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  1. Our first cruise was in 2010 on the Emerald for a 7 day eastern Caribbean cruise and this July will be our 15th cruise. Our favorite ship was the Island Princess before the retrofit when we did a 15 day Panama Canal cruise.
  2. Charles I have never met you in person but I have followed you in all your travels via this forum and have looked forward to reading your posts and I was shocked by what happened and feel a great sense of loss for you and what you will have to face without Judy. I pray that you get home safe and are surrounded by family and friends at this time. Thank you for all you have done. G&T Cruisers.
  3. Hi Norris and Carol we just finished watching your videos on Youtube (we are subscribers) and were so happy to see you back again. We just finished our first cruise on the Pacific Princess and seeing that the Journey and the Pacific are sisters we can understand the quaint feel of the ship. Thank you for the review and the videos we know how much work they entail so thank you again for taking us along. G&T Cruisers
  4. Just booked Sky Princess for the a 14 day Holiday cruise.
  5. We are booked on the Pacific Princess for the Dec 22-Jan 6 cruise. We had booked 6 pm traditional dining and it was confirmed. Today, when I checked our personalizer, I saw we have been changed to 5 pm which is too early for us. I called Princess and was told that all dining times had been changed to 5 pm or 7:15 pm. We are disappointed by this as it means we will miss sail aways and enjoying the Platinum and Elite lounge before dinner. I know this is first world problems but I am not happy about it.
  6. We have been on the Island twice {Panama canal & Alaska} and have purchased coffee cards each time and found them to be well worth it.The Island does not have a International Cafe' but it has a La Patisserie which is smaller but still serves coffee,tea,and hot chocolate as well there is a coffee bar in the buffet area.:D:D
  7. When will Hal post the Holiday schedule for dec.2019 ?
  8. My wife uses a CPAP and she had to take it out at every airport security screening. We were on the Nieuw Amsterdam for 14days and we asked our room steward for a extension cord and distilled water and he took care of everything.:D
  9. Thank you we will bring our old cards and purchase new ones.:)
  10. We are going on the Pacific Princess in Dec. and I was wondering if there is a need to buy a coffee card seeing that there is no International Cafe'? Thank You:D
  11. Hi Norris we are enjoying this review as well as your videos on Youtube.Thank you for all the hard work.:) Just watched you guys on PTZTV sail away video:D
  12. Completed 14 day Holiday cruise on Nieuw Amsterdam and never got cruise log.:(
  13. Just got off a 14 day Holiday cruise on the Nieuw Amsterdam we sail mostly with Princess but Hal had the best time line for us,so here are some things we noticed. We booked this cruise through Hal in April of 2017 and requested a table for 2 well we never got it and were put on await list,when we got on board we were told we were in anytime dinning which did not work out so well for us so we ate mostly at the buffet. The buffet at breakfast,lunch and dinner was fantastic and a lot better then Princess with different stations for regular fare and international food as well as omelettes and crepes.What I really liked was that they served you at the buffet which I found to so much more hygienic. Dive's burgers Amazing. Pizza better on Princess. Entertainment better on Princess with more shows and more actives through out the day and evenings. No Mutts which we really didn't miss. No carts in hall ways. Half moon cay was beautiful. Good coffee at the buffet Princess has much better desserts. Loyalty program with Princess is better. Loved the covered pool. This was a very relaxing cruise and we would go back on Hal if the if price is right and the itinerary is good. Great staff always happy with a smile. Nice cabin with sofa and nice big shower and new balcony furniture. Hope this helped.:D
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