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  1. I think I am booked on the same 29 day cruise leaving in November that I purchased as one cruise but was also sold as 2 separate cruises. My question is that I will turn Elite a few days before the first cruise ends in Fort Lauderdale, so will I be recognised as turning Elite and receive a minibar (normally given to Elites) for the 2nd cruise?
  2. You guys are making a meal of this topic!!!!
  3. I was on explorer from 29th March last for 2 weeks. 80% of promenade deck chairs were changed while I was on board. There were also new sunbeds on the pool deck - the new ones in general were under cover in the shade. So there were 2 types around the pool, the new sunbeds at the back and the older ones which were closer to the pool and they were the ones photographed. However, I did think the lounge chairs in the Diamond Lounge were looking well worn - perhaps they will be changed soon.
  4. Before Pride of America did the 7 day Hawaii cruise, we travelled on a Norwegian cruise and Roberts of Hawaii were at every port for excursions, especially before people embarked and they signed people up for tours. However, if they are now doing the Norwegian Cruise Line tours, they won't do private tours. I have found Norwegian cruise line charges more for excursions than other cruise lines. Try this website https://www.robertshawaii.com/
  5. Absolutely - loved the series on New Zealand and that on the British Isles.
  6. With Anytime Dining, I noted in the past the long queue for 5.30ish. If we chose Anytime Dining, is the queue long at 6 pm or 6.30?
  7. Well thanks heaps because I don't have to wonder about my view until I embark in 2021. Renmar's photos don't contain my cabin on Majestic but I can see my cabin is over the first tender boat and it is not much of an obstruction from what I can see on youtube.
  8. Those of you who have been on P&O UK cruises, don't you remember during the sail away, Brit flags in hand, the pomms singing Vera Lynn's 'We'll meet again' along with God save the Queen and Britannia.
  9. I don't agree. While Bella is certainly lovely and photogenic the cat interacting with the lady in high heels is a beautiful photo. Is that Captain Kate?
  10. Many a Melbournian will be grad to hear that. I did notice the port departures for Melbourne in 2021 included the Sapphire leaving a few times. Explorer of the Seas is also showing in the Port of Melbourne departures 2021 - hope its for the start of cruises and not just visits.
  11. Was on deck 4 to Alaska years ago but as the outside promenade deck is above, I was concerned that people running around would be bothersome if you are below. On my cruise last February, no-one was walking the decks - so you could take a chance with that deck. Also, on my cruise to NZ in February, I was in cabin 3626 and after 2 nights I complained about the noise to the cabin where you put your head down to sleep. I think they gave the whatever a service and it was not as bad. I though the customer service lady was really good about it. So because I hated 3626 at the back of the ship, I made sure my 2020 Sydney to Hawai cabin was well away and it is down the front but not too close to the theatre. I also spoke to someone who had a porthole cabin in deck 2 and she heard the same noise as I did. When you walk down the back of Radiance on deck 4, there appears to be some noisy machinery there. Good luck picking your cabin.
  12. I agree but I think cruise prices tend to go up and not down, except the odd time when a cruise for some reason is not selling well (may-be due to high prices). I hope you are right and the price settles.
  13. Received the email and saw it on FB now we just need the itineraries. Princess and RCCL - both companies saying they are increasing the number of CRUISE SHIPS in our regions. Great more choices. Celebrity has already announced Celebrity Edge will also be in our region - but I am not sure the extra cost is worth it.
  14. Another vote for Melbourne departures please. With a population of 5M, I am sure we could fill a few boat loads. I know at times it may be cooler travelling up the coast north to warmer weather, but I am Ok with that - better than catching a plane.
  15. Debarked Radiance of the Seas last week and was looking at catching a shuttle or train from the OPT. The Aussies I asked did not know if you could catch a shuttle from the OPT without pre-booking. We walked off the ship with our bags and were on the ground level by about 7.30 am. We were being told continually by RCCL that transfer to the airport would cost $30 each on their transfer and that taxis would be in high demand (there was another ship at Whitebay). We decided to walk towards the train station and see if we could catch a shuttle. Bingo a minute or so out the door of the OPT there was a guy with a sign 'shuttles' for $15 each. 5-10 minutes later, we were in shuttle (with others) and on our way through peak hour traffic to the airport. Good luck whatever you do.
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