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  1. Nothing is “complementary”. We pay for them...
  2. Can somebody post the list of included wines? I have always been satisfied with the included wines with Azamara, but in the last time there are more complaints that they are not good quality. I do like good wines, but I would not like to “upgrade” paying more. Actually I expect the wines to be as good as they were before all the additional packages were introduced.
  3. Since your transatlantic is from Europe to South America, I do not think you might have many problems with the weather at this time of the year. It might be offering from Europe to Miami... Have a great journey! Ivi
  4. I am enjoying your posts and your love for animals. We also have a cooker spaniel who is treated like royalty and thinks he is the pack leader (we are his pack)...
  5. Besides those prepaid packages, is it possible to buy packages which only include bottles of wine and mineral water?
  6. Depending of availability some activities on sea days include Tai Chi. Those are very good. You will probably have Zumba. Some games with animators. Once in a while good destination lectures, but that is rather a rare occurrence. Take your reading with you and hopefully you will have a balcony cabin to relax away of the multitudes.
  7. I have a similar problem. It keeps asking neighborhood but it does not allow to fill anything in. It tells me checking cannot be completed.
  8. Venice is not a very predictable Port for debarkation. We were supposed to arrive once at 7.30 in Venice with an MSC ship, but we have only docked at around 11.00. Debarkation was chaotic. Many people lost their flights. We had train tickets leaving from Santa Lucía Station at 12.30. We almost did not make it. We had to take a taxi to the next train station ( I think is called Mestre) in order to make it. I would not book a flight out of Venice before 16.00 on debarkation day. I would rather stay one night in Venice and take my flight the next day if there are no options.
  9. I use shore excursions a lot with Azamara. Most of the times because I had on board credit to spend. I have not been yet on Pursuit, but in both, Quest and Journey, I have had several good excursions and some that were not good. The most disappointing ones are those who offer experiences that are not delivered. Very irritating are those excursions in which the guide takes us to places in the middle of nowhere, where they receive a commission and we are supposed to shop, shop, shop. I am always surprised about how many of the fellow passengers actually seem to like that...
  10. Good to know that we can not benefit from price drop. I have noticed, however, at least on the cruises we have booked with MSC, that there was never a price drop. We are fine with that. I think MSC puts prices according to some criteria and those prices more or less remain stable. With other cruise lines (Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Azamara) many times they put very expensive/unrealistic prices and once they can not sell the itineraries start dropping extremely or give it to consolidators.
  11. Since we are all dreaming, I would love to have a Japanese Restaurant....
  12. Thank you so much for your reply Skier 52. I am sorry I have misspelled your alias 😔. You are such a big help! Thank you also Essiesmom! Ivi
  13. Hi, Do you have information on the cabin 10129 (I2) on MSC Preziosa? Looking at the deck plans it has a shape which is different than other inside cabins. I can not tell if it is smaller than other insides. Do you think that this cabin is a good choice as an inside cabin, Fantastica? Ivi
  14. The bus station in Santos is not at the port. You will need to take a taxi from the port to the bus station. Another possibility is to take a taxi directly to the airport. It costs more but it is more convenient.
  15. I have cruised in a balcony cabin with several cruise lines including Celebrity, Azamara and MSC. If I were to give a rate of the whole experience I would say MSC is about three and 1/2 stars, Celebrity 4 stars and Azamara 4 and 1/2. I have not booked Yacht Club with MSC because for the itineraries we choose, they cost almost the double from a balcony cabin. Food on the main restaurants at MSC is good, simple Italian food. If you like that, you would not have a problem. I had the best Ossobuco at sea on an MSC ship. Italian they can cook. We do not find that for us the Yacht Club justifies the higher price if we only think about the food. We prefer to spend that money on food and wine in good restaurants on the ports we visit. That works very well for us. The Yacht Club would make sense for us only in order to avoid the crowds in the areas around the pool or at the buffet restaurant. But it would make sense only if the difference to the balcony cabin is not too much. If you do decide for a balcony cabin, make sure that you choose the Fantastica experience and not the Bella. With the Fantastica experience you get cabins, which are better located, free room service and you can choose your preferred dining time.
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