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  1. That recipe sounds yummy. I know I had a few Happy Hour renditions, so I will have to tuck this away, too!
  2. Laura - wow! Bindi is part Australian cattle dog, so maybe an ancestor passed through Taiwan on the way to the states!
  3. Bless you for being there for her, Sharon!
  4. Thank you for today’s Daily, Rich! Now this is a combo of Days! Morning Dailyites & my Sisters. We have a white wine today! Great quote. The meal sounds good, I need to look that up. And I am a huge fan of today’s drink! I use Meyer lemons from my tree to make mine.🍸I need to try Summer’s recipe. I do not usually use Triple Sec in mine. Thank you for really taking care of our lists, Roy! It is comforting to know if I miss something, I can rely on finding out about it in your lists. Prayers for all who need our support. Cheers to all who are celebrating! Stay well everyone! ******* This Australian, superbly-rated Chardonnay may not be easy to find, but subsequent vintages are as highly rated. I found one vendor with a $69.99 price tag, but if you find it for a lower price, or if you want to splurge for a special occasion, you might want to try this wine! #38 Wine Spectator Top 100 of 2018 Classical pear skin, lime and white peach fruit spectrum defines the nose, amidst sweeter notes of nougat, sesame brittle and brioche. It is concentrated and complex with subtle fragrant jasmine and savory flint and wet stone. A tightly directed palate, yet with enviable length. Woven layers of lemon curd, cut lime and grapefruit pith penetrate throughout the palate with a distinctive mineral thread. Delicate oak use presents gentle complexing notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and hazelnuts. WS95 Wine Spectator Supple and creamy up front, with precision to the nutmeg, lemon curd, verbena and mandarin orange flavors, which are intense and harmonious. The elegant body and lingering accents of ginger and citrus zest elevate this white to something special. Drink now through 2028.
  5. Well here’s hoping this season is over. Glad it was not too bad.
  6. @StLouisCruisers & @richwmn everything ok up there?
  7. Thank you for today’s Daily, Rich! I have to laugh because when I read it was Hermit Day, my mind immediately jumped to the bar that you eat! I prefer to celebrate that one, honestly. Frankenstein deserves his own day. I enjoy oatmeal in its cookie form, but that is about it. Morning Dailyites & my Sisters! Joy another red wine! I know our Canadian Dailyites are concerned about their recent COVID spike, but the NY Times had a great article comparing the “spike” of several countries. Canada’s & Germany’s spikes were much smaller, because of the way their Governments handled the outbreak. So be sure to celebrate that! @summer slope that is quite a recipe! I might try a sip, if someone made one for me. But I would hate to pull together all the ingredients only to find it too sweet or rich for me. Great quote! Pass on the meal. I do not even bother buying candy. When I first moved to Florida, I lived in a gated community that had a Halloween map, so people could let Trick or Treaters know they were welcome. I had six visitors, and three of them were parents. Needless to say, I had a lot of left over candy. When I moved to my current place, I had a chance to ask my neighbors, who had lived here since the community opened, and they all said they had never had anyone visit - ever. This might be one of the things I miss most about Maryland. Prayers for all who need our support. Cheers to all who are celebrating! Stay well everyone! ******** This classic Tuscan Chianti has excellent ratings and a great price - if you find it. I found it for $12.99 at one place online that ships. #33 Wine Spectator Top 100 of 2019 This wine, with its full, balanced flavor, bears honest testimony to its territory and ancient tradition. The moderate use of the wood, the use of large casks, according to the past experience, allows the wine to preserve the most natural characteristics of the Sangiovese grape, bringing them into harmony: fruitiness, freshness and tannin. Blend: 90% Sangiovese, 5% Merlot, 5% Colorino WS92 Wine Spectator: An elegant style, offering black cherry, blackberry, iron and earth flavors, with a hint of wild herbs. The vibrant structure keeps this focused and drives the lingering finish.
  8. I finally remembered to snap a pic of my Pink Mulhy Grass in bloom. Sadly the vibrant pink has faded a bit, but you get the idea!
  9. You really need to put forth more effort to celebrate National Chocolate Day. Really.
  10. Val, as much as I love chocolate, this picture stole my heart. I would have a difficult time not giving in to “that look”!❤️
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