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  1. Good tip I got from here. The Princess UK lines are open til 10pm - in the evenings the calls are picked up by the call centre in the US and you usually get straight through. They can do all our usual requests 🙂 Be aware that if you try and do that upgrade from a mini-suite to a suite then it will be based on the suite fare at the time of your original booking and not the new reduced price.
  2. Alexander left Princess and opened up a cafe/eatery here in South London. Aaron Hawkins will take over as CD on Sky Princess from 21st October. The current CD on Regal Princess is Andi Sanders (don't know if this will change for the US)
  3. We've done 'seacations' on both Regal and Sky and loved them too - bit sad that they will all soon be ending and there are no short Princess cruises AT ALL from Southampton next year!
  4. Give Princess UK a call as they are meant to be the support number for the app. If you cannot get the passport sorted then don't fret and just get yourself to the port and the initial check-in person will address any issues.
  5. We usually found a spare seat on those ones outside Princess Live on Regal and found the best waitress there. On Sky Princess, the Crown Bar is much larger with much more seating (no Library) although we finished off each night at Bellinis (where the Piazza Bar usually is) .
  6. That's interesting. We tried to buy some ship-specific playing cards on Sky Princess at the beginning of this month and they were still waiting for their stock to arrive. I was told the pandemic was causing problems with the supply lines.
  7. No worries - anyway, it all seems like an impossible dream at the moment. Us Brits haven't been able to fly direct into the States since lockdown started!
  8. Isn't it on due to sail on 1st March? I hope so as I booked it for my other half's milestone birthday on the 2nd! 😀
  9. We generally managed to find a drinks menu on Sky - most of the bars had QR codes for menus on the tables - this worked except the Piazza which just showed the Grounds Coffee International Cafe items.
  10. Thanks for your review - always refreshing to see Princess from another viewpoint. We were on the cruise before and agree that Aaron and the cruise entertainment staff did a great job. A couple of things: - I thought I had read that there were USB ports near the bedside tables but this was certainly not the case in our cabin. The USB ports are in the lamp base - did you not have these? They are usually in all balcony cabins - And the animal towels are also another victim of the pandemic. Princess don't usually do towel animals anyway 🙂
  11. We were on Sky last weekend and it was clear that Princess are well aware of this issue as they mentioned it in the patter! We used OceanNow extensively and, while it was a restriction, it did not ruin the cruise. More annoying was the limited drinks on the OceanNow menu - I do like a Loco Coco for example so that's when it's good to find a real person to take your order. Anyway, hopefully the MedallionClass design folks in Miami can come up with a solution!
  12. No, we were also in a suite and suite guests were not called separately.
  13. We were on the cruise before you, Sky Princess 3rd -6th and we didn't get priority checkin. However they directed everyone to sit in checkin order (at Mayflower) and then announced Elite and then Platinum could board first. We were the first Elites into security!
  14. As stated before, you should be able to pick an Arrival Group time when you log on to the Medallion Class app. This is usually released earlier than the events which will show on JourneyView. We've only had 3 or 4 night seacations so far and they have had smart casual nights with a 'dress to impress' night in the middle so will have to wait and see what they do for the 7 nighters. It should include this information on your Travel Summary from the cruise personaliser. This weekend on Sky Princess it was 55% capacity - don't know if this will increase by October. What to recommend..difficult to know what interests you. They have lots of entertainment. Foodwise - go to Alfredos for complimentary pizza/pasta and International Cafe for 24 hour nibbles. And try a speciality meal or two in Crown Grill or Sabatinis.
  15. Other posters mentioned that they started introducing it pre-pandemic but it certainly wasn't on Regal last month. So maybe it's getting a re-launch
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