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  1. Thank you that is really helpful!
  2. Thanks again for your help. Another cabin has come up today on the cruise on starboard side which I tend to prefer (but not sure why). It is 6149. Would you happen to know on this one which way the bed would be? Also do you think starboard or port is better or do you not have a preference?
  3. Thanks very much for your information. I was worried about the laundry room but pleased you tell me that it’s quiet.
  4. thanks very much for your help, that is a good point about the toilet positioning. the other cabin we are considering is 5063 which now I look does have a smaller balcony I think. I think the ones in the forward and aft on that deck are standard size balconies but this one looks smaller to me.
  5. Thank you that is so helpful. I am guessing there won’t be a lot of traffic through that door opposite as it’s the air con station? We are also looking at some cabins on deck 5 and I don’t know if you know the answer to this but from pictures it looks like the deck 6 balconies overhang the deck 5 balconies in the mid section where the lifeboats are, is this correct?
  6. We are experienced cruisers but new to Cunard and so have a few questions: 1. We are looking to go on the queen Elizabeth and wondered if there were any other locations you can get complimentary drinks (water, juice, tea and coffee) other than the Lido Restaurant? 2. Also has anyone stayed in 6054, we noticed there is a door opposite does anyone know what it is for? also which way round the bed is?
  7. Thanks everyone, So lots of dining options, that's good. I shall definitely look into the future cruises and get some onboard credit for a future cruise. Do they do any soft drink only drink packages? Nicole
  8. Thank you all for your replies they are really helpful. We will have no loyalty points with cunard so we may be waiting a while to board the ship. The spa sounds quite reasonable and worth doing, do you buy a pass on the first day or can you book this before going? I take it cafe carinthia and the pub are complimentary food but pay for drinks? In terms of the drinks in the kinds court are they just water or do they do fruit punches and things like that? Do any of you buy a drinks package and are they worth it? We will definitely try the afternoon tea that sounds really nice. Thanks again for the handy information, Nicole
  9. Hello, I dont know if this this is the correct board to be asking this but while me and my husband are frequent cruisers we are new to Cunard and I had a couple of questions about them if someone can please answer them? Here they are; - Does the lido restaurant have a dinner buffet alongside speciality dining or is it just a pay for service in the evening? - Is cafe Carinthia a dining location? - Are there quiet lounge areas to sit and read? - Are there places around the ship to get coffee and cold drinks and do they do juices and punches like HAL and Celebrity do? - Do they embark by deck number? - Has anyone paid to use the thermal suite in the spa and is this expensive? thank you very much and sorry for all my questions, Nicole & Pete
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