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  1. Had a Princess rep call looking to book us with a cruise. Pricing is way higher for 7 day to Mexico in 2021 vs 2020. Cruising is not on our list for a vacation until a vaccine is available. For us cruising needs to be the way it used to be.
  2. Rented a clam shell in the past and was very hot. Next trip to Princess Cay will stay on ship or rent bungalow.
  3. Bean counters will have fun sorting this all out.
  4. Here is my refund status as of 7:40 am June 20,2020. First cruise April 18,2020 cancelled and refund requested March 12, 2020. Credit card company has refunded with conditional credit and returned money back to my checking account. Princess has not refunded a nickel yet to account. FFC applied couple of weeks ago. Second cruise May 31,2020. cancelled and refund requested April 16, 2020. Credit card company has refunded with conditional credit with the exception of $200.00 deposit. Today a Princess refund showed up on my CC that included the $200. deposit. So between conditional credits and Princess I am whole overall. Now I have a large credit on my CC which I am hoping the CC company will remove. Now the head scratching part on how Princess is returning monies. Why would the May 31,2020 cruise be refunded by Princess before the April 18, 2020 cruise?
  5. Submitted claim for airfare for cancelled flight. Claim was denied as Alaska refund policy was $$ would be good until June 7,2021. Not a happy camper. I am not going to fly or cruise until vaccine is available.
  6. Still waiting on a $200.00 deposit. Also Princess will not reimburse me for lost airfare as Alaska gave me until June 2021 of next year to use. Like I want to get into airplane before a vaccine. Not a happy camper.
  7. Got most my cruises (2) credited back except for $200 deposit which I am sure will be coming soon. I filed dispute on all charges. Banning me? OK.
  8. I am waiting on refunds on two cruises. Never again will I book a cruise and layout that much $$$. There are other vacations that one could take with out such an outlay of funds. Me thinks cruising in the future will be more hassle and not much fun.
  9. Been on Island once. Never again. Newer ships for me.
  10. I emailed my Princess rep today to see if still on payroll. Still is there.
  11. Funny how cruise lines are talking about the extra cleaning they are NOW going to do. Maybe if ships were cleaned better there would not be as much NORO on the ships. All this talk about cleaning is just feel good and for govenrments. Once this passes cruise lines will back to the old ways of cleaning as the budget for "deep cleaning"will get cut. OBTW I am still waiting for my refund for two cruises. I am not a happy cruiser. I have taken
  12. My airline credited back my miles and airport fees today. WHEW glad i didn't have to try to get a refund from Princess.
  13. It will be interesting to see how they refund for airline tickets paid with miles.
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