. They regularly do tour/transfers between Anchorage and Seward. https://www.pjstaxi.net/
  5. mapleleaves


    The details for each day are posted under the map. You just need to highlight the day you want to see then look below to see the details. https://www.celebritycruises.com/itinerary-details/10-night-talkeetna-treasures-cruisetour-1b-from-seward-alaska?packageID=ML10B901&sDT=2019-08-20&cCD=CT&aCB=false
  6. mapleleaves


    I see details in other Aug itineraries. If you want feedback, you need post your specific cruisetour.
  7. Love Valdez. It reminds me of how Homer used to look before it became so touristy .
  8. mapleleaves


    The information is on the Celebrity web site. When you open the itinerary you highlight the day then scroll down to see each days' plan. " You will then travel by deluxe motor coach to Talkeetna and enjoy a beer tasting at a local Brewery. From 6:30 p.m., Talkeetna is yours to discover. " So i'd say you probably arrive 4pm - ish in Talkeetna. https://www.celebritycruises.com/itinerary-details/10-night-authentic-tastes-of-alaska-cruisetour-9a-from-vancouver-british-columbia?packageID=ML10A909&sDT=2019-05-10&cCD=CT&aCB=false Did you realize that this tour doesn't allow enough time at Denali to get INSIDE the park to enjoy the wildlife and scenery? The itineray says that on June 1 you have the morning free in Talkeetna then you board the train for Denali. ( The train leaves at 11:30am and arrives to Denali at 3:40pm. ) The next day you leave Denali around noon and head to Anchorage. Yikes ! The only way you will have time for a bus ride thru the park is if you do it on your own ......disembark the train at Denali ( the depot is inside the park), and instead of going to the hotel, you walk to the bus depot and catch a bus.
  9. The nice thing about RV'g is that your itinerary doens't have to be rigid. You're not bound by a reservation every night. You can always find a campsite or boondock, and you always have your bed, kitchen and bathroom with you. Denali is the only place I make reservations. Sometimes it's nice to be able to follow the good weather. We arrived to Homer on a glorious sunny day ;it was breathtaking to stand on the bluff, look down on the Spit and across the Bay to the glaciers. But a fierce storm blew in that night and it became miserably rainy, windy and cold. So instead of being trapped in Homer with a 3 nite reservation we packed up and headed north to the sunshine in Fairbanks. Be flexible.
  10. Agree with AKStafford ... with only 10 days you can't do Homer, but you will have time for Seward. I can remember a 10 RV trip where we picked up the motorhome in Anchorage and did a loop,..... Talkeetna, Denali, Fairbanks, then down the Richardson to Glennallen, the Glenn Hwy to Anchorage and down to Seward. I think we only got to spend 2 nites in Denali, Fairbanks , Seward and the other stops were one-nighters. Don't underestimate how much time you will need to get to each destination ..... it's not just the drive time, but also stops for wildlife and scenery, or some point of interest you stumble upon. We saw moose at several places along the Richardson and HAD TO stop for each one. We stumbled onto Rikka's Roadhouse near Delta and spent half a day there, going thru the exhibits and enjoying the scenery. The harbor at Seward is fascinating and always something interesting to see. Don't shortchange it. On a separate 10 day triip we picked up the RV in Anc then drove to Seward and Homer, then went to Denali. There's just too much to see and do, so with only 10 days you need to make cuts to the itinerary otherwise you'll spend all your time sitting in the motorhome.
  11. mapleleaves


    if you want feedback you need to post a link to the specific cruisetour. Do you at least know if you're travelling by train or Bus ? If by bus, here are the general travel times ..... Seward to Anc is 3 hrs and Anc to Talkeetna 3 hrs. The bus may stop at the Wildlife Center near Portage for an hr, and a lunch stop in Anc for at least an hr. In which case you would arrive in Talkeetna around 4ish. But it's just a guess without seeing your specific cruisetour.
  12. What do you mean by best ? fastest, cheapest ... There are the usual options : uber/lyfft, taxi, or cruiseline shuttle. There's also Shuttle Express. The cheapest would be Light Rail but it entails a LOT of walking and would take at least an hr.
  13. Email them and ask ! I had similar questions regarding their Amalfi tour so I just emailed them and asked for specifics. They were very quick in responding.
  14. As AKStafford pointed out, there are a few hundred trip reports posted above that will provide a wealth of information. The first line of the report usually indicates the cruise ship, travel date and if there was a cruisetour or DIY land travel. IF you decide to take a cruisetour, be very mindful of the details. Some of the short cruisetours spend all their time travelling leaving you little time to enjoy a destination when you arrive. And if you visit Denali, you need at least 2 nites. .... the bus ride THRU the park is about 8 hrs. The short cruisetours, esp if they use the train, will arrive in Denali at 4pm and leave at noon the next day. This gives you no time AT the park. So make sure you have at least 2 nites if you want to enjoy the scenery and wildlife at Denali. The train from Anc to Denali is 8:15am to 4pm. Easy to book the train yourself. Then book one of the big lodges that will provide a ride from the depot to the hotel , such as Princess , Denali Bluffs, Grand Denali. Or take the train TO denali, but use the Park Connection Bus for the return. TRAIN https://www.alaskarailroad.com/ride-a-train/schedules BUS https://www.alaskacoach.com/ The Alaska Railroad offers train/hotel packages. There'a a fee for that one-stop shopping so you may want to price the pkg vs booking yourself. https://www.alaskarailroad.com/travel-planning/packages/summer-packages The bus company also offers pkg deals via train or bus or both. https://alaskatravel.com/ But definitely do your homework. Figure out what you want to see and do, and make sure your itinerary allows time for those priorities. Have fun with your research and planning !
  15. I think many of us were in the same situation as you are. :>) If you look down the page you'll find a similar question with many responses, and look back over the past several pages and you'll find many more responses. I thought the Barcelona forum of tripadvisor.com provided great info about a hotel location. They have an excellent thread under TOP QUESTIONS. Basically Plaza Catalunya at the top of Las Ramblas is the center of Barcelona ..... if you stay within a few blocks you'll be very close to the Metro and many popular sightseeing spots. And also under 2 mi from the cruiseport. I narrowed my choices down to 3 then asked for feedback. Good luck !
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