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  1. We were also on board and had a fab time. Loved the ship and we tried all the specialty restaurants. Great entertainment and we met so many great people. It was a really social, fun cruise and thoroughly enjoyed the Ports as well as the ship.
  2. We got off the Silhouette on Sunday and we had about a dozen free movies to watch. Watched a couple. The TV selection was truly awful and we noticed a big difference from previous cruises. Hardly anything to watch apart from News and Sport. We always spend time in our cabin late afternoon and like to watch something, whilst we relax and recharge our batteries for the evening. Will be very disappointed if they remove the free movies entirely.
  3. Well we did finally hear back last night, over 3.5 hours after the cut-off time. Both bids were rejected, but this did not surprise me at all due to the limited amount of RS and PS cabins available. Slept well last night for the first time in ages! We are certainly checking regularly for our next cruise to see if we can upgrade without going through the Move-up process, but at the moment all the higher level suites are sold out! We sail tomorrow, so have to go and pack. Enjoy your cruises everybody.
  4. Updated the above. Both bids rejected, but disappointed we were not notified until after the 48 hour cutoff time.
  5. Look forward to seeing you on board - the forecast looks very wet unfortunately, but we're sailing to relax and be spoiled!
  6. Made a couple of Move up bids about 6 weeks ago from a Celebrity Suite to both an RS and PH. I must have checked my emails dozens of times every day over the weeks! Well today was 2 days before we sail, so I stupidly spent the night checking my email every hour (sad I know, but I couldn't sleep) and nothing. Many nights dreaming of what might happen. At lunchtime today my offers were still "pending" under Manage my Booking. We have now passed the 48 hours deadline until we sail and I have not heard anything from Celebrity. I thought they would at least let you know that your bid had been rejected, but nothing! I feel totally deflated and exhausted and very disappointed not to hear anything. I now have to decide whether the stress and disappointment was worth it and whether I should bid for our next cruise in January. Am I wrong in assuming they would let me know one way or another? Has anybody else found the process stressful.
  7. Annie, I think you will find that the Exchange Rate has not dipped to £1 to $1 for many many years. Lowest it has been has been is around $1.18 to the £. See if you can find your confirmation from Celebrity - they always email you when you book anything and see what you paid. As others have said, we always pay in £'s in the UK not $'s, but the price no doubt goes up with the differing exchange rates. Thanks for the warning though.
  8. Fabulous - Iceland is one of our favourite places and great to see it in the Sunshine. Enjoy …..
  9. Try this link: https://www.celebritycruises.com/int/things-to-do-onboard/eat-and-drink/restaurants-and-cafes/the-porch Doesn't give the price, but at least you can see the menu.
  10. I guess this is where the UK and US culture differs and I know you think we are mean. We feel that a 20% tip is outrageous and would never give this much over here. However that is what it is on the ship, so we accept it, and I know the staff work very hard on board. As to pubs in the UK, no tip is required - all our drinks are normally ordered from the bar and we carry them back to our table. We would always however leave a tip after a meal, maybe 10%. I think some of the 5* hotel bars, would add a tip, but the drinks would be ordered tableside, so slightly different. I think whatever you are comfortable with is just fine.
  11. Thoroughly enjoyed your review, felt like we were on board with you. We've never done an Alaska Cruise before, and it's now higher up our list than before. Did you have any problem with midges or mosquitos when you were ashore? We're fortunate enough to be doing our first B2B in January next year in Australia and NZ. Never thought about it before, but will feel smug on the end of the first cruise that we don't have to get off! Switching from one Suite to another though, but I understand this is handled pretty well. Have a safe journey home - you have created some wonderful memories for your honeymoon.
  12. Sounds like you are having a great time, despite the rather gloomy weather we are experiencing. Can you let me know which deck your RS is on and whether you are Port or Starboard. We board in a 2 and a half weeks and have a CS on the Starboard side of Deck 11. Rather hoping we will get Jacky as he sounds very good.
  13. I love them too and will be particularly interested in your blog as we will be on Board the Silhouette in 3 weeks time in a CS. Have a great time and hope the seas are calm.
  14. The outside video clips jump from ship to ship! Very enjoyable all the same, but really can't work out which ship he is on!
  15. Does anybody know who is taking over as CD on the Silhouette. We are sailing on 1st September and I understand that Sue Denning leaves that day 😂
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