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  1. I just returned home from Symphony of the Seas today. My cruise ended with my husband and me being escorted off the ship after everyone else had disembarked (including the consecutive cruisers) due to me being in isolation. I came down with an unspecific gastric illness (not specifically diagnosed, but the nurse acknowledged that norovirus shares the same symptoms as what I was experiencing) during the cruise and ended up being put under "isolation" (essentially quarantined in the cabin) from the evening of day 6 until disembarkation. I have no idea how I caught it (not surprisingly), but once I realized that it was more serious than an upset tummy, I went to (i.e., "turned myself in") the medical center. This is the first time I've experienced this kind of illness in 30+ cruises. I have no complaints about how Royal Caribbean handled this with me save for the frequency of the stay-in-your-cabin admonitions. The only issue I encountered was trying to order room service (from the limited "BRAT" menu) on disembarkation morning; Guest Services had to intervene and get the room service manager to call me to take my order since the line was otherwise disabled this morning.
  2. A sad fact of reality is that people die on cruise ships all the time. That's why they have a morgue on each ship. I don't remember for certain, but I think the one on Oasis class ships has room for three bodies. When you consider that a significant number of cruisers are either elderly or have higher than average risk factors, it becomes a facet of cruise life... and death.
  3. I've tried searching, but i can't seem to find a definitive answer. Royal Caribbean's information for Sea Class cabins (i.e., junior suites) lists a few benefits, but I noticed that priority check-in and embarkation isn't among them. With Symphony of the Seas being at a brand new terminal, I don't know what the custom there is for junior suite passengers. Is it like non-Oasis-class ships where junior suites are in the suite embarkation area, or does Royal Caribbean treat junior suites in the Royal Suite program differently in this regard?
  4. That sounds like a really bad practice, especially when the last day is a sea day. I don't care for how they handle distribution of the certificates. On a prior cruise, I didn't even get the certificate in my cabin. Fortunately, I asked the host on the last night and she said that it was supposed to have been delivered, but she printed me an extra copy just in case.
  5. Your link was censored. For others looking here, that link goes to https://www.ncl.com/termsandconditions/promotions#air. That page has links to the list of airports included (which may have additional details), but that page doesn't exist.
  6. I called the number listed in the press release. I'm not sure I got a human... the woman sounded as though she were one of those automated attendants that usually robocall people. Anyway, she first said the promotion didn't exist. I told her that I was looking at the details on NCL's web site. She then pulled up a Norwegian Joy sailing and said that she did see the promotion. Going through the pricing for that sailing, though, she said that the roundtrip air from Pittsburgh to Seattle was going to be a $499/person add-on. She said that was a discounted rate, but was unable to tell me how much it normally costs to add air to a booking. When I commented that it didn't seem like that great of a deal, she replied (extremely cheerfully, which was rather surprising) that that was great, and that I should book the airfare on my own and not take advantage of the offer. I'm very confused.
  7. I was just looking for information myself. I found reference to this deal at Cruise Radio. There, they say that it's available today for past guests. I can't find any reference to this anywhere at NCL's site. I guess I'll have to give them a call. I found that this offer is listed on their promotions' terms and conditions page (near the bottom) Edited to add... Well, that was disappointing. I called Casinos at Sea, and they were unaware of this promotion and said that all available promotions were listed on their web site. Cruise Radio says that NCL announced this, so I wonder where they made that announcement. There may be some hidden details there. I found a copy of the press release, quoted here for reference:
  8. I believe that Mariner's pools are saltwater while Independence's are freshwater. When I was last on Indy, the shops were a little different than one would find on most Royal Caribbean ships. They seemed to carry products that catered to British passengers (since she was homeported in Southampton for half the year). I don't know whether they've changed since then, though.
  9. That's great! I did a similar upgrade (JS -> OS), although I paid the going rate for it (~$3,000 for a 7-night cruise on Harmony of the Seas). My booking predates the most recent gratuity increase and has the option to prepay gratuities any time before sailing at 2017's rates. I asked my travel agent to arrange prepayment of the gratuities, and despite being in an owner's suite, I was only charged $13.50/day (last year's non-suite rate). Slightly more interesting, I just added a third person to the booking yesterday. The TA added prepaid gratuities for them as well, also at the $13.50/day rate.
  10. Hi there! I may see you onboard tomorrow! You'll probably see me first. If you see a big guy with orange ("copper", the box said) hair... that's me! :D
  11. I like the strawberry soft serve, too, but finding it onboard has been hit or miss for me. Many times, they only have vanilla and chocolate.
  12. In my experience, if you change cabins a few days before sailing, there may be confusion onboard. When we did this once, we encountered a few anomalies onboard. The dining computers thought that there were four people in our 2-person cabin (both us and the former occupants). We didn't get some of the things delivered to our cabin that we were expecting; I think they were delivered to our previously booked cabin. The strangest problem was that our SeaPass cards didn't have the folio numbers printed on them. This caused some problems and had to be fixed by Guest Services.
  13. My "Player Development Specialist" seems to be a bust. I received the welcome email on Tuesday, July 17. I wrote back to him almost immediately with a question about an upcoming sailing. I didn't hear back from him until Friday, July 20, when he asked for some additional details. I wrote back to him later that day. I've not yet received any further response. :(
  14. That's interesting that Avis moved the QF1 location code. I checked my past email confirmations to make sure I wasn't misremembering, and indeed it used to be the location on 17th Street.
  15. In my experience*, the milkshakes at Johnny Rockets are made from ice cream and are very thick. * I had one on Anthem of the Seas and it was more like chilled chocolate milk than a milkshake. I'm assuming that one was an anomaly.
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