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  1. More actual activities (especially on sea days) that don't involve a sales pitch.
  2. I enjoyed your review very much, and let me say I was glad to see you call Tame Uncle Lame Uncle because I was already reading it that way in my head. Sounds like you had a great time and I laughed out loud several times. I am sure you have googled it by now but a White Russian is Kalhua , Vodka and cream. A Black Russian is just the Kalhua and Vodka.
  3. Absolutely no question in my mind the medallion is primarily for data mining. It is the world we live in today. I resisted getting all of those little key ring store tags because it bothered me how they would be used. It was so annoying every single time I shopped at CVS. Do you have your tag No I don't have one thank you Ok here is one for you No thank you All you have to do is... NO THANKS But ... Ring me up please. I finally gave up and got one. That said I have come to accept this and am looking forward to my first medallion experience in 9 days 22 hours and 34 minutes. I also think it is a good safety feature for man overboard. They will be able to say exactly where and when they stopped receiving a signal.
  4. Got a terrific deal and we like 4 or 5 days and they are slim pickings out of Fort Lauderdale. Will live with the slight chance there will be an issue.
  5. Yes because I am booked on the first cruise out of dry dock.
  6. I don't know about this either and Mom and I are cruising on May 14th.
  7. While I do think it is a shame to lose the library space, I also would never depend on it. Even pre Kindle I would have brought more books than I could read. 😀 And I am even worse with my Kindle.
  8. You might have been able to do a back to back for almost the cost of that upgrade but I imagine you have flights to consider.
  9. Is this for the May 14th just out of dry dock? We actually got upgraded from ocean view to a balcony cabin. First upgrade ever! But I have still been watching all the empty cabins and wondering if we could go to a mini suite. Prices dropped a few weeks ago but then bounced back up again. I would call them and see what happens, kind of like what kind of a deal can you make me ?
  10. Luckily my traveling companion is right there in the casino with me and I am thinking it will help me find her when the casino is crowded. I wonder if putting it in an rfid wallet would block your location?
  11. I enjoyed this a ridiculous amount I do believe they are spending the money not for replacing a key card but for the tracking ability in the case of "falling" from the ship or needing to locate someone on the ship in case of emergency.
  12. I left here and had an email upgraded to a balcony woohoo!
  13. I am on that cruise too. I did not know about the dry dock when I booked but would have anyway because Mom doesn't like to go for a week. I have decided to just hope for the best. Worst case we don't go and transfer the payment to our 3 day on the Sky next December. I admit I am hoping it doesn't sell well and we get an upgrade.
  14. Ha! Opposite, I start work at 0530 and naturally an early riser. The other thing I really look forward to is afternoon tea. Another reason I changed to late seating.
  15. We almost always go to the dining room but I have read a lot of good things about the CP buffet so we may try it one morning.
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