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  1. I think that a workable vaccine will start up the cruising industry successfully and then we will have to show proof of having the vaccine to get on board during the start up time. If Australia can get the numbers down for the virus within our country, we could be able to cruise within Australian waters sooner but we have to ask the question of how safe will the ship environment be, especially for the 70+ passengers? I would hate to see international travellers allowed into the country before a vaccine is available and likewise, we should not travel abroad until one is available.
  2. And for us on the other side of the bay. This morning's walk was a delight with the still waters of the bay as the Spirit left and one of the two smaller ships headed towards Station Pier. The Viking and Golden in the background. Not to forget the wildlife (birds and stingrays) a feast for the eyes.
  3. Learned the lesson of booking with a TA and cancelling 10 years ago when we had to cancel due to husband's work and have never used a TA since. Used a US TA for a cruise later this year but the drop in the Aussie $ did not make it worthwhile keeping and I did it early enough not to encounter any problems. All money was returned and I made a slight profit. I think we need to have a vaccine for the virus before ships are safe. Yes, stay safe everyone.
  4. I am very happy for all of you to have your alcohol (which is not really essential) and I can live without it for the duration of the close down. The hairdresser - let those of us who prefer a hair appointment to have it while they are not been shut down please.
  5. I was supposed to board Solstice next Friday and was glad to hear the cruise could not end in NZ and happy it would possibly end in Sydney, but alas all cancelled now. Second time for me a cruise has been cancelled before boarding but happy I am not stuck in NZ or anywhere (that was a worry).
  6. Just received email but I think doctor will advise us not to go. We are OK with that.
  7. You are welcome to let us know more if you wish i.e. was the ship full etc. I am on the March 20 cruise to the barrier reef and ending in Auckland. We are on a Qantas flight. Was your flight changed in any way? The end getting home is a little concerning with Qantas saying they are cancelling some flights. Thanks
  8. Are there shuttles at Auckland port taking people to the airport?
  9. We are looking at this one also. Much cheaper than the July one and makes it very cheap for us with our cruise credit from the Majestic cruise that did not go to Singapore. I wonder if Princess will have 24hrs pre-booking for elites. Whatever, Wednesday booking is fine for us.
  10. Thanks for that. Even though I prefer booking with Princess, at least we know the prices now and they are not too bad.
  11. Are you saying that was suggested on Sunrise? I think Asians may not want to go on her again as they are very superstitious but love a bargain, westerners would just love a bargain cruise.
  12. Yes found out. Decided not to board tomorrow as we have another cruise in Australian waters in March and now we are busy working out a British Isles cruise in addition to what we were going to do in Europe later in the year. Wonder how many will board? Hope people are not too disappointed.
  13. I think he is in the naughty corner with his tongue washed out with soap for his language. He upset people.
  14. I do remember seeing the box ticked to accept a complimentary upgrade but thought I would deal with that later but unfortunately if you don't untick it during the booking process you have to ring Princess Cruises to change it and I did not realise that and forgot about it. Wblotner your agent should have asked you - she is the one to sack. I go Sunday, I have not been contacted again when they said they would and I see a cabin close to where I was, for sale now, nearly double the price I paid. I had another look at the new cabin on Marina deck and it seems more under the buffet so I may just leave it alone. I have my mind on whether the ship will get from Australia to Singapore now. It's a big turnoff for me to book Princess again and I am just as happy sailing with RCCL and Celebrity as I am getting to Diamond plus. Wblotner, if I were you, I would think about cancelling if they don't change you. It is a fair way out and you may get a better deal booking last minute. However, I understand you may want to keep your booking and you may be up for cancellation fees with your agent. Good luck and let us know how you get on.
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