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  1. We are cruising to Venice in March. Looking with concern at the developments in Italy.
  2. Thanks for sharing the source of information on Genting’s financial assessment. Like you, we also have made large deposits towards future cruises including our substantial deposit for the WC 2022. We hope that the financial crisis resulting from Coronavirus, and which is affecting now several companies all over the world, will not affect Crystal so much that our “investment” is in danger. We hope that this situation will pass. Now, it would be good to have the name of your insurance company for other future cruises that we might want to take. Can you please share it with us? Ivi
  3. It is not nice to hear what is happening to people just because they have a chinese passport. If the crew member was on the ship so long without having contact to infected people, why are they denying her entry to Indonesia?
  4. 🤔 Thanks Patty. I actually have no idea how it is done... Ivi
  5. Thank you Keith. Maybe they will have more time now to include improvements in deck 7, which is where I usually travel. No penthouse for me😔 Ivi
  6. Do you book through a travel agent? I guess you could insist to keep the on board booking discount, Crystal society and early payment discount. Sometimes it is a mistake of the travel agent. Insist... Ivi
  7. Yeah the Belmond hotels are very expensive everywhere. I think some of them are worth it because of their unique location, for example the Belmond hotel at the entrance of Machu Pichu or the Belmond Hotel inside of the Iguazú Falls. I have stayed on those, but in Lima there are other hotels who are also good and not that expensive. Ivi
  8. From these forums I know that Crystal Symphony is going in dry dock this year. Do you know for how long was this supposed to be and what works were planned? Ivi
  9. Could you please let us know where did you hear about the financial trouble and that one of their ways to help themselves is to hope that passengers will not use their FCCs? It is a reliable source? Ivi
  10. Thanks for sharing. This is an important move from Crystal following what other cruise lines in the region, have also decided to do. Good decision. Ivi
  11. It is nice to see your pictures, remembering some places where we have been. I am very glad you onboard Serenity are enjoying your cruise. Ivi
  12. Callao is not a good place to be at all. If embarkation will be at the Marriot in Miraflores you can either stay there overnight or look for another hotel in the Miraflores area. Ivi
  13. I understand how people feel at this moment. I am also kind of risk averse. I think that if I would have a cruise leaving from Singapore in the next couple of months, I would have canceled and looked for another cruise to use the FCC. It is very disappointing that they are valid only until April next year. Now I see that many people expect for Crystal itself to cancel to get a full refund of their cruise. Well, Crystal is not cancelling. As long as Crystal does not cancel you have two options: you sail as planned and probably enjoy your cruise or you cancel and take the FCC. What is a little bit disturbing is all the negative feelings because Crystal is not cancelling. It sounds as if some people want to get the cancellation of the cruises as a main objective. How about those people who still want to cruise? Ivi
  14. Under German law, I had received nothing once from my credit card company (Mastercard). We had booked business class tickets on an airline that went bankrupt. The credit card company refused to cover indicating that they needed a confirmation that the airline was going to pay them. How could they get the confirmation? The airline went bankrupt! I doubt that credit card companies would cover if they see that they can not get their money back. Ivi
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