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  1. Lovely pictures and lovely itinerary. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Luxury is not the same for everyone. I do not care very much about words such as “luxury” or “premium” or even the one used more despectively “mass”. For me it is important how I feel during the experience. I love cruising and I love to enjoy the different offers from the cruiselines. I enjoy once in a while broadway type of shows, which only big ships offer (mass experience). I enjoy the Azamazing evenings from Azamara (a premium cruiseline smaller than Crystal ocean ships) and I have enjoyed the lectures at Crystal (considered luxury cruiseline). In a sense alone to be able to cruise and to experience different situations is for me a “luxury”. I hope that the Crystal experience is enjoyable for you and meets your expectations. Ivi
  3. I remember you from the Oceania forum and I have benefited many times from your advise on those forums. I am glad that you are trying Crystal. I think you will like the experience. Although I like Oceania very much, I have found the entertainment better in Crystal than in Oceania. Especially the lectures. I have been twice to the Magic show at Crystal and both times I have not liked it. I am not doubting about the skills of the magicians, it is just not my type of entertainment. So I will not go back again. But if I were you, I would give it a try. Do not worry about your cruise being a disappointment. It is right that not everybody likes the same things. There are so many things you can choose from specially on sea days during a Crystal cruise, that I think you will find something for you. Enjoy your trip and if you can when you come back let us know your impressions. Ivi
  4. On cruises with many sea days I have enjoyed the lectures. Those usually are held about subjects relevant to the destinations. Since your cruise is in Iceland I guess many activities will take place inside the ship. I hope your cruise is not fully booked, because on those cases, Azamara ships, being small, do not have many places where you can retreat besides your cabin.
  5. Yes Celebrity is a good option. We were in Japan with the Celebrity Millenium some years ago and it was very nice. But it was not a Japan intensive cruise. Only some ports in Japan.
  6. Thanks for reporting your impressions of the Japan cruise. It is one itinerary that we are interested on. Unfortunately the prices for this cruise have been quite expensive imho. I am afraid that as long as other cruisers are willing to pay those prices, it will remain so. Sorry to hear that you have found Azamara is not for you, but it is good to have other options.
  7. If your flight is at 6.30 in the morning you will have to be at the airport the latest at 3.30 am. This means driving from Miraflores at 2.30 am. I am not sure you will be able to sleep much. If I were you, I would rather take the flight at night. In Lima I prefer the hotels. Miraflores near the Larco Mar is a good area. Plenty of options in trip advisor. Make sure that you get a transfer to the airport from your hotel. Lima does not have a good reputation in relation to taxis taken independently. Lima is the gastronomical capital from South America. Some of the restaurants in Lima are among the 10 best restaurants of the world. If you like gourmet food, you could book a lunch at one of those restaurants. For example Maido or Central. You have to book months in advance if you wish to eat there. In their web pages in internet you could see their menues and prices.
  8. I have order at Prego Spaghetti al aglio, olio and peperoncino. One of my favorite pasta and the easiest to make. Ivi
  9. We like the Churrasqueria. They have good grilled shrimps, good picanha (tasty beef), good salads, feijoada (Brazilian beans dish), chorizo and pao de queijo (small bread made out of cassava meal and cheese). We do not eat potatoes or other carbs. We stick to salads and proteins plus the cheese cassava bread. In addition they have good caipirinhas, and a good Malbec from Argentina. We have eaten there many times during our world cruise. We have liked it, as a more informal venue as the main restaurant and we did not need to pre book. Ivi
  10. Comparing to bigger ships you will probably relax more...
  11. I do not like the Etro products. I bring my own. It would be nice if there were an alternative at least for the body lotion. Ivi
  12. Hi Bonnie and fellow Azamara cruisers, Some cruises from Azamara, are being marketed with “special offers”. For example one cruise has a reduced solo supplement, a set sailing discount and the LCV quarterly discount. Do all three offers apply to the cruise? I am trying to do a booking and in my booking comes only set sailing and LCV quarterly discount not the solo discount. My travel agent says Azamara is informing her that they have used the set sailing discount because is better than the solo discount. But why they do not use both? Do they exclude each other? Ivi
  13. If you have the opportunity to find an itinerary which is special, and the price relationship makes sense to you taking into account what others have said, I would say give it a try. I belong to those who like very much Azamara. I used to cruise more often with Azamara but due to price increases, I have not been able to do so. Once in a while I find a good itinerary at a price I consider reasonable and up to now I have not been dissatisfied with the onboard experience. Again, my recommendation is to give Azamara a try and see for yourself if it is for you worth it. Ivi
  14. Thank you! Have a good week end.
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