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  1. In July it was Day 5 - Wednesday. It was kinda lame though. When I was on the Jewel in 2011 they did the white hot party and a HUGH deck party on the pool deck. On the POA in July it was done in the inside dance club
  2. Was there in July when we sailed the POA. Just ask the cabin steward to remove the mini bar items from it.
  3. You can order the Mayweather v. Mcgregor on ufc.tv for the same $99.99 as you would at home. I know when I use Fight Pass from the UFC it is an HD picture. As for on ship internet? Who knows how it would look and I thought video and audio streaming were blocked?
  4. Na Pali coast was 5:15 from Kauai. Lava flow was 9:45 from Hilo. Michael Summerville, the comedian, was very funny. Don't miss either show. The Crew Ohana Talent Show was great. Restaurants: MDR food was decent. Cagney's and Teppanyaki was not up to par at all. We ate two nights at La Cucina and loved it! Best service we gotten on the ship. Deanna the manager was very attentive to all the guests. Ask for Kei as your server. She is from Guam. Great experience in La Cucina. Food was amazing. As for bars, we spent our time at the John Adams in the atrium. Casey and Vilma were great. Not weak on the liquor and great conversation. You also have a great cruise director in Vincent. Don't miss his suits. I will be posting a full review in the next day or two with the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  5. Which couple we're you? We were on the same bus it seems. We are the New Yorkers.
  6. The NCL desk is ONLY for people who booked the hotel from NCL directly. We stayed pre-cruise and are now staying post-cruise at the Hilton Waikiki Beach right across the street from the Marriott. The Marriott looks nice. We ate at the buffet at the Kuhio Beach Grill for breakfast one morning and it was great but expensive: $35 per person. The Hilton was about $50 cheaper per night with no resort fee. Beware though, it appears that there is alot of homeless and drug addicts in the beach are down here near these 2 hotels. Make sure to be be careful. We almost just had an altercation about 20 minutes ago with one outside McDonald's right across from the Marriott.
  7. It had the rental car stickers and the hood was up with a trail of oil following it. This was on the rough section past the national Park
  8. Currently on the Pride of America. For our first port Maui we did the Road to Hana with Debra from Valley Isle Excursions. Very long and lunch wasn't great, but very informative and got to see and swim in some really interesting places. Wouldn't recommend driving the Road to Hana. We saw a couple of rental cars broken down Midway. Today in Hilo we went with Kyle from Island Wide Family Tours, Marylou's son. $85 and we saw rainbow falls, got a great tour of the Jagger Museum, Valcano National Park and lava tube, also went to a coffee Mill, macadamia nut factory, a orchad factory and saw the sea turtles sunning themselves at the black sand beach of Hilo bay. Tomorrow in Kona we are also with Kyle doing their ground tour and turtle/dolphin snorkeling for $100. I highly recommend Kyle's small tour company. Great tours at a great price. I plan to do a full review when we get off of the good, not so good and the ugly of the Pride of America. I hope you get Vincent as your cruise director. Very funny and entertaining.
  9. On POA right now and we got both skim and chocolate milk in the aloha cafe. They come in 8oz cartons.
  10. So AMEX was both cheaper AND had better coverages than NCL. $490 included trip cancellation, interruption, and delay. It also included lost or late baggage. Plus it included the evac and medical. And because we booked the entire trip with our AMEX card we got death/dismemberment coverage, which hopefully no one ever needs.
  11. I personally go Amex even if NCL is cheaper. I know whenever I have a problem with my credit card AMEX takes care of us. For example, I was moving a TV from one room to another and it hit something and the LCD panel got cracked. I had purchased it on my AMEX card so I called them and after filling out an online form and a couple of days we got a credit for what we paid for the TV.
  12. I asked because I believe the person doing the work should be compensated; especially if they go above and beyond. Someone who gives lackluster service should not benefit from one of his colleagues exceptional work. They should be made to give the same level of service. Personally hate auto-tips. Rather tip as warranted.
  13. This will be a hot button item, but I am curious the answer to this question if anyone has an answer. When you order a drink an on NCL (an most other lines) a 18% Gratuity is automatically gets put on the cost of the drink. Where does this money go? Into the server or bartenders hand or is it pooled? Does the cruise line take a portion of the 18% for themselves? Also, I have always been one to tip for great service, but do not tip for bad service. If I am out at a bar at home and a bartender makes a good drink and is attentive, I tip well. When they are not and I have a hard time getting a drink or the drink is crap, I won't always tip. Would you rather not have the 18% automatically applied and tip accordingly for the type of service given or do you like not having to worry about it and it being automatically included? Just curious on everyones thoughts on this! THANKS!
  14. I once had a problem with $100 of OBC that didn't show up until the third day but it was there in the end
  15. This is only one example of the lack of help throughout the cruise. Everytime I called for something, there was always an excuse and I was given a hard time. And just an FYI, the soup came in little to go cups with lids. So I doubt there was a spill issue. He was just unhelpful and lazy the whole cruise.
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