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  1. Not an official update but just seen an instagram post from Andi Sanders (remembered him as an assistant CD on Sky Princess) that he is heading out to Sea Princess as Acting Cruise Director and that it's his chance to prove he's got it.. Sandra
  2. Also, if dining at a specialty dining venue, a large bottle of water (one liter) of still or sparkling is now covered by the package. We made good use of this on our Sky Inaugural. Sandra
  3. Full Onda menu We didn't really like the food to be honest - preferred La Cucina on the Bliss. Sandra and Chris
  4. Thank you so much @FloaterBoat - we get so much from being part of the CC Princess community that we wanted to pay it forward 🙂 Sandra and Chris
  5. It was always lowered at night by the steward but yes, Chris managed to lower it for a couple of our afternoon naps. Blocked the light out nicely. We loved that suite - felt really spoiled. The shower was worth the extra cost alone - so spacious with a powerful shower head and a separate detachable wand. Sandra and Chris
  6. See the post here Plus there is this fancy view of the bedroom below
  7. So we got home at 9:15pm last night and it's now 6am and we are getting ready for the working day. Gah! We chatted to various fellow passengers in the Elite disembarkation lounge and at the airport so thought we would play some of it back... - one Elite couple thought the quality of the MDR food wasn't good enough. We thought it was great. - one couple pre-booked the Crown Grill for 7:30pm but the lines on the second formal night were so bad with big groups they couldn't get in for their time and so cancelled and went to the MDR instead. They got a refund. - a few went to see Rock Opera which only played on the final night. They all loved it. It was standing room only. There isn't a narrative (which we knew and is what we prefer). -one couple had only cruised Celebrity before and loved the ship, they were already looking to book another Princess cruise 🙂 Someone on this week's cruise mentioned that there is a Library Book Cart being made available at the Princess LIve Cafe between 9 and 9:30am and 3:45pm and 4:15pm. Sandra and Chris -
  8. No - we only got them back at the end of the cruise. Felt a bit uncomfortable going into different countries without them in case if an emergency for example Sandra and Chris
  9. Yes they took them in Athens at the port just after security and before boarding - first time for us too. Sandra and Chris
  10. Its deck 18 outside the Sanctuary and above the retreat pool
  11. Recap of day 7 It's the final day of the cruise. Boo. We had a relaxing sea day starting with a room service breakfast. We also got our passports handed over by our steward. Our laundry was delivered the night before all nicely pressed - that took under 36 hours It took us 3 attempts to get an elevator down to the Piazza - so busy! Doesn't help that only 3 of the 4 forward elevators have been operational. We really enjoyed CD Alexander's pop up music quiz - he played 5 tracks on a tablet from different eras and people holding Stanley the bear had to name the artist or track to win a prize. Next we spent a couple of hours on the Lido drinking cocktails and trying to order some burgers on OceanNow. The queue at the grill was about 12 deep so we thought it the best way to get an Ernesto. It took over half an hour but the process worked. It didn't look that impressice and wasn't that different in taste to their standard cheeseburger. We were pretty tired so went for a nap for the rest of the afternoon. On the way to dinner we spotted some different inaugural season t-shirts on a rack in the shopping area and Chris bought the blue one. Dinner was at Crown Grill and I was soon wishing we hadn't had that burger! Chris ordered the Black and Blue soup but without any blue cheese lol I had the tiger shrimp: Rather too bland for my tastes. We both went for the filet mignon as usual and it was delicious! We both went for the chocolate options for dessert - I had the trifle Chocolate Journey and Chris had the Triple choc dessert. My trifle was in in incredibly rich with warm sauce and ice cream - great but I could only manage half. Chris loved his dessert - it looked like something from the Avengers with the A on top. I went to check in at the internet cafe and print off our boarding passes then we watched a music quiz in Princess Live! for the final time this cruise. We then came back to pack and relax with a movie Oh and Chris left the balcony door open and we had a little bird come into the lounge area for 5 minutes . He managed to chase it off luckily! So tomorrow we have a late cruise transfer to the airport for a flight back to London. We have one week back at work and then are off on another cruise - an inaugural TA to NYC with 9 days of sea days. A different line so I am leaving the cruisecritic duties to other folks 🙂 Sorry if we didn't get you a reply or picture on everything but we had a darned good try. We definitely want to come back on Sky Princess so look after her for us 🙂 Sandra and Chris
  12. Patter for day 7 final day Sandra and Chris
  13. MDR menu for final day 7 - quick snaps taken outside Estrella where they are displayed on a side table during dinner Sandra and Chris
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