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  1. I think it was first a requirement for ships sailing from USA. I recall seeing something like that on the MSC forum. It could be that European cruiselines sailing from ports in Europe do not apply this requirement. But at the moment is difficult to clarify this issue. Let’s wait after the Coronavirus crisis calms down. Ivi
  2. I understand the requirement is not for Azamara only. Was it not part of an agreement of the cruise industry with the USA vicepresident to have less Coronavirus infected? Maybe I am wrong... Ivi
  3. I miss the sea I miss going for walks in several cities around the world Ivi
  4. This would work fine for us. We would prefer, that Crystal also inform us direct. We do not wish to wait for the travel agent to act as a mere intermediary of information. Our experience with the travel agent that we have for two of our next cruises is not very positive. We can of course with the appropriate information contact the TA once we make a decision. So please do not ask Crystal to communicate just via the TAs. Ivi
  5. But none of the RCL lines are sailing, having like all other cruise lines cancelled their sailings for some time. So, where are they requiring this form? Ivi
  6. Good question Sidari 👍. Is there a chance that MSC answers?
  7. I think September might be the soonest if things get controlled and a vaccine comes out. Otherwise, I would say in 2021 in Sommer the earliest. Of course I do not have any idea...so all what I have written is speculation.
  8. We are not increasing Crystal’s work at the moment. Three cruises booked including the WC 2022. We are still booked. No refunds requested. Fingers crossed 🤞. Good luck with your refunds and I hope you book with Crystal again. Ivi
  9. Yes, many of us like to cruise and we will cruise when things return to normality. So Crystal hold on and keep well. We will comeback as soon as conditions allow it. Ivi
  10. We like MSC very much. It is not perfect and there is plenty of room for improvement, for example in keeping better higiene. We wish to cruise again with MSC in those beautiful Grand Voyages which take us from the Americas to Europe and Viceversa. As a matter of fact we have two of those Grand Voyages booked (one for October this year and one for March next year). Keep well MSC! We will be there when you are sailing again. Ivi
  11. According to what you describe, it seems you have been properly diagnosed by your doctor. If he said it was sinus and bronquitis and the antibiotics did a their job, then this is what it was. Since you seem to be preoccupied about Coronavirus, be careful now in your surroundings. It does not seem as if you have catch it on the Divina.
  12. I am not booked for May/June but for September and October. I still plan to go even though a segment of my cruise is scheduled to go to Israel (main reason for booking) and Israel is shutting up completely. But right now all other countries also. It was good that the new cancellation policy from Crystal was announced. I am holding with hope that this Virus somehow becomes less dangerous. Maybe a vaccine until then will be found. I am also holding because I wish for Crystal to continue in business and I do not want to jump out of the boat yet. Ivi
  13. No one else reporting from the WC? Usually they say no news are good news. Let’s hope this is the case... Ivi
  14. Good to learn about that there are hotels who are being flexible even though you booked non refundable. In our case the hotels do not even bother to answer.
  15. Where are the others going to post? I mean those who do not belong to the USA or UK? We are for sure a minority but we still participate in these forums.
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