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  1. Wonder if Diamond (new name or not) will be sent to Australia. Asians are superstitious.
  2. The bubble certainly looks a long way off. We are having trouble with our own state borders in Australia being opened up. How long do you think that will take, Christmas? Then even if NZ has a bubble with states that have very low numbers, that in itself is not good enough for NZ, they want zero numbers and who blames them. Another problem are the sneaks from the states getting into the other states and taking away their zero number. Lots of problems ahead for the bubble and anything else regarding travel internally or abroad. Remember our PM said we are striving for low numbers not zero, saying that borders must be open to Australians before international students.
  3. The best cruise was our last cruise on the Emerald for 29 nights from Barcelona to LA through the new locks and before the misery of the pandemic. 1. Because we had a table of 10 in the dining room and we enjoyed the company of all of them every night. 2. It was our first balcony and there is no way I am going back to just window (please note husband). 3. Because it was a move over offer and it was free.
  4. That is what I thought and even heard it from a reporter on TV. Victoria has the 2nd highest population in Australia and if Victorians were unable to cruise for 2 years, ships would probably not sail even 60% full. It is certainly a crazy time with crazy things being said but I have to say that now masks are compulsory in our state, I feel safer with one on when you cannot keep a safe distance from people. Thanks for the additions springaussie for 2021/22 in our neck of the woods.
  5. The exact same thing happened to me with Celebrity last March and I was pretty angry because they changed the rules after final payment. The number was automatic and it is there when I log into Celebrity. I don't think it is the old booking number but you could try. Why don't you ring RCCL and ask for it. I am also not happy that I have to pay another deposit to use it and won't do that, but I guess I could ring Celebrity and ask about that. I really don't want to book anything until the ships make a come back.
  6. Hope you are wrong MichellePerth, its been 2 weeks already in our 2nd lockdown and it already seems like forever without it being another 2 years. Where did you read 2 years or is it just way too early in WA? If you are right I better not book another cruise until 2023.
  7. Love seeing all the swans at Williamstown. Before the virus took hold for a 2nd time, we were there with GDs and there were still 2 swans around but they have probably flown north by now. The marine wildlife is just as lovely on the other side of the Bay where I live. Lots of pelicans at their 'summer place' near the local motor boat club. Lots of marine life from Blackrock to Beaumaris. Hope your surgery went well.
  8. Beautiful photos of the bay Docker. I assume it is Williamstown? Just came back from my walk by the bay.
  9. We were going to the Hawksbury on a ferry for lunch etc. Was to be early September staying at towns along the way but I don't think Gladys is going to let us in - Victorians are on the nose at the moment. There is a ferry (free to seniors Saturday and Sunday) from the Peninsula to Cowes and apparently there are whales in the area this time of year. Shame it is not running at the moment.
  10. I see Costa cruises has dates starting soon in the Med with Italians first and then adding others as they learn how to cruise successfully. One Costa and a B2B on MSC was enough to keep me away from them, but who wants to go overseas for the next year or so anyway. Would be good for applying it to our big island if the Costa cruises work out. Don't think there is any chance of a trans tasman bubble, with NZ wanting zero cases for that to happen. I think we should be only thinking Australian cruises if and when they start and for some time after.
  11. Agree. However, good to see a cruise line starting, using a decent size ship, and how the cruise line will tackle the problems associated with cruising during a pandemic. Talking and doing had to start somewhere to get the ships going but I am not too interested in getting on a plane to cruise overseas. Cruising in Australian waters is fine for me for the time being.
  12. Yes, so would I and I too have looked into it - very expensive. Cruising in Australian waters would be just wonderful for me on any of the Princess ones currently on sale for early 2021 (if we are lucky enough to get the ships back). Don't think NZ wants in with us for a loooooong time.
  13. Do you remember the old Pacific Sun (it would just be a rust bucket now) but it had a water slide going back more than 15 years ago. A rather large guy from our dinner table went on it (plus DH) and it was very funny to watch. Yes, I am all for a cruise ship from Melbourne. Don't care where it goes in Australian waters but around Port Philip Bay for 2 weeks is OK also. Love the Bay - can pull in at Geelong, Portsea, Sorrento, Mornington - anywhere you like.
  14. Fingers and toes crossed for you Carole that it goes. My July cruise was a Northern Explorer and was so disappointed.
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