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  1. Was never asked for anything from P&O UK last year about insurance.
  2. Good to see move over offers are alive and well but do you mind sharing the details with us. It seems the receivers of offers were in inside cabins.
  3. Sorry yes from the airport. The long queue would most likely have been disembarking cruise passengers which probably would not be so at the airport. I will probably take a taxi. Thanks anyway.
  4. We are arriving in Barcelona in a couple of weeks at 7.10 am and I guess it will take up about an hour to be out at the taxi rank. Can you tell me if you saw details of the private shuttle near the exit point as you clear customs? Did the private shuttle go direct to the port or were they dropping off people at hotels in Barcelona as well? With riots in Barcelona, want to stay away from the hotel area. Thanks
  5. Thrak your price is correct because I forgot that when I log in as myself I get an extra $100 AUD loyalty reward and the price with the landmark sale came down to $2096AUD. On Bazandgiz quoting a different price for the balcony cabin after I said Caribe Deck Balcony C727 was $2734AUD, I went back into the Princess website to check my price and by the afternoon, I am agreeing with Banzandgiz on the balcony price ($3107) and the sale is still on with the ocean view price now $2296AUD - what the? Why didn't I grab that balcony price? So early this morning with sales, the price for the ocean view cabin was pretty much the same in Australia as in the US. The US 3 for free sale had free gratuities and Australians, especially in our waters, don't pay gratuities. I think we can only agree that during a certain time frame, the price may or may not be the same in both countries. In bookings I have made in recent years, the best price has been the one when the cruise was first released. It all seems like a game of smoke and mirrors put out by the cruise lines. Enjoy your cruise.
  6. Thank you Les and Gut and my husband has decided on reading your answers that he will take a chance in overseas waters and take the cask.....and I was trying to talk him out of it. I guess I can let you know after the event whether the cask returns home or not!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. So can they see the wine casks in your luggage when they scan you bag and the bag ends up in the naughty room? So no wine cask for husband on our transatlantic. What about buying a couple of bottles in ports along the way? People have said they got away with paying the corkage, even at the table. I am fine with paying corkage at the table but husband was hoping to take a cask to drink in the cabin.
  8. Sorry that was the 29th November cruise 14 days to Queensland, Melbourne to Melbourne (that I am interested in also).
  9. Caribe Deck Balcony C727 is $2734AUD So Thrak what is the US price for say E211 (Obstructed ocean view on Emerald deck) in the US which is presently $2089AUD. When I first started looking months ago, it was $200 dearer and presently it is supposed to be the landmark sale. We don't pay gratuities in Australia on Princess but I do still believe the gratuities are built into our prices. The exchange rate affects prices to some extent. Is the Brexit situation affecting the British pound?
  10. The last cruise is one I may possibly go on - Sapphire Princess 29th November, 2020 - 14 days Melb/Melb - saw it on the roll call. If you clear your browser and put in www.princess.com.au you may see the cost in AUD. An obstructed view cabin with refundable deposit is currently $2250 each. But if I go on a US website (the quick one - and there is a warning that Aussies cannot book Princess through them) the cost is $1850 AUD. So it seems to me that currently Aussies are paying $400 AUD more than those in the US for this cruise, possibly to cover gratuities which is not required in Australia on the Princess Line. Aussies generally don't like paying gratuities. I am using .68 to convert US to AUD.
  11. I have been in Promenade cabins on deck 8 on Voyager and Explorer, over guest services and opposite the café. We have 2 more cruises booked in the same cabin next year overlooking the café. We could not hear anything except musicals that only went to about 11 pm or midnight. One time the connecting cabin was an issue for me. I just make sure I don't book connecting cabins anywhere on the ship but if it is friends next door, I would just say keep the noise down or just wedge a towel under the door.
  12. I haven't heard of this happening with RCL. Does it happen much? Is it like the Princess Cruises move over or down offer which usually means money back and a free cruise of at least equal to the one to be cancelled, and may-be money back for a flight?
  13. Thanks I thought that was the answer. I purchased the cruise direct from Princess when it was released.
  14. I think I am booked on the same 29 day cruise leaving in November that I purchased as one cruise but was also sold as 2 separate cruises. My question is that I will turn Elite a few days before the first cruise ends in Fort Lauderdale, so will I be recognised as turning Elite and receive a minibar (normally given to Elites) for the 2nd cruise?
  15. You guys are making a meal of this topic!!!!
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