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  1. Sound as if all have recovered. Great news! Thank you, Rich.
  2. Joy, your dinner sounds wonderful! Will Fred Meyer deliver wine, too? Have a great night!
  3. Mi amigas @Seasick Sailor & @DeeniEncinitas and Editor @richwmn I am happy to report that my white wine coq au vin was delicious. A day late, but well worth waiting for. Looking forward to more great meal ideas in The Daily! Stay well!
  4. You might have even have a pic of the right location, Roy! The colors of the crosswalk are right! Bravo!
  5. Denise, you mean Kermit’s! They won last year’s Key lime pie contest.👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 It is really good. There are two locations that I can recall. The one near Conch Republic (really good food) is at the corner of Greene & Elizabeth. The other one is on Duval, very close to Mallory Square. Now we only tried the one near Conch Republic. This year we might have to try both locations.🤔 Stay well.
  6. I would still be in Key West. If the weather was good, at the beach. If not, perhaps Hemingway’s House, or the Little White House. And of course, continuing our hunt for the best Key lime pie of this visit.
  7. Geek indeed. But you are allowed to be as geeky as you want as the Editor-in-Chief of The Daily! Thank you for circling back & explaining.
  8. @Seasick Sailor & @rafinmd You will be happy to hear that I had a disinfectant wipe in my hand when I rang the doorbell. And I did step back. Mostly to get away from the blaring alarm. Stay well!
  9. Denise, you will be happy to hear that I had a disinfectant wipe in my hand, when I rang the doorbell. It is a whole new day here! Stay well my friend.
  10. Thank you for today’s report, Rich. Love shrimp. I am trying to avoid starchy carbs, so I can still fit in my clothes at the end of my self-isolation. I still plan to do the white wine coq au vin for dinner, since I did not do it yesterday. I flunked coding, so what does EBCDIC stand for? The best I can do is “Every boy can decipher IBM’s coding”. Clearly I need more coffee. I do appreciate you adding puzzles to the Daily, BTW! The world can use some Feng Shui today! Stay well everyone!
  11. @Seasick Sailor & @DeeniEncinitas my dinner plans were over taken by today’s events. I am emotionally exhausted. This morning my neighbor across the street had a “minor” heart attack. I walked out of my house for one of Bindi’s walks to the sight of the ambulance across the street. As it pulled away, his wife backed out of their garage to follow him to the hospital. At that time she did not know what the problem was. He will be home on Thursday, but she can not visit him because of the virus. Then Bindi and I were returning from our long afternoon walk, and as we walked past an electrical “box” around the corner from my place, it “popped” and emitted a huge plume of smoke. No flames, and once the smoke dissipated nothing else happened. My generator was supplying power to my place when I got home. When I called the power company they confirmed a power outage had caused a problem for 126 households. But those heroes had it fixed in less than two hours. But when the power came back on, the house alarm of my other neighbors across the street was blaring. I tried their doorbell. No answer. Just as I was about to call 911, it stopped. Still do not know what happened, but I suspect it was caused by the sudden resumption of power. And to round off a very eventful day, someone hacked into a neighbor’s email account. It was discovered when I called them in response to the email I received asking if I could do them a favor. They had not send it. As I was talking to them on the phone, the hacker followed up the original message with a second email requesting that I go to the store for them and buy a $50 “STEAM” card, since they were traveling. Good grief. So I decided to have another lemon drop martini night, since I think the end of the world may be near. Tomorrow has to be better. Stay well everyone!
  12. I would be in Key West - land tour. Possibly Fort Zachary Taylor during the day. Tonight we would continue the hunt for the best key lime pie of the tour. Not as easy as it sounds - the winner changes every visit.
  13. No new news is super news! If all else fails, here’s an idea....
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