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  1. We were on the Epic last Sept. It docked at 5 and you could disembark starting at 5:45am. It's about a 20/25 minute ride to the airport, fixed fare of 39E. I recall this thread from last fall where the poster was inquiring about a 10am flight. General consensus was that a 10am flight would be fine. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2702890-disembarking-in-bcn-on-ncl-epic/?tab=comments#comment-58568352
  2. what time is the Allure scheduled to arrive ?
  3. We did the W Med cruise last Sept. I don't know if the day changes from yr to yr, but for us, the Glow Party was on the night we had been in Cannes. p.s. AWESOME cruise. We loved every minute of it. Exhausting itinerary though.
  4. The town web site: https://visitsitka.org/visitor-info And the town Visitor Guide: https://view.joomag.com/visit-sitka-magazine-2019-20/0247774001549006184?short
  5. I did a quick search on "fortress of the bears" and specified This Forum Only. Hopefully you will find useful info and photos in one of these threads: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/search/?q="fortress of the bears"&type=forums_topic&nodes=33&updated_after=any&sortby=newest
  6. There are only 3 heli operators in Juneau. Check their web sites and see what they offer. They're listed in the town Visitor Guide, pg32 http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/10785063#/10785063/32 With any combo trip, be sure to find out how long the whale watch tour lasts, and for the heli trip how long are you in the air and time on the glacier.
  7. There is a listing of vendors for 'Pack Creek Outfitters' on the US Forest Service web site. Regardless of where you go for the bear viewing, make sure you're traveling during that area's peak season. Too much money to blow on a shoulder season. Pack Creek peak starts July 5 which coincides with the start of a salmon run. https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/tongass/recarea/?recid=78650
  8. We were on the Epic in Sept and stopped in Civi. There was a port shuttle that took us to the Port entrance (Largo Della Pace ), where we boarded another bus that took us to the train station. We were lucky that the buses arrived within minutes of each other, on both trips, so no waiting. https://civitavecchia.portmobility.it/en/civitavecchia-train-station
  9. I start with the Trainline web site for my research, and when I know which carriers provide the segment I need, I go to their web site to verify. You're too early to get August tickets, but you can at least get an idea of departure times, travel times, frequency and price on trainline. https://www.thetrainline.com/
  10. We were on an NCL cruise last Sept. We weren't sure which berth, but the cab drivers must know! We just asked him to take us to the cruise terminal .... he asked which ship then dropped us off right next to the EPIC. (our hotel was by Pl Catalunya. For the 4 of us the cab was 20E)
  11. What are your port times ? We were on the Epic last Sept and used the express trains both ways. We went to S Pietro on the 9:35am train, and after the Colosseum we took a cab to the Ostiense station for the 3:37pm train back to Civi. Both trains were on time or within 5 minutes. But don't forget ... when you get to the Civi train station, you catch a bus to the port entrance, then the Port shuttle bus to your ship. If we missed the city bus, rather than wait for the next, we wouldve walked to the port entrance for the shuttle, but both buses arrived within minutes of each other so we lucked out. But be sure to allow time for the buses.
  12. mapleleaves

    Sakway, Alaska

    look at the town web site. https://skagway.com/ Read thru past trip reports posted near the top of this forum to see what other travellers have done.
  13. They haven't even started clearing the park road yet, so no one knows if the situation got worse over the winter or is the same. We all have to wait for the updates. Watch the Denali web site. Many people think that unless there was drastic damage done in the past several months, all the bus routes will be run, HOWEVER the start date may be delayed for necessary repairs to stabilize the road. I think the first buses are scheduled to start May 20 .... that date may get pushed back. The Natural History Tour only goes to Mile 30 which is before the slide area, so I can't imagine why that wouldn't run, but we'll just have to stay tuned to the Denali web site and see what develops.
  14. If you're prone to motion sickness, that's another reason to consider a Vancouver departure. Vancouver ships travel BETWEEN the mainland and Vancouver island which has lovely scenery and is sheltered waters. Seattle ships travel on the west side of Vancouver Island so no scenery and open seas there can be rough water.
  15. You can avoid all these concerns & issues by sailing on a smaller ship ! And choose one that has a better itinerary than the Bliss. ISeriously, Ketchikan 7am - 1pm. With a kid in tow, what time do you realistically expect to be done with showers, bfast and disembark ? Then you have to be back by noon. So you might have 4 hrs to 'do' Ketchikan. Is that enough time for you to accomplish your sightseeing plans ? And Juneau 2:30 - 11pm. Yes it stays light later, but do you think you'll disembark at 3pm and stay off the ship until 10pm, or will you sightsee for a few hrs then come back to the ship for dinner, then not go out again. And while Victoria is a beautiful location, it's not Alaska and arriving at 7pm doesn't provide much time to see and do anything. Just another sea day. I would also suggest looking at RT Vancouver, over Seattle. More scenic route and calmer waters. Lots of bells and whistles on the Bliss, but I don't think it's the best opportunity for seeing Alaska. IMHO.
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