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  1. I to was on this cruise and couldn't agree more with you. Celeberity were great with us sorting out everything we did nothing even got us a quicker route home back to Scotland. Cheers
  2. I agree with what you say, we were on Reflection when it turned back I can honestly say that Celebrity were great with us sorted everything out plus a full refund and discount on our next cruise. The 4 nights we had were a blast also with the ship not even 1/2 full never seen so many empty sun loungers to pick from.
  3. we are sailing this coming Friday on Reflection do you know which ports are stopping the ships docking. Have heard nothing back here in Scotland not even on the news
  4. sunnyduny


    Hi We are booked to sail Reflection this Friday coming. What i need to know is when taking your 2 blt of wine on board with you do you take it in your hand luggage or put in your suitcase thanks sunnyduny
  5. Hi Luvcrusn Thanks for the information will now just stick with what we have got and my wife will spend the $240 saved somewhere else. Sail date 13th march never know might bump in to you so looking forward to it
  6. Hi Whitshel can you tell me did you have plenty choice with the classic drinks package as this is what we have for our cruise in March Thanks Sunnyduny
  7. Can anyone tell me whether both cabin guests have to upgrade or would they let just one of us do it as the wife's not a big drinker so probably not worth it for her. Thanks
  8. thanks Govanguy very helpfull so premium it is then, yes the post box was fixed next day pity the council are not as quick fir anything else
  9. Sorry but I can't get the links to download. It just keeps opening Celebrity main website. Can anyone help?
  10. Doing Reflection in March we have the classic drinks package included,but was wondering if worth while upgrading to the premium package. Have been trying to find an up to date drink menu but so far no joy. If any body has one could they please post so as we can have a look to see what we get with either package. many thanks sunnyduny
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