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  1. When you first board the ship you are greeted with a champagne flute of sparkling wine with chambord; I think its called a Kir Royale. Very refreshing.🥂
  2. I'm making final payment this weekend for my May Apex sailing out of Rome. If Celebrity cancels we would either be reimbursed or receive a FCC. As far as flights and hotels I would be reimbursed up to $5000 per family through my CC provider. It's also possible Celebrity could modify the itinerary like they have done for the Constellation sailings.
  3. The gelato is by far more tasty than their ice cream.
  4. I actually had a scoop of my favourite Gelato which is the Hazelnut, (not always available) then gone for dinner.
  5. That's what I plan on doing some nights if we get there. Mediterranean cruise out of Italy in May. I'm not canceling unless the cruiseline does. I also have lots of obc to use.
  6. You're so right. Once when entering the MDR the sanitization was offered to a father and son I overheard the Dad say to the boy, 'oh that's not meant for us'. Some parents won't even set an example.
  7. I would have done the same. Most if confronted just leave.
  8. I like my freebies too and take advantage of most of them. You're paying for it in some way shape or form so why not. I actually like the Gelato onboard. What I don't like is their cheesecake I make a better one at home. With this Mediterranean cruise coming up I'm anxious to try the Italian Gelato.
  9. I've never put my feet up on my table or anyone else's. My kids do it all the time but they wear socks. I actually find it an uncomfortable way to sit. I dont even use footstools on the balcony when supplied.
  10. I remember when they were coupons I'd forget and throw out so glad its on the card. When I was on the Equinox last September October 11 night cruise she just gave me gelato told me keep your free 1 for another time. I dont know why. I guess I should have tipped the poor girl. The friend I'm travelling with on my Apex Mediterranean cruise in May is a huge tipper.
  11. Another of the many reasons why I don't do Buffets. When I get a drink at an outdoor bar I bring it back to my pool lounger or cabin to enjoy on my balcony.
  12. Yes but I thought you had to be Elite. The gelato is excellent. My favourite is the hazelnut but you can sample as many as you like. Unfortunately they have done away with the waffle cones and its 2 scoops not 1.
  13. What's in a Skinny Margarita? I like the odd pina colada but mostly drink margaritas, Aperol switzers and red wine with dinner. The calories add up fast so looking for alternatives.
  14. I love the CC benefits and as another poster stated it's not about the free drinks but more about the camaraderie and meeting some great people.
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