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  1. There are a few complimentary umbrellas on Lighthouse Bay Beach but you need to get there fairly early to snag one. No lounge chairs there but there were Adirondack chairs and bean bag chairs. We saw a few people sitting under the wedding pavilion too. No shade trees yet, I'm afraid.
  2. The map is showing a jump up in cases outside mainland China from 800 to 1300 this morning. But when you add up the country numbers on the left-hand side, they don't add up to 1300 yet. And I heard on the news that the number of confirmed passengers is 450, although the map is showing 369. There seems to be bit of a lag. 1300 is still pretty low compared to 70,000 though so I hope you are right! Regardless, we leave tomorrow on MSC Divina to the Bahamas. Wish us luck! I haven't heard any more about Caribbean cruises being affected since Anthem.
  3. Thanks! For some reason, the website address was blocked but I'll check my cruise card when we get on the ship. For now, I'll just give family members the main phone number on the MSC website and hope they can sort through the menus, if needed.
  4. Does anyone have the information for family members to contact the ship in case emergencies? I wasn't able to locate it quickly on MSC's website. We leave tomorrow on Divina. Thanks!
  5. Considering that outside of China, there are fewer than 700 confirmed cases (and over a third of those on the Diamond Princess), I would say the chances are very small. Catching the flu or Norovirus on a cruise are much more likely but people still cruise all the time. We cruising to the Bahamas next week and I'd definitely rather be cruising there right now than anywhere in Asia!
  6. The Diamond Princess numbers are up to 285 now, according to the map. 😷😲
  7. I don't see how it could be an actual COVID-19 test. Doesn't it take 2-3 days to get results back? They must be using some other measurement.
  8. Yes, from what I read the Wuhan area changed the way they are counting the number of cases. So it's more of an adjustment to the accounting than a large surge in new cases. I also read somewhere (maybe CNN?) that they are starting to count patients based on their symptoms instead of waiting for test results so they can get proper treatment for those people sooner.
  9. Same here! We'll be there Wednesday and decided against the all-inclusive. @NeedToVacation, did they take credit cards for the lunch or did you need cash?
  10. How many (and which ships) are stuck at sea still?
  11. That is horrible!! What are they doing for food and fuel?
  12. Thanks. We're trying to decide between the $25 option and the all-inclusive.
  13. Yes, I posted that later. Must have been a glitch, thank goodness.
  14. Lots of the options available before the hurricane are still not operating. From what I've been able to tell, Garden of the Groves and the beaches are about the only options. Maybe you could consider doing your beach day in Freeport and something else in Nassau?
  15. Thanks for the information, NeedtoVacation. What did you do for lunch there? Did they have any Bahamian food?
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