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  1. Thank you again, Rich! Especially since your internet has been slooooow.
  2. Rich, thank you! Does the fact that you are still posting this everyday mean the internet is working well? Or are you having to try repeatedly to get this to post?
  3. Thank you x 2! Hope you enjoy yourself on your cruise.
  4. Thank you Rich. I will be interested in learning what you had for dinner, and whether there was any cheese plate offered as a choice. Smooth sailing!
  5. Thank you all. I am so excited to visit the Islands! @kazu you are a special lady to do this! Thank you.
  6. Huge waves off Block Island the past day or so. Had to cancel the ferries to the mainland. Melissa is moving away, so things should calm down now.
  7. Thank you for this great info! I will be doing a cruise to Hawaii in about 8 days. Now I know to watch closely for those special events.
  8. Thank you, Rich! I confess I have my eye on the Oosterdam, since I board her on the 20th.
  9. Thank you for sharing! I board her on the 20th. Can not wait.
  10. Bahia Honda is great, but they had not reopened much of the ocean side when I was there this past May. It took a beating from Irma, so you might want to Google it and see what has and has not reopened. Of course the Gulf side is beautiful and calm. And you can sit at water’s edge. It can also be super windy, so watch your stuff. if you end up just walking around, be sure to visit the Butterfly Conservatory. One of the beautiful inhabitants just might land on one of your shoulders or fingers. It is at the Southern end of Duval St (the opposite end of Mallory Square). And along the way there is a great ice cream place on the opposite side of the street from the Butterfly Conservatory. Flamingo Crossing - perhaps a bit more than 1/2 way down. And your toddler just might love the chickens & roosters. Especially if there are any baby chicks around. They are everywhere. Some even march down the middle of the street. Enjoy.
  11. I really can not help you. I took one look at the other two beaches, and said “No way!”, so I never made it to the water line.
  12. The beach itself is beautiful and sandy. It is where it meets the water that is tough on the feet.
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