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  1. If you look on the MSC web site, it states that all excursions in Europe must be done thru the cruiseline. MSC Health & Safety - Europe Cruises| MSC Cruises (msccruisesusa.com)
  2. Thanks so much for posting your trip report and lovely photos ! Not travelling until next Sept but always enjoy the planning process. Can you tell me the name of the Fira restaurant you visited. Looks like a lovely spot to enjoy our last hours in Santorini. Thx !
  3. Are you planning to do Naples as a day trip? or will you visit Naples with your luggage to overnight, then take the train rom Naples to Civi to board the ship ?
  4. If you want feedback, you need to post a link to the specific tour .... how much time in each location, what's included, type of transportation, etc.
  5. I've never come across a business in Europe that would accept USD. In Canada and Bahamas there is a high percentage of US visitors paying with USD, so it's worthwhile for businesses to pay the exchange rates. Not so in Europe where Euros are the common currency. I usually have euros left over from a previous trip, enough to pay for a cab or bus to my hotel. After that I stop at cash machines to withdraw what I need.
  6. Ok, you've piqued my interest in the SanG and Volterra area! I will be ending a cruise in Venice (whichever port is substiituted ) in Sept 2022 and will immediately train to Florence for 3 nights. Now i'm thinking of getting a rental car nr Florence Airport and taking an overnight trip to see the countryside. Will using Florence Airport help me to avoid city driving? And can you recommend a hotel in Volterra, SanG or a nearby small town please? Somewhere that I could enjoy a nice dinner in town and wander around in the evening ....without driving several miles back to my hotel. Thx !
  7. Perhaps you didn't open the link further and look at the tours? For each tour they provide an overview, and you can expand each tour to see "What's Included", where it provides the hotel name, excursions , train or bus for each leg, and the arrival/departure times. Such as this one: Alaska's FirstVacation Package |Time Favorites Vacation Package | Tour 130 | AlaskaTravel.com Others are listed here: Alaska Train & Bus Vacation Packages | Alaska Railroad, Deluxe Motorcoach | AlaskaTravel.com Or you can work with one the agents to customize one of the tours to your liking. Personally, I enjoy planning and researching my trips. Its fun to figure out what to see and do, and then put it all together. And as a single woman I have no problem driving around Alaska. But to each their own. p.s. The Alaska Railroad also offers pkg tours. Alaska Train & Bus Vacation Packages | Alaska Railroad, Deluxe Motorcoach | AlaskaTravel.com Good luck with your trip !
  8. Looks like I steered you wrong ....the Search function sure isn't what it used to be ! Searches only seem to pull threads from 2019 and forward, even though there's older data out there that could be pulled. I ran into the same problem when I was researching for my Med cruise. What a shame! I find trip reports to be such a wonderful resource for anyone that's planning a vacation. There used to be a STICKY on the Alaska forum for several yrs history, but they've all been eliminated except for 2019. I dug thru the history and found the 2018 and 2017 lists. Hopefully they'll be helpful. I don't recall seeing a lot of NCL cruisetours ... mostly Princess. But any cruisetour info will be helpful to you .... you'll get an idea of travel times, activities, etc. 2018 Trip Reports - Alaska - Cruise Critic Community 2017 Trip Reports - Alaska - Cruise Critic Community
  9. If you go to PORTS OF CALL, Alaska, there's a Sticky for 2019 trip reports. There are similar links for previous yrs reports as well. To find past reports use the SEARCH function and type "trip reports" and limit your search to THIS FORUM. You could also limit your search to NCL but it will bring up fewer reports. (Be sure to use the quotation marks ) As you look at cruisetours be VERY mindful of arrival and departure times. A lot of tours cover a lot of ground but leave little time to explore when you reach your destination. This is esp true of Denali. A tour that boasts 2 days and 1 night in Denali may not provide enough time for a trip into the Park to enjoy the scenery and wildlfie .... they often arrive mid afternoon on Day 1 and leave at noon on Day 2. You need at least 8 hs to get to Eielson Visitor Center which is the minimum distance you'll want to travel inside the park. Keep in mind that the train only has one departure a day so it can be very limiting. It's easy enough to rent a car and book a few hotel rooms. A rental car gives you more freedom with your schedule plus you can make stops for wildlife, scenery or places of interest along the way. Plus no 'suitcases in the hallway by 6am". Just replicate the cruisetour itinerary. It's very easy to drive in Alaska ....few roads so impossible to get lost I've rented cars and small RV's. But if you'd rather leave the driving to someone else, but still have a little more flexibility that a cruisetour offers, there are package tours offered by train or by bus, or by train/bus combo. This company owns the bus service but offers pkg tours on the bus and/or Alaska Railroad and the agent can help you with an itinerary. Alaska Train & Bus Vacation Packages | Alaska Railroad, Deluxe Motorcoach | AlaskaTravel.com Have fun with your research and planning!
  10. You might ask RCI if the shuttle makes any stops , such as Venice ( Piazzale Roma) or Mestre since you are spending a few days in Venice pre-cruise. Otherwise you will need to make a return trip to the airport to catch the shuttle. I'm sure many people will be in the same situation. Perhaps these logistics are something the cruiselines will fine-tune over the next few months.
  11. A lot of cruisers stay in the Piazzale Roma area because it's easy. PRoma is the last point of land travel in Venice so it's where buses and taxis drop off their pax. And most cruisers have too much luggage to carry over multiple bridges and uneven walkways, so being dropped off by your hotel door is a huge plus. AND it's only a couple of blocks to the Grand Canal so an easy start to your sightseeing. The first 10 hotels listed in the following link have been recommended numerous times, so check each web site to see which hotels meet your needs for budget and amenities ( esp if you need an elevator). 'How Many Bridges?' hotel listings for Piazzale Roma | Venice for Visitors (europeforvisitors.com) If you can easily manage your luggage, many more options are available. How are you getting to your hotel ? I travel light ...a wheeled carry-on and small day pack, so I take the ATVO airport express bus from Marco Polo to PRoma. About 8E for the 20 minute ride. (A taxi is about 45E for the 20 minute ride.) From PRoma I walk about 2 blocks to the Grand Canal, take a left, walk another block and catch a water bus to whichever area I'm staying. ( I've stayed several times in the Rialto Bridge area which is less than 10 minutes walk from StMarks) If the PRoma hotels are out of your budget, staying in Mestre is another option. Mestre is on the mainland on the other end of the bridge to Venice, so 4 miles away? There's an ATVO express bus that goes directly from the airport to the Mestre train station where there are several nice hotels. You can take the train or bus for a couple of euros and be at PRoma in 10 minutes. Hotels near Venezia Mestre Railroad Station | Venice for Visitors (europeforvisitors.com) The Venice for Visitors web site is a wealth of information. Venice for Visitors | An in-depth travel guide to Venice, Italy (europeforvisitors.com)
  12. RCI has the same requirement, as does MSC and Costa , which is why it seems likely that the govt imposed this restriction on cruiselines if they want to dock in Italy.
  13. This restriction is probably related to the GREEN CERTIFICATION instituted Aug 1 which restricts access to public places, events, museums,etc Copied from the Ministry of Health web site. If you go to the FAQ's, it says visitors from the US can use their CDC vaccination card in lieu of a Green Certif. The COVID-19 Green Certification is required in Italy to participate in parties for civil and religious ceremonies, access to health care residences or other facilities, move in and out of territories classified in "red zone" or "orange zone". It is also necessary to access any type of catering service at the indoor table, shows, events and sports competitions, museums, institutes and places of culture, swimming pools, gyms, wellness centers, fairs, festivals, conferences and congresses, spas, theme and amusement parks, cultural and recreational centers, gaming halls and casinos, public competitions. Home - COVID-19 Green Certification (dgc.gov.it) Ministry web page - Covid-19, travellers (salute.gov.it) If you're travelling to Italy next month, you should follow the Ministry web site in order to stay current with restrictions. I believe they will review the situation at the end of August to see if restrictions should be changed. I believe RCI is requiring ship tours also, so perhaps this restriction is a govt stipulation for cruiselines ??
  14. I suggest doing a little research to learn about all the options available, so that you can make choices based on your interests, budget and physical ability. There are a few books that provide info on Mediterranean cruises ... sights, activities, tours, DIY options. 2 books I've used are: Mediterranean Cruiseports by Rick Steves, and Mediterranean by Cruiseship by Anne Vipond. Borrow from the library or buy . Also, use the SEARCH feature at the top right corner. ie type the word Mykonos, then limit the search to This Forum, and you'll find past threads about Mykonos. Do the same with each port you're visiting. Have fun with your research and planning!
  15. As posted previously, the "best" method depends on where you need to go, budget, mobility, and amount of luggage. So you;ll need to provide a bit more info, esp ... the location of your hotel. All land travel in Venice ends at Piazzzale Roma. This is where taxis, buses, cars must drop of their passengers. There are a few hotels right on the PRoma. So if you have too much luggage to easily manage, the easiest option would be to stay by PRoma and have a taxi drop you off at your hotel. A taxi will be about 40-45E for the 20 minute ride. If you can manage to walk a couple of blocks and cross one small bridge, there are a few more options available. 'How Many Bridges?' hotel listings for Piazzale Roma | Venice for Visitors (europeforvisitors.com) I thought RCI ships were departing from Ravenna and provided a shuttle bus from the airport. So will you return to the airport for the shuttle or will you make your own way to Ravenna from Venice ?
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