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  1. @Fouremcowhat about a QR code or perhaps your vaccination details embedded in your passport? Would this deter anti vaxxers?
  2. I tend to agree. Pre pandemic my cruises were between 12 to 14 days in length. My province of Ontario, Canada is entering another lockdown at midnight April 2nd. There goes our family Easter celebration.
  3. @Fouremco. Yes I saw those flights and noted the times. Also a seven day cruise with an overnight stay would cost in excess of $5000 CAD which is absurd, however, anything can change by August. At least I will be fully vaccinated.
  4. I'm still on the fence about the cruise out of St. Maarten, although I would love to go. If I do it would be on the last sailing August 21st. I just got my first vaccine dose on Monday.
  5. Generally they auto expire within 24 hours but things could have changed with covid
  6. St. Sophia school in Mississauga, Ontario. 11 students and 7 staff affected with covid 19. School has now been closed. My kids went to another school on the same street during the 80's. I lived in the area for 23 years.
  7. @baldilocks I implied no such thing and no one has been misled. I merely stated a young female school teacher has become infected with covid and is fighting for her life.
  8. As I type this a young elementary school teacher is in hospital with covid 19 fighting for her life. This is in my area.
  9. Things are changing almost daily in Canada so that time frame could be moved back. I was also scheduled to be vaccinated by end April but it appears I can receivev a vaccine at a drug store as early as mid next week.
  10. We stayed at Great Bay Beach resort many years ago right across from the terminal in St. Phillpsburg. Beautiful pool, beach and shopping a few minutes walk.
  11. I hate the self serve buffers. I will run in to get some cheese and crackers for an afternoon nibble with wine but that's the extent of it.
  12. If I take advantage of one of these sailings I would be going solo. Does that mean 2x for flights as well as stateroom? I also have a flight voucher to use so not sure how that would work.
  13. @Fouremco I hope cruising is back to normal by next March as I have a United flight voucher that expires end June 2022.
  14. I had one door to door salesman put his foot in my door while trying to sell me a water heater. Now you want in, you text me first.
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