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  1. Ours are 10 and 14. Definitely waivers first. Then gelato! Pool deck lunch. Drinks. Spa.
  2. The MSC Thermal Area included free with Yacht Club is great and coed so yes, enjoy with your wife!
  3. Friends, this is a great list from Roger. Now it's publicly viewable and editable at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ROCmeNSYj_VwCYs3IUjWbrcEomFeqOrvIDUnXG6GLTg/edit?usp=sharing
  4. You'll love it. Go to the Thermal Area daily!
  5. It's funny... ten years ago the Subway sandwich restaurant chain had an incredible "$5 Footlong" deal here in the USA. (Not sure if they did that in other countries.) Anyway, we used to go there all the time. It was a great value. Well, they don't do that anymore, and we don't go there anymore! I've been on 7 cruises with another one scheduled... The last two were with MSC and the one coming up is with MSC. All three MSC cruises were made possible because of the Kids Cruise Free (or deep discounted) offer. (Yes, I know taxes and port fees are still charged.) So, yeah, deals come and go, unfortunately. BUT hopefully with with the way the industry is trending, and with so many companies investing in more, newer, bigger ships, there will eventually be a market over-saturation and they will really have to start competing again, which could bring back the big discounts for kids.
  6. My family has sailed on MSC Divina and MSC Seaside, both times we had young children cruising for free and a teen that was 50% off... and both times during the summer. We're booked for another voyage on Seaside in summer 2019 and we were able to take advantage of those same discounts. But according to a cruise consultant I am in touch with, it looks like the summer 2020 cruises no longer offer the "kids cruise free" promotion. Does anybody out there have inside knowledge of IF and when the "kids cruise free" promo is really going to go bye-bye? It's thanks to THAT promotion that we are able to afford cruising! There website shows: https://www.msccruisesusa.com/en-us/Cruise-Deals/Kids-Cruise-Free.aspx
  7. You really should considering copying your data into a Google Sheet, and then share it as a privately viewable document. That way, you can edit all you want, but the public can only look at it. And all you have to do is share the link. Very easy stuff. You can upload your XLS file directly into Google Sheets and it will be ready to go. Then just share it! Anybody with a web browser can view it (they don't need Excel or a PDF viewer, etc.)
  8. HBE30, I replied to RothSix. I hope the same info is helpful to you, too. Have fun! They'll never forget it!
  9. Hi RothSix, All five of us had a great time. Our three kids ranged in age from toddler to young teen. They loved the Yacht Club so much and they are excited to go back in the summer 2019. I would have to say they liked the most: Gelato! As much as they wanted. Room service pizza, cookies, etc. Snacks out of the mini bar in the room Eating the food in the Top Sail Lounge Spaciousness of our room Freedom to get kids drinks at the various bars, and hot chocolate at the chocolate bar Of course they loved the pools, slides, etc all in the general areas, too. My kids are not the most tame, but they are also not terrors. Everything was always just fine in the lounge and in the restaurant. We NEVER felt that any part of it was uptight or uncomfortable or that we weren't being FANCY enough ๐Ÿ˜‰ We all loved the restaurant food, and the selections were great for kids, too. My two youngest DID use the kids club a few times. We put them there. My little one enjoyed the legos. My middle one says she was kind of bored in her kids area. And my oldest almost never went into the young teen area. If you mean what I think you mean, yes, we got some adult time ONCE when we put them all in kids club ๐Ÿ˜‰ Another time, we let them all three stay in the stateroom while we headed together to the Thermal Area. That mean that our oldest was fully responsible for the youngest, and that took a leap of faith. I hope that helps!
  10. I've just learned that MSC Seaside Yacht Club Director, Alessandro Messina, will be leaving Seaside for another MSC ship around February 2019. He's a nice guy. I'm hoping his replacement will be just as awesome!
  11. Just a follow up to say that I wrote a snail mail letter to the Yacht Club director on Seaside asking if we could dine in the main dining room with the rest of our larger group. He just sent an email to me saying that yes, in fact, we could dine all together and that we would just need to make arrangements with the maรฎtre d' to get two large tables together.
  12. Can men and women wear thong bathing suits in the steam rooms and saunas on cruise ships? I've only read that "swimwear" is required, but not really defined. What has been your experience in a coed spa area? Or what would be your expectations?
  13. You can do whatever you want in the Top Sail Lounge as long as you're clothed! Ordering multiple drinks โ€” no questions asked โ€” is never a problem! And then they'll ask you what else they can do for you!
  14. I never tried that so I don't know. Seems to me that wouldn't work because it could appear you found out stole another person's card. The only bar where I was particularly frustrated was the one overlooking the main pool. The service was slow. It was really busy. The cigarette smoke was in the air. And the staff were short with me.
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