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  1. rojaan19

    Scenic Eclipse

    Over on the Tripadvisor Cruise Forum there is a thread about the Scenic River cruises and the Australian Court case https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/ShowTopic-g1-i10703-k10818670-Decision_of_Class_Action_Case_Scenic_Tours_Evergreen-Cruises.html interesting reading !!
  2. rojaan19

    Scenic Eclipse

    Thanks Towel Animal for that. We have just been through Silverseas cancelling our 33 day cruise from Honolulu to Easter Island, so I am now watching what is happening to Scenic more closely !!!!!
  3. rojaan19

    Scenic Eclipse

    We are booked on the August 2019 Reykjavik to Canada cruise. I have just been on the Australian Scenic website - and it is hopeless to navigate ! - is there a list of all cruises by date - if so I cant find it !! The first cruise I have found for 2019 is 25 May Dublin to Bergen. Obviously Glenn Moroney has a lot of problems on this hands, but not telling us what is going on is not doing the company any good either. I will be contacting our agent ASAP to see what she can find out.
  4. rojaan19

    Silver Wind Pending Announcement

    Our invitation hasnt not arrived in the mail !!! I think my money is on Silver Wind Expedition ;);)
  5. rojaan19

    Silver Muse breakfast and lunch if raining?

    Thank you all, I have just booked restaurants daily for dinner, I dont think we will starve on our Muse cruise !!
  6. rojaan19

    Scenic Eclipse

    " Was able to find the email address for the head person at Scenic. I sent him an email. Perhaps if we all email him we might get some answers. glen.moroney@scenictours.com.au. " Great idea Carol !
  7. rojaan19

    Dress Code

    My husband wears on formal night, dark trousers, a dress shirt and bow tie, and a pink jacket, everyone thinks he looks spiffy !! Thats what he will be wearing on the Muse in February. I usually take two formal long skirts and matching tops. We like formal nights so we dress accordingly.
  8. rojaan19

    Weather; Balearic and Alboran Seas

    Us too - we have DONE all 7 :D:D:D
  9. rojaan19

    Lost luggage

    Did you have any ribbons or tags on it other than the Silversea disembark tag on the case ? After someone took my husbands carry on at an airport screening check, I now put lots of very colourful ribbons on all our luggage - bright orange and hot pink and purple stand out among at lot of luggage !!!
  10. rojaan19

    Silver Wind makeover

    Now that is just plain naughty :D:D:D
  11. rojaan19


    I found the trip report he did at the time = https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2264051&highlight=Cuba
  12. rojaan19


    We did the Silver Explorer Nassau to Guayaquil - 24 days B2B in September 2015. Cuba was a part of that cruise. It was not marketed to the USA - so only UK Europe and Aussies on board. My husband did a trip report for an Australian website - so some of the details are here = We departed Nassau on 27/9 and head towards Cuba.First stop is Havana.But then the other places we visit are- Maria La Gorde. Punta Frances.Cienfuegos and a day trip to Trinidad.Santiago de Cuba. Then on to Porto Antonio,Jamaica. Providencia Island Puerto Limon,Costa Rica Bocas del Toro,Panama The first voyage ends in Colon.Changeover day. The second leg starts off with the transit of the Panama Canal.The focus then turns to nature Darien Jungle. Bahia Solano,Colombia Utria National Park. Gorgona Island. Manta,Ecuador. Isla de la Plata. The cruise then ends at Guayaquil. There were only 76 passengers on the cruise, tours were great, we did one in the old cars, the lecturers were all good. If there is a specific question/s you have - we might be able to answer. - it just may take a few days as we are currently in Japan !
  13. Us too will be following you along JP - we are on the Wind in May '19 so definitely will be looking at your comments on the ship. Have a great trip Ron and Ann xx
  14. Marc, when our Explorer Honolulu to Easter Island cruise was cancelled by Silversea we were offered 25% off ANY cruise within 6 months. We already had two cruises booked at that stage and didnt want to do another, so told our TA to get the 25% off our Muse cruise in Feb 2019. We did not hear anything and our TA chased it up several times. The last reply was that it had to go to "Head Office in Monaco " for approval !!! Eventually we got our discount off the Muse cruise. Currently we are thinking we will also be trying other cruising lines in the future.
  15. rojaan19

    Maruzza Foundation onboard charge

    Fingers crossed on that one Mr. Silver :D:D :D!!! :D