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  1. I just returned from 11 nights on the Equinox. Lobster night was nothing special. The tails were pretty small.... two mouthfulls and they're gone and I believe they were Caribbean lobster and not very tasty. I prefer East coast or Maine lobster but too pricey.
  2. I live in Mississauga and can usually find reasonable prices out of Pearson and combined with an overnight hotel stay makes the deal even better. My credit card earns travel points 9 for every dollar when booked through Expedia which can be redeemed on the package.
  3. Just got off the Equinox last week and noticed internet speed was good around 7 am. On a few occasions I experienced some issues and made some trips to the I lounge. The girl there said it was actually pretty good on our ship compared to others. I seemed to have lost some minutes somewhere perhaps I didn't log out properly but they were returned to my account.
  4. I'm with you 100 percent. When you break down the cost of 4 FREE perks in addition to the cabin the savings works out to be ten bucks. Being Elite status I get 90 minutes of internet access and free drinks between the hours of 5 to 7 pm. I went to the casino a few times and was offered free drinks there as well. With the money I saved I was able to purchase a couple of items in the ports for my Mediterranean cruise next year. Big birthday coming up and first time doing the Mediterranean so pretty excited.
  5. I had actually thought about that but now my category which is an ocean view verandah on the Apex has increased $410. I was hoping to upgrade to an infinite verandah but seems unlikely. I don't sail until end of May so anything is possible.
  6. The Celebrity rep at the future cruise desk said the deposit was non refundable and I would lose my deposit for my Mediterranean cruise next May. She was not the most helpful or knowledgeable IMO. For the meager amount offered in OBC I just left it as is. I was also told the transfer has to be done within 60 days of booking.
  7. I would have had to cancel and rebook and it was a non refundable deposit so didn't make financial sense. The onboard agents really go by the book. Celebrity is just not going to give you something for nothing. The wine on the other hand sells for $70 a bottle in the DR so I'm happy. I am an extremely pick wine snob.
  8. I just got off the equinox last friday. I got a better perks booking my upcoming cruise with celebrity then booking onboard. They offered 150 obc for verandah cabin and would put your name in a draw for a free bottle of wine. What a joke. My TA gave me 2 bottles of wine and 200 obc for the same cabin location.
  9. It's very slow would not bother to buy it. Had 90 minutes free with elite status. Would not work on my balcony by the time you sign in and wait for a website to load you have already used up 3 minutes. Better voice quality with free wifi in ports.
  10. Didn't know about the roadside assistance. Good to know as I just recently cancelled my CAA. Thanks for the info.
  11. Agree. The couple I met onboard the ship recently were trying to spend the last of their $750 OBC in the duty free shop. I thought that was a generous amount until they mentioned the cost of the cruise was 10 K. Cruise was for 12 nights.
  12. I don't use the US visa in Europe. I have a home trust visa which I use no FX charges plus cash back. The US Visa is only for large purchases made in the states then I pay out of my USD account. For flights cruises hotels etc. the first class TD provides the best coverage. I did have to cancel a cruise last year and was refunded every penny.
  13. Its 2.5 percent and is dependent on what the rate is when the charge hits your credit card. For example I may see a US charge of $100 which is still sitting pending on my visa at 1.3450 exchange rate. Could take up to 2 days to actually post to my account and rate could change by then up or down. Rates are always live. I own a US visa also a credit card I use for travel in Europe which does not charge the 2.5 percent and use for large purchases but my Canadian Visa gives me free medical and trip cancellation insurance which is of great value to me.
  14. I don't know any Canadian who is happy about paying 1.35 USD on their dollar. I worked it out and by booking my cruise directly with Celebrity in CDN currency I saved just over 2 percent which is substantial when spending thousands of dollars overall. I still got to keep the OBC and wine. 🍷🍷 2 bottles .
  15. The Canadian travel agencies dont offer any obc or wine as I'm told if they do they have to provide their credit card number to celebrity to purchase. Not really sure if this is true. Prior to 2008 I always booked in US currency as our dollar was stronger then but doesn't make financial sense to do so any more. For what I paid for my upcoming cruise I'm happy with the perks received.
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