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  1. thanks for the pics and info we have one booked for our Dec 2 cruise on Mariner
  2. not showing on my Dec 2019 cruise. When I booked a cabana in Jan they had the pic of the over water one. I was very disappointed that I didn't end up with that. But got it for a bargin $319
  3. Thank you for posting the great pics and review! 69 days until we sail and it looks awsome
  4. check out cruisetimeparking.com $40 for our 4 night cruise. free shuttle and good reviews
  5. I can't seen to find a link on website cruise planner to see what shows are on board or how to reserve seating. Anyone with info or tips?
  6. Sailing on Mariner in Dec. booked last Nov and booked Chill Island Cabanna in Jan for $319. They are now $799. I used Free $200 onboard credit from my Vegas for $200 and it only cost me out of pocket $119
  7. i just reserved with cruise time parking for our 4 night Mariner cruise in Dec and it was $35. The lot at the pier charges $17 a day
  8. I recieved an email today telling us our iteniary has changed for our Dec cruise because of issues with Allure of the seas. We now have our schedule rearranged and will only be in Nassau until 4pm instead of 9pm.
  9. these look very nice. i have never seen them offered in the pre cruise planning section on the RCI website. I have a Chill Island cabanna reserved for our cruise in Dec buy this option looks nice too
  10. we rented a cabanna on Chill Island for December and it says they have a place to lock valuables in.
  11. boy. a lot of kid haters here. I paid a lot of money for my 6 yr old to go with us and expect her to not be confined to the on board kiddie clubs. I enjoy spending time with my daughter and expect to experience all that the cruise has to offer for all paying guests.
  12. I booked Chill Island cabana in Dec when it was pictured and described as over water cabana. Now it isn't . very disappointed. they haven't listed prices for the over water cabanas that will be on South Beach but from what I am seeing they will be way too much for me. Does anyone know a website to check if there will be 2 ships there on Dec 3? If not I may just cancel. The last time we were on a private island there were no chairs to be had. I just want a nice relaxing day with a good meeting spot for our group of 7 and to not get fried in the sun.
  13. we booked 8690 for a Dec cruise wish i had seen this info about deck 7 being better before i booked.
  14. South Beach wasnt even an option back when I booked Chill Island in Jan
  15. I booked Chill Island Cabana for Dec because in Jan it said those were the over water cabanas. Now looking at the map they will not be. South beach club is where it looks like they will be from the virtual map. I just called RCI and they said reservation have not opened for those yet. Not going to be happy if the price is 1000+ when they do open up. he offered to move to South Beach but those are still not over water. My 5 yr old is so psyched about the little slide and hammock. I am going to be one unhappy mama bear if I dont get one of these.
  16. Tentatively have planned to stay at Staybridge Suites near Orlando airport (630p flight arrival) and take thier shuttle back to airport to pick up rental car next morning and going to Holiday Inn Club Vacations Beach Resort Cape Canaveral and dropping off car at port. Anyone Stayed at these hotels before? any input welcome
  17. This port schedule doesn't go all the way up to Dec when we will be cruising but the Mondays have 5 ships in port at the same time. BUSY
  18. i would not be kicking the dog but if it pees on my daughter the owner could be "hitting the deck"
  19. what is club admission? dont see that on my cruise planner
  20. we were able to use one each for a total of $200 OBC
  21. i was able to book one of the over the water cabanas in January for our cruise in Dec. we are not in a suite. today i see South beach Cabanas, didn't see those before
  22. as long as the over water cabanas are done by Dec2. they look awsome can't wait
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