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  1. Be careful with that sprained ankle. I sprained my ankle three weeks ago and it is not healed yet. Doing exercises to strengthen it. Ivi
  2. I am missing cruising so much that I am ready to watch the old “Love Boat” program. I just have to find out where to get it. Maybe you tube 🤔 Ivi
  3. I have a fully paid cruise for November 2021, because I have used the FCP for that purpose. My cruise for September this year was cancelled and I have received a FCP and an FCC because I have decided not to request a refund. Part of the FCP was used to fully pay one cruise and the rest of it together with the FCC to book another cruise in 2022. Ivi
  4. I was booked on those segments before Coronavirus was noticed in China. Then I have changed it for November 2021 out of Miami thinking that ports in USA might be safer. Unfortunately it does not look that way at the moment. Ivi
  5. Nancy, where is your cruise in June next year? I understand how you feel about not being willing to put more money on more cruises with Crystal under such uncertain conditions. I think many of us feel in a similar way. Still I am hoping that we will be able to cruise with Crystal again next year. Maybe not in the first months but June? It could be. It is almost a year from now... Ivi
  6. Karen, I also hope that we can meet on the 2022 WC. It would be wonderful. It seems like a long time from now, but it gives us something to look forward 😊 Ivi
  7. It has been kind of depressing to read the Cruise Critic boards in relation to Crystal Cruises since Coronavirus started. The difficulties of Crystal to refund are so evident that no one is making excuses anymore. In addition, more and more is being speculated if Crystal can survive this situation. I do not know how representative the Cruise Critic members are from the whole guests that book with Crystal, but are there still those around, who have cruises booked with Crystal? We have cruises booked, and no, we are not insured against service provider default. 0ur earliest cruise booked is for November 2021. We have two more booked for 2022 including the World Cruise. Any one else taking the risk? Ivi
  8. Thanks for sharing. It does not look good for the Cruise Industry... I wonder if it is safe to stay in hotels. Is traveling possible at all? Ivi
  9. Crystal can only maintain its cruises if it has enough guests. I am afraid that being probably citizens from USA its main guests, an these are not able to travel to Europe, it is very difficult for Crystal to sail. As far as I know now, TUI cruises is sailing mainly with Germans, MSC is planning to sail with probably mainly Italians and Germans, and there are other cruise lines targeting mainly French people. I might be wrong, but if Crystal would have among its guests many more Europeans, probably its river cruises in Europe and the itineraries of the Symphony would not have been cancelled. Ivi
  10. It is a pity that Crystal had to cancel so many cruises. I have just read that the Italian cruiseline MSC will start cruising in August in the mediterranean. Ivi
  11. Thanks for sharing this. Interesting to follow. I guess Crystal would habe been able to sail in October, November and December if they would have planned for the german market ... Ivi
  12. People are different. It is your opinion and your decision. Those passengers cruising now have also their opinion and it is their own decision. Of course nobody can guarantee the efficiency or efficacy of a government. But it is easy to see they are doing up to now, a better job than others. The situation can change. Nobody is taking long term decisions on COVID-19. Almost every week there is something new, which requires attention. At the moment a problem in Germany are people who are returning from their sommer vacation and are probably infected. On this subject the German government has implemented an obligatory Covid-19 test at no cost on the main airports starting from today. I guess this is all we can expect at the moment: to trust the authorities to monitor the situation and take corrective action. Life goes on but nothing is normal. It is good to know or to believe that those in the position to take decisions are trying to do their best. Ivi
  13. It is not that irresponsible. Germany monitors the situation and takes corrective action where necessary. Probably cases will increase again when the winter comes, but up to now, the situation is more or less under control. Ivi
  14. It is really sad. I am sorry for Crystal. Unfortunately not all countries were able to manage well this situation. This is affecting the travel industry every where. Ivi
  15. I am sorry you might not be able to take your cruise. Do not let yourself irritate by some posters. The situation with Coronavirus is so fluid, that nobody actually knew how things were going to develop. Even those who claim lots of medical expertise on this board, totally underestimated COVID-19 arguing that Influenza killed more people every year. At that time I remember the medical expert on this board arguing that Influenza vaccines shall be compulsory for every one, who wished to go on a cruise. Of course, as COVID-19 proved to be such a big problem, the expert changed his mind. Now is very clear for him and for many others how much this virus has changed lifes all over the world. And also on relation to vaccines he became more careful, arguing that no vaccine could give anyone 100% security. So I guess there goes the idea that vaccination for all cruisers shall be enforced. I understand that when you booked your cruise you were taking risks, but at that time several of us had the hope that Crystal was going to be able to sail in October. Despite my opinion that Crystal is disappointing everybody in relation to refunds, I do not think that Crystal has purposely tried to deceive anyone. It was not that easy to imagine that Florida and the whole USA was going to perform so badly managing the situation. I am glad you only have a small deposit attached to your booking. Keep safe, keep healthy and maybe when this calms down you will consider Crystal again. Ivi
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