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  1. Thank you for today’s FR & D, Rich! Another lovely morning in the neighborhood. Yesterday was hot, but once again the strong breeze made it tolerable. And the wine tasting and gathering at my friends after was fun. I even won a bottle of wine at the wine tasting! A blanc Châteauneuf du Pape! Can’t wait to try it. Vanessa, thank you for taking such great care of our lists! An endless project that adds so much to our community. Gym, Aldi, Bindi walks, chores, a visit with my Sister & Brayden and pool time. Sounds good to me. Prayers for all who need our support. @Cruzin Terri, Terri I am praying that you get back on your feet again fast! COVID! What else could have gone wrong? Cheers to all who are celebrating! May we each find a reason to smile today! ************ Streicker Bridgeland Block Rosé Well even my decoder ring couldn’t help me today. I found a Wine Enthusiast review of the 2016 vintage that showed a price tag of $28.00 and an 84 rating for this Australian rosé and no other info. And that vintage is probably no longer enjoyable. Even the shop on the vintner’s website didn’t show a rosé for sale. So if any of our Australian Dailyites can find some info to share about this wine, that would be most appreciated!
  2. Thank you for today’s FR & D, Rich! A gorgeous start to the day. Yesterday was another beauty- but not even a drop of rain. Wrapped up the day sipping wine looking out at the Atlantic. It has been a gorgeous teal blue color for the past week or so. Looks like more of the same today. I have had to use insect repellent this week. On Tuesday, the local no see’ems attacked & my legs still have a bunch of tiny red dots on them. Vanessa, thank you for keeping up with all of us. I was exhausted after reading about your busy day yesterday! Thrilled you can do it. You have come so far since April! Gardening, Bindi walks, pool work out, a wine tasting at my favorite local wine bar & a post tasting gathering at a friend’s. I will throw some chores in for good measure. Prayers for all who need our support. Cheers to all who are celebrating! May we each find a reason to smile today! *********** Holesinsky Winery Non-alcoholic (lite) Buhljolais Rosé of Syrah 2022 Rich, I appreciate you giving me puzzles that allow me to test my decoder ring occasionally. This one was interesting. Our first wine from Idaho! And it is really a lite wine vs non-alcoholic. 7% alcohol- I can picture sipping it on a sweltering summer day. A bit elusive there is a link on the vintner’s website www.holesinsky.com to use, if you want to see where to purchase it. Their price is $14.00. BTW - Wine Enthusiast gave this an 86! Winemaker’s notes Back to collect its next Platinum medal from all over the country! It’s our Buhljolais Rosé’s 4th vintage and we promise you’ll be more than delighted. This light rose has a soft aromatic blossom nose leading your taste buds to dream of summers full of ripe strawberry and white peaches with an elegant zest that will keep your glass full all summer long. TASTING NOTES The nose showcases notes of delicate strawberries and minerals. As you sip the aromas come through on the pallet with a subtle, refreshing sweetness, and a clean, balanced passion fruit finish. PAIRING We suggest trying it with a spinach, strawberry, and goat cheese salad with raspberry vinaigrette.
  3. Thank you for today’s FR & D, Rich! This morning’s marine layer was colored by the rising sun. It was gorgeous. Sadly I didn’t think of taking a picture. Yesterday was actually comfortable with the offshore breezes keeping the humidity away - and probably keeping the rain away too. The videos from Miami and the surrounding towns are scary. I am not sure I would try driving through those streets. Rain is still in the forecast, but other than a short shower on Tuesday and some mist Wednesday morning - nothing has shown up. Our poor farmers. Vanessa, thank you for keeping up with all of us. You really help tie our community together. I appreciate the work that goes into your lists. Gym, Bindi walks, chores, a visit to the Beachfront Winery to score some of their baguettes for a post wine tasting gathering at a friend’s. They have the best baguettes around. I might have to enjoy some wine & look at the ocean waves, while I am there. 😎 Prayers for all who need our support. Hope all goes well today, Roy! Terry, happy that the ladies are feeling better. Hope the gents get well quickly. Lenda, hope all goes well for Steve’s shunt adjustment today. Cheers to all who are celebrating! @Cruzin Terri Terri, boy was I happy that you & Jim reached Jacksonville safely! Safe travels home & may you have left the bad luck in Barbados. May we each find a reason to smile today. *********** Apothic Rosé This California rosé sounds interesting. I don’t usually gravitate towards rosés, but this one is certainly priced to try. And I appreciate their effort to educate the public about their wine. Their passion is showing. Easy to find, too. Online prices start at $8.48. Winemaker’s notes Our 2022 Apothic Rosé offers the lightness of rose petals with the boldness of sun-ripened red fruit notes. Aromas of wild strawberry, watermelon and white peach hint open in the glass before revealing layers of strawberry, cherry and red plum. The floral and citrus notes linger, leading to a deliciously smooth mouthfeel with a refreshingly clean finish and a dollop of honey. Viticulture Notes The 2022 growing season was very similar to the previous vintage, with a dry winter and spring. Summer heat accelerated sugar accumulation in white grape varieties and led to an early harvest. The grapes for white wine came in with ideal acidity and concentrated flavor characteristics. Winemaking Notes We predominantly harvest the grapes for this blend at night. This allows us to preserve both bright fruit components and helps to limit color extraction. The grapes were given a gentle whole-cluster pressing and fermented at cool temperatures to preserve the delicate flavors and aromas. To help develop that lovely soft mouthfeel, a small portion of the wine underwent malolactic fermentation. The wine was kept cool until blending to maintain a perfect balance of acid and fruit.
  4. Thank you Roy! Does this make you the co-pilot, or the navigator?
  5. Thank you for today’s FR & D, Rich! It is humid this morning & there is quite a marine layer to the East. Yesterday’s weather was odd. It misted on Bindi & me during our pre-lunch walk. Then the sun came out & the storm system to the South sucked all the moisture out of the air and it was beautiful. But we still need the rain. I can picture all our Dailyites to the South of me doing this… Vanessa, thank you for keeping up with all of us. Hope you didn’t have any trouble sleeping last night. Gym, Bindi walks, a much needed haircut, chores & pool time will keep me busy. Maybe it will rain today. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Prayers for all who need our support. Terry, Tana, family & support team hope you feel better today. Debbie, happy to read your ablation is scheduled. Terri & Jim, safe travels home. I am so sad that this trip did not turn out the way you had hoped. Ann, happy to read that your surgery is scheduled fairly soon. Cheers to all who are celebrating! @erewhon congratulations on reaching the 5 year mark! A huge milestone. May we each find a reason to smile today. *********** Kumeu River Mate's Vineyard Chardonnay 2022 (750ML) It has been awhile since we have seen a New Zealand wine on the Daily! And this one is a star. Lots of consumer and critic fans. Fairly easy to find. And though priced outside of my budget, it is reasonable for the ratings it has received. Online prices start at $55.99. Winemaker Notes This release marks the 30th vintage for Mate’s Vineyard and continues the amazing run of vintages we have had with this vineyard. The conditions during the 2022 harvest were superb and the fruit from Mate’s Vineyard was ripe and pristine. The resulting wine shows the density, concentration and length that we expect and even though it is somewhat shy on the nose, with bottle age the full palette of complex aromas and bouquet of this wonderful wine will shine through. 98James Suckling Gorgeous precise aromas of apples, white peaches, some minerals, flint and stone. Subtle mangoes, too. Full-bodied but so intense and driven with a salty undertone and a driving finish. Some white pepper at the end with citrus skin. Focused and intense. Great finish. 96Robert Parker's Wine Advocate The nose on this 2022 Mate's Vineyard Chardonnay leads with candied bananas, pineapple husk, white peach and a hint of lychee, and the edges of the aromatics are feathered with preserved citrus, brine, curry leaf and apple skins. In the mouth, the wine is powered by supercharged fruit; it is crystalline in its way, an attribute that I have long-since associated with the Chardonnays from Kumeu River. The flavor is sapid and palate-staining, with just enough salt and savory spices in the fruit to make it super complex as well as powerful. It is precisely folded like origami, each crease in service of the overall shape.* A wine that offers much and assumes nothing. 94Wine Enthusiast This is a powerful, some - what reductive vintage of Maté’s. Aromas of nuts, gunsmoke and toast frame concentrated stone and tropical fruit. There’s lot of oomph here, but a delicacy of fruit, too. In a polished style, and still very much a baby, this is structured for the long road ahead and should age gracefully for decades to come.
  6. Thank you for today’s FR & D, Rich! Cloudy, a tiny breeze and very humid. We had a good, soaking 15 minutes of rain yesterday! But before it rained, the humidity was so thick I could feel it in my skin. We are now only supposed to get about 1.5 inches through Saturday. We need a lot more. The system is staying South of me. So Charlene in Cocoa Beach & Mister 67 in Tampa are getting some of the same system that Dixie is enjoying. Vanessa, thank you for keeping up with all of our happenings! I appreciate the work you put into this each day. Bindi walks, gardening, HIIT, and chores will keep me busy. I snuck in some pool time yesterday, so if weather permits - I will sneak some more in today. Prayers for all who need our support. Cheers to all who are celebrating. May we each find a reason to smile today. ************ Bota Box Sauvignon Blanc Our second boxed wine! Easy to find & priced to try. And no broken bottles!Online prices start at $16.99. Winemaker’s notes Bota Box Sauvignon Blanc speaks to dining al fresco at a backyard bar-b-que or lunch on the golf course. What could be more refreshing than lime zest and lemon grass? With a zip of citrus, melon and a touch of minerality. PAIRS WITH Pair it with light meals, like grilled chicken skewers or a salad with goat cheese and vinaigrette. WINE DETAILS Alcohol: 13.5%
  7. Thank you for today’s FR & D, Rich! Yesterday was lovely with a couple of sprinkles in the evening. Today, the air is filled with moisture. It is partly sunny, but the rain clouds are heading my way🤞🏻. Hope the rains start soon to get rid of it, or the winds help make it bearable. Vanessa, thank you for capturing & sharing our happenings! Gym, Bindi walks, chores - I need to apply the Grub-ex to my lawn to get rid of the voles that just started showing up. Maybe some pool time - weather permitting. Prayers for all who need our support. Terry, hope you and Tana have an uneventful day. Cheers to all who are celebrating! May we each find a reason to smile today. ************** 2021 Riesling, Bronzelack Trocken, Schloss Johannisberg, Rheingau This German Riesling sounds lovely. It is easy to find, but unfortunately online merchants that ship to me only sell it by a case of 6 bottles. Online prices start at $256.00 for a case of 6 bottles - app. $43/bottle. Distributor’s notes The legendary Schloss Johannisberg is steeped in history. The vineyards were planted on the orders of the Roman Emperor Charlemagne. Planted solely with Riesling grapes in 1720, Schloss Johannisberg was the world's first Riesling Estate and plays a significant part in wine history. The grapes for the Bronzelach (Bronze Label) come from the single vineyard of Schloss Johannisberg. The south facing vineyard is steep, with a 45° gradient and is situated at between 114 metres to 181 metres above sea level. Grapes for this wine were gently pressed and the juice was vinified at controlled temperatures. 50% of the must was fermented in 1,200 litre wooden casks. The oak comes from their own “Schloss Johannisberg” oak trees. Once fermentation was complete, the wine was aged on the fine lees for a period of six months. Classic Rheingau expression, with delicate aromas of lemon zest, green apple and pineapple. Dry and beautifully balanced, with the fruity notes echoed on the palate through to a complex finish.
  8. Thank you for today’s FR & D, Rich! Another glorious morning. Yesterday’s winds made yesterday’s heat quite comfortable. Hoping for the same today. The weather gurus are saying we might get between 2 & 3 inches by the end of this week. @summer slope Dixie, hope the predictions don’t come true for you. Some models show as much as 9 inches! Be safe. Vanessa, thank you for sleeping!😜 And keeping up with all of us! We are a busy group. Gym, Bindi walks, chores, pool time. A bit of early morning gardening. That will keep me busy. Prayers for all who need our support. Cheers to all who are celebrating! @Denise T Happy Birthday! I hope I have the date correct! May we each find a reason to smile today. ********** Krug Grande Cuvee 171st Edition #122003 MV (750ML) Some days the info about the wine du jour overflows - this is one of those days. This champagne has lots of fans, is easy to find and is VERY pricey (for me). I would love a sip, though. Online prices start at $249.97. Distributor’s notes 99 JS / 97 WE / 96 WS / 96 VP / 95 VM / 95 DE / 94+ WI / 94 WA / 94 JD #48 James Suckling's Top 100 Wines of France 2023 #64 James Suckling's Top 100 Wines of 2023 Vinepair Best Champagnes of 2023 The tightness and tension of this is impressive considering the youngest wine from this is 2015 (hot and dry year), with some wines going back to 2000. Ginger and orange zest. Some creme brulee. It's medium-bodied with apple, pie crust and floral character. It's salty and zesty yet, at the same time, complex and gorgeous. Chamomile and other floral teas highlight everything. Turns rich and flavorful at the finish. Terrific release. Really takes off at the end. Drink or hold.--James Suckling Deliciously balanced, this Champagne is impressive. The iconic wine is in its 171st blend, meaning it combines vintages for the best result for each bottling, not a specific vintage. The 171st essence is dry, while also having fine textured fruit. This is a magnificent wine and worth aging for another year. - Roger Voss, Wine Enthusiast TA vivid Champagne, with chiseled acidity and a fine, vivacious mousse creating a buoyant frame for layered flavors of crushed black raspberry, grilled nuts, pink grapefruit sorbet and coffee liqueur, plus fragrant accents of ground ginger and anise, graphite and lime blossoms. Long and expressive on the finish, crackling with a lingering fleur de sel note. Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Meunier. Disgorged winter 2021. Drink now through 2033.-Alison Napjus, Wine Spectator Every year they make the best wine they can based on the harvest. And every year a different proportion of their reserve wine joins the cuvée as it harmonizes with that year’s vinification. They call these editions. This bottle is the 171st edition — and it's spectacular. It's a wine with personality far beyond what's typical in the region. It is rich and complex with layers of textures and aromas. The full, bready nose is contrasted with hints of red berries and tart white cherries. The mouthfeel has elegance, finesse, and depth. The easy perlage takes a back seat to the creamy texture and rounded fruit notes. - Vinepair The NV Grande Cuvée 171ème Édition, (2015 base vintage) is bright and focused in the glass, showing notable tension and tons of class. Citrus peel, white flowers, mint and white pepper all lend remarkable brightness to a Grande Cuvée that is built more on linear cut rather than volume. Krug is always among the first houses to pick. The 171 clearly shows that style. The blend is 45% Pinot Noir, 37% Chardonnay and 18% Meunier, vintages 2015 through 2000. Disgorged: Winter 2021-2022. Krug ID: 122003 - Antonio Galloni, Vinous Media Krug’s Grand Cuvee 171ème Edition is a 45% Pinot Noir, 37% Chardonnay and 18% Pinot Meunier barrel fermented assemblage of 131 wines from 12 years. The youngest and predominant base wine was from 2015, and the oldest reserve wines from 2000. This 171eme Edition reveals an aromatically complex nose of warm citrus, poached Anjou pear, dried apricots, lemon balm and toast. Medium to full-bodied, the palate balances a beautifully energetic acid frame alongside rich flavors of Meyer lemon, apple crumble and honeycomb with a kiss of vanilla before finishing long, generous and refreshing. According to the Krug iD122014 the bottle tasted was disgorged in the spring of 2020 and released a year later in 2021. - Sarah Mayo, Wine Independent he NV Grande Cuvée 171ème Edition is a delightful blend of 45% Pinot Noir, 37% Chardonnay and 18% Pinot Meunier and boasts an attractive and captivating aroma of dried fruits, pastry, lemon oil, marzipan, spring flowers and ginger, with hints of almond and vanilla notes that become more pronounced over time. This medium to full-bodied wine is precise and well-structured, with a fleshy core of fruit and a sapid, incisive finish. Crafted around the 2015 vintage, the blend comprises 131 reserve wines from as far back as 2000 (42% of the total blend) and is expected to age beautifully over the next decade.-Yohan Castaing, Wine Advocate Two years on from its disgorgement, this 2015-based edition has settled beautifully, showing all the sunniness of the base year with its mandarin and apricot plushness, surprisingly smooth and silky up front before settling into its broad, inviting range of praline, cappuccino and bitter almond aromatics and subtle fruit skin chewiness. It's a punchy, fulsome edition thanks to the base year's intensity, but it has been beautifully tamed into a characteristically suave and multilayered Grande Cuvée. A blend of 131 wines, with reserves back to the year 2000. - Tom Hewson, Decanter Spanning from 1998 through the 2015 vintage, the NV Champagne Grande Cuvée 171 is lush with a kaleidoscope of aromas including orange marmalade, toasted brioche, almond, and ripe peaches. Full-bodied and rounded, it has a hint of warmth on the finish, but it’s highly attractive, balanced, and long, with outstanding depth and richness. This fantastic expression of the Grand Cuvée is gorgeous right out of the gate and will be a great addition for collectors to enjoy over the coming two decades. Drink 2023-2043. - Jeb Dunnuck Very lively, crisp nose. Tense and surprisingly vibrant for such a hot growing season – positively explosive in terms of its impact on the nose and palate. Lots of acidity and impressively long. A very good Krug, Grande Cuvée. - Jancis Robinson
  9. Thank you for today’s FR & D, Rich! It is lovely out this morning. A strong breeze is making up for yesterday’s lack of it. And it is also keeping the smoke from the two wildfires West of me away. But rain is in our forecast later this week, and we need it. Vanessa, thank you for keeping up with all of us! I love to read how much sleep you are getting! Gym, Aldi, Bindi walks, chores, a visit with my Sister and pool time. Will keep me busy - maybe even out of trouble. Prayers for all who need our support. @Cruzin Terri Terri, I am so sorry to read about your mis-adventures. I hope you can salvage some relaxation from the remaining days. All the caretakers are at the top of my prayer list. You are very special. Cheers to all who are celebrating. May we each find a reason to smile today. *************** The Chook Sparkling Shiraz A sparkling Shiraz! This is new to me. This Australian sparkling wine adds a tiny bit of Viognier to temper any harshness of the Shiraz. Easy to find & priced to try. I will be on the lookout. Online prices start at $15.99. Winemaker Notes The fruit is sourced from premium Shiraz growing regions including McLaren Vale and Langhorne Creek with the result being a rich, luscious Sparkling Shiraz that is well balanced and food friendly. Showing wonderful smooth integrated fruit and a rich weighty texture across the palate. This is blended with a touch of younger vintage Shiraz bringing ripe juicy fruit characters to the finished product. 90James Suckling Lots of licorice and tea leaf with meat and blackberry aromas. Full body, soft and lightly velvety sparkling red wine. Flavorful finish. Drink now.
  10. Safe travels to you & Sue, Bruce. Thank you for sharing your grand adventure with me!
  11. Thank you for today’s FR & D, Rich! Another lovely morning. Last evening’s storms stayed well South of me, though I could hear the thunder booming from my place. Another hot one. Hoping for more breezes that make it tolerable. I have a tough time convincing Bindi to do short walks & stay on the grass. Vanessa, thank you for capturing & sharing what is going on in our lives. Looking forward to reading what you are up to today. Gym, Bindi walks, early morning gardening and dinner at a friends. Prayers for all who need our support. Especially the caretakers. Very special people. Cheers to all who are celebrating. May we each find a reason to smile today. ************ Viña Leyda 2022 Lot 21 Pinot Noir (Leyda Valley) This Pinot Noir from Chile sounds interesting, though it might be a bit too light for me. I prefer my Pinots to have more body. A 92 score from Wine Enthusiast, easy to find and reasonably priced. I just might need to taste this. Online prices start at $14.99. Winemaker’s notes In Leyda's coastal valley, just 4km from the Pacific Ocean, we craft unique wines with identity, passion, and expertise. As pioneers in the exclusive Leyda Valley, we showcase our commitment through the LOT line. From small polygons with limited production, Lot 21 exemplifies our dedication to expressing the best of Pinot Noir in Leyda's distinctive terroir. With a focus on identity, elegance, and complexity, these wines stand out as exceptional, reflecting our relentless pursuit of the finest expressions from this coastal haven. WINEMAKING In Leyda's coastal valley, 4km from the Pacific Ocean, we're pioneers crafting fresh, identity-driven wines. Experts in the exclusive 2,000-hectare Leyda Valley, our passion for varietal excellence birthed the LOT line—unique wines exuding identity, elegance, and complexity. Sourced from small polygons within plots, these wines boast limited production, capped at 5,000 bottles per vintage. Lot 21 exemplifies our commitment to uncovering the finest Pinot Noir expression in Leyda's unique terroir. Our journey, marked by a relentless search for the extraordinary, results in exceptional wines that mirror our expertise and pioneering spirit in the heart of Leyda Valley. TASTING NOTES Appearance: Ruby red. Nose: This is a wine with identity. The nose is clear-cut, floral, with a profile of tart red fruit, like cherries and raspberries, along with notes of cassis, soft spices, a hint of mushrooms and some earthy notes. Palate: It is fresh and tense with a firm spine and length, finishing with a vibrant juiciness that lengthens the palate.
  12. Debbie, that is gorgeous. Would love to see what a slice looks like. Would also love to taste it. 😎
  13. Thank you for today’s FR & D, Rich! Another lovely morning. Yesterday was brutally hot until the afternoon breeze kicked in. But we finally had rain! Just a bunch of light showers finished off with brief T-storm, but the air felt so much better after. A literal drop in the bucket, but it is a start. Vanessa, thank you for keeping up with all of us. I am so glad that your surgeon gave you a great report! But even happier that the pain and numbness are gone. Gym, Bindi walks, chores and pool time will keep me busy. Prayers for all who need our support. Joy, good thing you went to have your ankle checked! Elizabeth, I am so sorry to read what you are dealing with. Praying you get relief soon. Cheers to all who are celebrating! May we each find a reason to smile today! ************* 2021 Traminette Pick a vintner, any vintner. Most of them are in the Northern parts of the US: New York, Michigan, Maryland & Virginia. Quite a few vintners offer online orders and prices are fairly reasonable for this hybrid white wine. Online prices started at $14.99. Vintner’s notes This delicious and versitile wine jumps from the glass with floral aromas of honeysuckle, lilac and apple blossom. Juicy and refreshing with a touch of citrus, this medium bodied wine is great to enjoy on its own or with lighter dishes and desserts. All AmRhein's wines are made from 100% estate grown grapes cultivated in our three vineyard locations in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia since 1995. Traminette is a hybrid grape created by crossing Gewurztraminer with a North American grape creating a grape with similar qualities to Gewurztraminer but with better disease resistance and cold hardiness. That is why we can grow it here in our original estate vineyard with the highest elevation of our three vineyards. Unfortunately, the bears like it as well, and wiped out our entire crop last year from the vineyard here on the property. Fortunately, we planted another acre 4 years ago in our Franklin County Vineyard and got our 1st crop last year. If you’ve had our previous Traminettes, you will notice lower acid levels and it will seem sweeter, even though it has the same 2% residual sugar. You will get the classic Traminette floral nose with lots of juicy pineapple on the palette and a bright lingering finish. This wine pairs beautifully with Thai cuisine and other spicy dishes.
  14. Thank you for today’s FR & D, Rich! Another gorgeous day. Hoping for another windy day that keeps the heat manageable. But we need rain. My County and the one just North of me have issued No Burn Notices until further notice. No serious rain is in sight for awhile. Vanessa, thank you for keeping up with us. I need to remember to read your list before I post in the morning. Hope all is going well with BFF. Has anyone else noticed we seem to have a foot/ankle/leg trend? Gym, Bindi walks, semi-annual (hurricane season) generator maintenance, chores & pool time. Should keep me busy. Prayers for all who need our support. Cheers to all who are celebrating. May we each find a reason to smile today. *********** 2020 Pinot Noir, Villa Wolf, Pfalz This German PN has lots of consumer fans, though I didn’t find a great deal of info about this vintage. It is easy to find and reasonably priced. Online prices start at $14.99. Note: the 2022 vintage has some great reviews, so if you want to try this wine, you might prefer to try this vintage. Distributor notes Sustainable Farming Vegan This 250+ years-old estate takes advantage of the warm, dry climate of the Pfalz to produce a brilliant Pinot Noir.Starting with sustainable farming using no pesticides or herbicides the harvesting and selecting is done by hand. The wine is aged 50/50 in stainless and oak.Bright tart cherry and raspberry bramble is backed by ashy earth and warm spice. Definitely a find.
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