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  1. I'm not so sure either. Anything goes on some balconies.
  2. People cruise with everything but the kitchen sink. We like our home comforts.
  3. When my DH and I cruised together (no longer cruises due to health) he always tipped extra at end of cruise. Now as I mostly travel solo and pay double occupancy it's a bit more difficult.
  4. I grew up in England and called a popsicle an ice lolly. Moved to Quebec and a soda was a soft drink. Then to Ontario where it became a Pop.
  5. My last cruise October 2019 we were offered Le Petit Chef for 40 each and declined. People at our table went and were disappointed.
  6. I guess it's for exemplary service in the specialty restaurants. I don't tip extra as never had a server who has gone above and beyond.
  7. I never use elevators but that's because I prefer to use stairs. Need to work off all that delicious food and drinks.
  8. Believe it or not I have had people come to my home for a meal who use my washroom without washing hands afterwards and I've had to tell them. Better they are offended than us getting sick. Fussy!
  9. Sorry to hear that it is serious. Lots of shade around the ship you can enjoy. Stay healthy so you can cruise again when it starts.
  10. Yes well aware. I have an olive complexion tan easily and have never burned. Not that it's an excuse know the dangers. I use SPF 60 and reapply every 2 hours. I do love sunshine though.
  11. I know they are the world's largest travel agency as far as volume is concerned. I dont have proof but just reiterating what I have been told by a couple of CVPs at Celebrity. I no longer book cruises with this agency as they charge in USD and our exchange rates are not very favourable at the moment but when I did book back in early 2000 their service has always been courteous, professional and excellent. Never once had issues and I have booked many cruises with them.
  12. Agreed. I just won a dispute with my bank in canada over a hotel room I cancelled for march 14th. You have to be persistent it's our hard earned money.
  13. I cancelled my Rome cruise for May 30th which was booked in Canadian currency. My deposit was a reduced one for $125 which is now a FCC. All else was returned to my Visa card. However I noted the credit is in USD which is fine by me as it's worth slightly more.
  14. LOL. No I never said private. Under the terms of this board we cannot post the names of travel agencies hence XYZ and my source of information was Celebrity themselves but that's a good one.
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