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  1. In fact what is the point of having a stocked minibar. Does anybody actually ever use it. Most of us ask for it to be emptied as soon as we board.
  2. Does anybody know whether it is possible to have dinner in a Celebrity Suite. We will be sailing on the Silhouette to Norway and would like to dine in our cabin one evening as we sail through one of the Fjords. Although we have a big angled balcony, it will be too cold to eat on it. We've sailed twice in a CS, but on both sailings it was very warm, so ate outside. Many thanks for any help.
  3. I'm pleased to say we were sent an email re Move-up on Friday, so we do get them in the UK. Pretty expensive, but we've put in a minimum bid for a RS. We are currently in a CS.
  4. Ship: Silhouette Length of Cruise: 7 nights Cruise Sail Date: 1st September Date email offer received: 10th July Captain’s Club Tier [“PREVIEW” = first Celebrity Cruise]: Elite Booked through Celebrity Direct OR via TA: TA Current Cabin: CS Bid? Yes/No: Yes If YES - Bidding Details: Cabin Category: place winning category, if accepted (all category offers, can be mentioned in comments) Bid Offer: £960 pp to RS, £1600 pp to PH. Notification Date: Accepted / Rejected: pending Bid just over minimum (weak), will update when we hear back.
  5. Good to hear. Enjoy your cruise.
  6. Thanks everybody, good to know that we will hopefully be included.
  7. Has anybody ever been offered the Move Up programme for UK bookings? Cannot find out how we would participate in this. Has anybody from the UK ever been invited to bid? Many thanks.
  8. Anybody have any idea how we would access this in the UK?
  9. Thanks everybody. I think we will wait and see what the weather is like!
  10. Just booked a Norwegian Fjords cruise on the Silhouette for 1st September. Have only sailed on the Equinox and Eclipse before so have no experience of this dining venue. Does anybody know whether the Lawn Club Grill and The Porch are used on chillier cruises?
  11. Hi, we have booked this cruise today. Have had a look at the Flam railway and as usual Celebrity are charging far too much to tempt us to do one of their excursions. Have also had a look at the Vy site - am I right in assuming that we need to book a return ticket from Flam to Myrdal, or should we be going further? Are there specific tourist trains, or do we book any train they offer that goes to Myrdal. Great advice everybody on this site, some very useful info.
  12. Has anybody got any advice on pre-booking Murano for ourselves and our friends who are in a separate cabin. We both have on-board credit to use - do I just add their reservation number in to book, or will they need to do something from their end? Many thanks.
  13. We've never given any extra, as I know the gratuity is included. But we are from the UK and 18% is already way more than we would pay here, so have always considered it enough. Different culture, I'm afraid over here. Max we have ever paid in the UK is 15%, normally 10%, but only if the service is very good. I guess the answer, is it is up to you.
  14. Very interesting to read your thoughts on the PH suites. We are sailing in our first PH next year on the Solstice to NZ. Unlikely to be able to run to one again - this is a special trip for us. We were lucky enough to have a look round one on the Eclipse last year - we were in an RS a couple of doors down and on departure our Butler allowed us to look round after the current occupants had disembarked. Obviously very excited about the trip! BTW we loved the RS last year (our first) and it will be hard to go back to an S2!
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