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  1. While sime other companies have released new itineraries and even whole seasons, RCCL seems reluctant to do so. This cuts Oz itineraries from a 18-24 month booking window to something very different. Shame this forces cancellations and refunds rather than other options that allow them to hold onto our deposits to help with bottom line.
  2. Actually botbot has it right. The quick test can only test for the presence of antibodies in the blood. It has a 20% false negative and cannot tell testers if the virus is active, which makes it quite unaccepatable for a sreening test. The only current test for the active virus uses DNA style testing to confirm which viral infections are present. The results can be available in as little as an hour but that is 1 test per hour per each piece of equipment.
  3. I don't think you'll find too many here who can use Lift and Shift because the Australian Itineraries are only out until April 2021. If they ever release 2021-22 Ozdeployment, there may be more.
  4. The problem is a goverment funded TV station is expected to have opinions and agendas in line with that government. Tell that to the Chinese and North Koreans. It only works when the Govt allows true independence and zero interferance in media reporting.
  5. Just read a post on the Royal Caribbean forum that mentioned Spectrum was on it's way to China.
  6. Aren't these ships in Asia? Northern Hemisphere! They may not make it to Alaska, but Hawaii usually marks the end of Northern Hemisphere season for these migratory ships and the start of Southern cruise season. Saying that, It is hard to see where these itineraries will start from, if at all.
  7. No cruises before 17-Sept 2020 at least. 🤨 This is throughout our winter so no real effect for Royal Caribbean. But this is around the time that TPs start leaving Hawaii for our spring/summer season. Australian Border Force press release: https://newsroom.abf.gov.au/releases/cruise-ship-prohibition-extended
  8. Myself and 9 mates managed to book the pub for lunch on Friday! Now that's a new normal - the forseeable future has arrived! 😎
  9. Not true. The virus has been steadily entering the country through repatriation of overseas travellers. This will not stop. It is about the controls and risk mitigation that can be put in place. I am not going to hang my hat on a vaccine or cure. I am going to have faith that people and common sense will prevail - not fear, distrust and indefinate isolation.
  10. Thankfully the minister has no say in what you save for and how you dream. If we keep acting like even 1 more active case is unacceptable, the new normal will be unacceptable to everyone, including the minister.
  11. It will be interesting to see what happens if we get closer to final payment date for 2020-21 sailings and the equivalent deployments for 2021-22 have not yet been released. I believe the first of these sailings final payment is due in early-mid June. If there is no ability to lift and shift to an equivalent cruise the following year, particularly the TPs, many will have no choice but to seek refund. But that is not what RCI wants is it! Hmmm.
  12. The table below comes from https://covidlive.com.au and clearly shows only NT & Tas (debatable) have traced all cases. Plenty of community transmission or at very least currently untraced transmission. These numbers do continue to change up and down as new cases are added or investigations determine a 'likely' source. It is difficult to put community transmission into the timeline and health authorities may never even try, however I am pretty certain (wink wink) that it would have been in February.
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