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  1. Actually, Joy, I have learned not what to plant. 🙃
  2. Thank you for today’s Daily, Rich! Morning Dailyites & my Sisters! Denise, looks as if you had a special day! Good for David for spoiling you! I toasted you last night, but it was with a tropical fruit smoothie. 😎 Joy, I toasted to you, Allen & his 90+ oxygen levels, too! It was so humid here last night, that I could not sit outside. Not even with the fans on. Then it rained. Again. But this time, it released the humidity so Bindi & I had a great morning walk. But before we went for a walk, someone stopped by for breakfast. Thought of you @kazu Bindi is responsible for eliminating loneliness in my neighborhood. Some folk come out to give her a t-r-e-a-t. Others come out to chat. She is not friendly to other dogs, and no human can actually pet her, but she is entertaining. I will take the blueberries, but skip the muffin. Still watching my carbs. The wine is out of my league, but has a superb rating. Going to a friends for dinner, so not sure what is on the menu. Jacqui - your garden pics. Wow oh wow! Those peonies alone. Sharon hope your son is feeling better, and he gets negative test results soon. @Krazy Kruizers, you are now on our radar screen. Hope all is well. Stay well everyone.
  3. Ooh, glad you can track it! Hope it keeps going up. Re-inflation do your stuff! ❤️
  4. Thank you for today’s Daily, Rich! Morning Dailyites & my Sisters! Joy, hope Allen’s first night home was a great one for both of you! Can you measure his Oxygen levels, or does he have to go back to a medical facility for that to happen? Hoping for 90+ to arrive soon! Denise - hope you & David are doing well and enjoying your sunsets with your spectacular horizon! Rich, you have hit it out of the ballpark with today’s edition. The quote, the wine, the meal suggestion & Teddy Bear Picnic Day, too! And according to a post on Facebook, the Eurodam mystery has been solved - they went to Hong Kong for a crew change. Stay well everyone! @Krazy Kruizers, hope all is well. It has been awhile.
  5. Roy, thank you for doing this. All I seem to be doing is letting everyone else do all the work, but know I appreciate your taking the time & trouble to do this. Ann
  6. If Allen had to re-inflate his stomach, I could give him some pointers.
  7. 🎉🍾 Woo hoo! Wonderful news, Joy & Allen! 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈 Best wishes for rapid reinflation! ❤️
  8. Sharon, praying for a speedy recovery for your son. Will you need to be tested, too - if his result is positive?
  9. Thank you for today’s Daily, Rich! Morning Dailyites & my Sisters. Joy, praying that Allen joins you in your new oasis today! Rich - when is “Everything You Eat Has No Calories Day? I want to start planning for that day. I am celebrating - no more leftovers, with some wild Pacific salmon & roasted veggies tonight. I will need to check out the wine. @kazu - beautiful pics. 50 tulips for 8 euros. Wow! Stay well everyone!
  10. I understand. I have made my peace with my local herd. The young ones have not yet memorized the list of plants they should not like. But the adults do stay away from them. The only tree they are not allowed to nibble on is my Meyer lemon tree. The morning after it was planted - every leaf was gone! It now sports a protective netting covering.
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