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  1. Love cruising solo. Since DH has health issues and we no longer sail together I either go solo or with a friend or my sister. Always join the roll call and once organized a pre cruise dinner the night before the cruise. Once on board go to sail away. I always choose a dining table for 8 therefore lots of people to talk to go to shore excursions with, shows etc Still in touch with many of these people. For me there are many pros cant thing of one con.
  2. Always good experiences booking directly. Sometimes not so great booking with a TA. I like to have full control over my booking.
  3. Too many issues flying in day of cruise even if arriving from Europe. Mechanical failures someone sick on flight lost luggage to name a few. Anyone I have met from Europe on a cruise has always flown in a day or two early.
  4. Covid or no Covid just makes sense to arrive at the cruise terminal a day early. Issues are not always weather related. Sometimes flights can have mechanical failures or a passenger could be ill which may delay your arrival and result in your missing the ship not to mention the added stress. Not my way of starting a vacation. Just too many things beyond control that can go wrong.
  5. I love blue cheese especially a variety that is not around any more called "roaring forties". A close runner up is St Agur which I find at my local grocery. GG vodka is still my preference for martinis.
  6. Cruising is also my first choice but my husband no longer enjoys it so we travel once a year to an AI in Playa Del Carmen Mexico. Unfortunately due to border closures plus the fact we won't travel on a plane at the moment we will not get there this year. I have done a few day trips recently two of them to wineries in the Niagara region less than an hour from our house. Looking at a 12 night cruise for next September 2021 and that may not even take place. However I am still hopeful.
  7. I love beef Wellington but it always seems to be served on the same night as Lobster night. Solution: Order both and skip the apps.
  8. My passport expires August 2022 but you're right hope hope we outlive our passports. 😁
  9. Based on the current situation in the US perhaps cruiselines will extend to the end of 2022.
  10. So very sad for our US neighbours. It's going to be a long time before we see any cruises start up. Hope they don't go bankrupt.
  11. I live in Ontario Canada and went to a shopping mall the other day, was amazed that just about everyone was social distancing and had a mask on ... Even the young people. GO CANADA!
  12. So if I am vaccinated and these people choose not to would I be at greater risk. I have to see them at family functions.
  13. Just so happened I was at a family event last week and two people ages 71 and 73 said they will not take the vaccine when available. I thought to myself, 'good ..... more for the rest of us.'
  14. Love Amsterdam. I go every summer to visit my son and family who live on the Prinsengracht canal. Sad I'll miss out this summer but plan on doing a 12 night on the Reflection September 2021. Hope it's ok by then.
  15. You are 100 percent right... actually the free fizz I used for my breakfast mimosas. The strawberries I enjoyed mid afternoon on my balcony and I brought the Chardonnay home to go with a meal pairing. I always have a plan. LOL.
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