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  1. Saw this pop up in the news - intrigued where the new destination will be! Princess Cruises has announced it will cancel all sailings aboard the 2,670-passenger Diamond Princess throughout Japan and Asia between October 2021 and April 2022, in favor of redeploying the ship to a new destination. Princess announced the ship will instead set sail for a maiden season in another part of the world, though the company did not specify where that would be. The inclusion of the word "maiden" implies a cruising region not normally visited by the ship, which has spent most of its service career in Asia and Alaska. Princess stated that details of the new voyages would be announced later this month. The cancelled sailings run from the October 24, 2021 voyage to the April 19, 2022 Northern Japan Spring Flowers cruise. Built in 2004 at the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries shipyard in Nagasaki, Diamond Princess was extensively refitted in 2014 for the Japanese market, to the tune of $30-million dollars. Added features included the first Japanese onsen bathing experience at sea, new food and dining venues, and contemporary Asian motifs throughout.
  2. Which ship are you booked on? I just had a look at some old video we had of the Penthouse Suite shower on Sapphire Princess and there isn't any ledge on that.
  3. How frustrating for you! We tried a Penthouse Suite for the first time on a short Sapphire Princess cruise out of Southampton in 2018 (see link to review in signature) and loved the extra room in the shower stall - plus all the other perks. And pushed the boat out (ha!) with a Premium Suite for the inaugural Sky Princess 7 night cruise. It's hard to go back, believe me! Sandra
  4. Yes, the Lobster Grill already has the basic burger, hot dog offerings
  5. Yes, we popped over there about 10 days ago during our getaway break. If you head for Bowleaze Coveway then you can't go wrong - it's a big hill with a great overlook of the bay from Furzy Cliff. Cars can park for free all down one side (it was packed though with dog walkers, family groups and kite flyers).
  6. We were on the first two Majestic Princess cruises when she launched in 2017. We tried the Noodle bar and Lobster Grill once - the food in both cases was tasty but didn't think the Lobster dish upcharge was worth it (see review in signature below). Love the Harmony Chinese restaurant too. I'm hoping they don't swap out all these offerings for the US market as we want to come over and cruise on her again! Sandra
  7. We took a photo looking down from our Baja deck balcony to the Dolphin deck balconies on the first Majestic Princess cruise and it looks like they are partially covered. Sandra
  8. We didn't have a problem with either the location or the food with La Mer on Sky Princess. Actually preferred it to our experience in the Crown Grill. We were seated close to the window (looking out onto the new Alfresco Dining Area) and there were very few other diners, although it was around 7pm on a port day. Here's a pic of some of the tables: Our bread basket - mmmm! The Welcome appetizers (polenta chips and goats cheese balls that look like olives) Appetizers (smoked cured salmon and pate en croute) plus Mains (roast jumbo scallops and beef filet mignon) Desserts (chocolate finger and rum baba) Sandra
  9. Isn't there still going to be risk of having to line up with lots of other passengers and wait to speak to a crew member at your muster station? Surely they could have got around that with some technology? Even a Medallion has the ability to show your proximity to a particular part of a ship.
  10. These are the details from the UK email:
  11. deleted - as mentioned in another thread
  12. Great, they must have a sorted it then. It was a bit strong and never noticed it on any other indoor pools on Princess before. Sandra
  13. Hi Ellie, in the first few Majestic Princess cruises there were a few complaints that the Hollywood Pool area had a very strong smell of chlorine. Is that still the case? Sandra
  14. Ahh, now 80s music is our favourite topic for trivia and we often win with that - that as well as Movie Posters and Logos! General knowledge - not so good - we always say our ideal team would include Americans, Canadians and Brits/Aussies but it's so hard to find the right people. Loving the cruise so far and the entertainment details. A specific question for you Ellie - did you see anything in the patters about booking the Karaoke Rooms or have they ceased operation while down under? I'm usually like a rabbit in headlights singing in public but we had great fun in a room with some friends in the last days of our Med inaugural cruise - but I know some of these had been re-purposed Sandra
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