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  1. Luckily my traveling companion is right there in the casino with me and I am thinking it will help me find her when the casino is crowded. I wonder if putting it in an rfid wallet would block your location?
  2. flgojo

    Step by step - opening our medallions!

    I enjoyed this a ridiculous amount I do believe they are spending the money not for replacing a key card but for the tracking ability in the case of "falling" from the ship or needing to locate someone on the ship in case of emergency.
  3. flgojo

    Caribbean Princess Drydock

    I left here and had an email upgraded to a balcony woohoo!
  4. flgojo

    Caribbean Princess Drydock

    I am on that cruise too. I did not know about the dry dock when I booked but would have anyway because Mom doesn't like to go for a week. I have decided to just hope for the best. Worst case we don't go and transfer the payment to our 3 day on the Sky next December. I admit I am hoping it doesn't sell well and we get an upgrade.
  5. flgojo


    Ha! Opposite, I start work at 0530 and naturally an early riser. The other thing I really look forward to is afternoon tea. Another reason I changed to late seating.
  6. flgojo


    We almost always go to the dining room but I have read a lot of good things about the CP buffet so we may try it one morning.
  7. flgojo


    We usually do early dining but it's just too early now so I requested late this time. Thanks for the info on the other venues, they sound good. Last year we really enjoyed Alfredos so I was a little disappointed this ship doesn't have it.
  8. I am cruising on the Caribbean Princess in May, I was wondering which dining rooms are for traditional dining? We are on the Plaza Deck so I thought it would be so nice and convenient if we were in the Island Dining Room. We are doing Traditional Dining. Anyone with any particular likes about the Caribbean Princess in general?
  9. Talk about a cliff hanger. I hope you will be able to continue soon.
  10. flgojo

    Cruise Tips When Cruising With People With Memory Issues

    I am a law enforcement dispatcher and have some experience finding lost alzheimers patients. If he doesn't already have it get him a medic alert bracelet with his name and contact information for his regular caregiver. I would also then add specific info for this cruise maybe with his cruise card in his lanyard. It would probably be a good idea to alert security of his issues when he boards. Off topic, for at home check with your local law enforcement some have free bracelet programs with or without tracking. We have both programs where I work we can put the information on the bracelet in the computer and have all needed info on the person. The tracking bracelets are amazing when people wander but would not be available on a cruise ship.
  11. flgojo

    Foods Not to Eat at the Buffet

    No, no it is not.
  12. flgojo

    "Next Cruise I Will..."

    That sounds like fun but I am way to picky of an eater.
  13. flgojo

    whats in your bag??

    1. Kindle 2. Sunglasses 3. Seasick meds
  14. flgojo

    What was your favorite restaurant?

    I had a great experience at Jamie's so it has to come out on top. The service from Julianna was five star. We enjoyed dinner so much we went back for lunch. For the free venues I enjoyed Chic the most as the menu had the most items that appealed to me. I wish we had gone back a second night. I was a little disappointed with The Grande, service was okay but nothing special on the first visit and just bare minimum service on the second. We ate several meals at American Icon when you take into account breakfast, lunch and dinner. Service ranged from average to excellent though consistently pretty slow.
  15. So glad you are doing this I was hoping there would be someone doing a live thread and the group effort should be even better. I am on the Dec 1st cruise and really excited. I am a little apprehensive about Dynamic Dining so especially interested in different pov's of that.