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  1. Happy to hear that you made it on to Easter Island! Looking forward to your pics.
  2. Thank you for today’s report, Rich! Welcome home. I think your choices of what to celebrate each day are perfect for our very geographically diverse community. Thank you for even thinking of this. OK - off to spread some kindness.
  3. Spectacular picture! Off to read your review! Thank you for taking the time to do this.
  4. Thrilled for you! It is an awesome way to see the Island. In the true sense of the word - awesome.
  5. Thank you for today’s report, Rich! I will save this “day” until I encounter one of the grouches in my life. Then I will do him or her a favor.
  6. Thank you for today’s report, Rich! I do not remember the last time I had a gum drop!
  7. I am not sure it is the best choice but I loved the helicopter tour I took of the Big Island. I used Paradise Helicopters, they picked us up & dropped us off near the tender dock. The variety of vistas is amazing. The highlight of my trip.
  8. Happy Valentines Day everyone! It is a bit too murky here to ride a Ferris Wheel today, but.... Thank you for today’s report, Rich! It is nice to see the Westerdam safely docked.
  9. Thank you for sharing your experiences.
  10. Diane Thank you again for sharing. Tour pics brought back amazing memories for me. The gentleman giving the ukulele lesson is the same one who did so on my cruise to Hawaii. He also performed at happy hour every day. Wonderful voice and a mischievous personality. Not sure, but I believe his name is Alika. And those exercise classes the ambassadors conducted were fun and aerobic!
  11. Safe travels everyone! And thank you to the crew of the Westerdam, it must have been tough on you all!
  12. Thank you for today’s report, Rich! i got a different name when I joined CC!
  13. Glad you escaped unscathed. Not sure how I would feel. And yes, you must return to Hawaii for another necklace.
  14. Kathi, thank you for another great post. Gorgeous pictures. And a big shout out to Roy @rafinmd for sharing his pic posting tip.
  15. Thank you for your review! And I also had a hard time finding it in the review page, so thank you @scubacruiserx2 for posting it here. CC’s search function needs some work.
  16. Morning Rich! Do they have pennies in Cancun? Thank you for today’s report! Hugging my dog as I type one fingered.
  17. Thank you for today’s report, Rich! And those pics of the Maasdam are gorgeous! Ok. Gotta go. Off to make a friend.
  18. @kazu I am jealous, but glad that you had a chance to enjoy two of them.
  19. @zelker In October it cost us $89 per person. Our wine steward invited us and even gave us the menu and pairings to review to help make our decision. There were only a small number of us. Definitely less than 25. And I loved that both the head chef & the cellar master discussed each course and pairing. And it was the first time I ever had Cote du Rhône wine and I am now a huge fan.
  20. Thank you for today’s report, Rich! Hope you are enjoying beautiful weather in Cancun. I am lucky to live in a place where Winter weather is over before I am fed up with it.
  21. What colorful pictures! Thank you for even trying to share.
  22. It was called a Cellar Master’s dinner on my October Oosterdam Cruise. It was excellent.
  23. I knew it was Denali, but also knew until fairly recently - during President Obama’s term, I think - it was called McKinley.
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