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  1. People pay more than that for the waterpark at Atlantis. It is crazy.
  2. It's showing $47.99 for our cruise next month. We're still not purchasing it because my husband doesn't like amusement park rides and slides. I'm doing the balloon ride though.
  3. The regular taxis are safe and much faster than taking the water taxi. You'll probably be sharing a taxi van with people going to Atlantis or other places on Paradise Island.
  4. Looks like a Miami Vice to me. Hurricanes aren't frozen.
  5. Thank you! I really enjoyed the time with my family. My sister has so much energy and my mom did really well. She's talking about cruising again, which makes me happy for her. I think you will love Bermuda. I wish we could have had more time there but we made the most of it.
  6. We were on Grandeur in May in a junior suite. The check-in lines were all so short that I don't think it mattered much if you were in a priority line. I'm not even sure what line I was in but it wasn't the suite line. We walked straight through. We did not have robes in the cabin but our cabin attendant brought them when I asked.
  7. They had it at the R Bar on Grandeur.
  8. My recommendation would be to let your group do their own thing and not try to plan one excursion. With that kind of age range, finding something that makes everyone happy will be difficult. Just getting everyone rounded up will be difficult. But since that doesn't really answer your question, maybe a beach day at Blue Lagoon? That's good for all ages, there are plenty of different locations around the island to spread out and do different activities, and the ferry ride is beautiful.
  9. It would be about a 10-minute walk, very walkable. Just be aware that it's uphill. I've never been to a church service or mass in Nassau but I've read that people dress their best.
  10. 2. Restaurants in Nassau tend to be on Island Time. We've never been to Sharkey's but we've experienced long waits at a couple of Fish Fry restaurants. You have to plan accordingly. 3. If you want to stay in town, Bahamian Cookin' has great local food. http://bahamiancookin.com/ 5. Graycliff hotel has a cigar factory where you can see them roll the cigars. My husband has bought a few cigars from their shop. While you're there, also visit the chocolate store. Yum!
  11. Does anyone have the Cruise Compasses for the 3-day Mariner cruise since it started sailing out of Port Canaveral? Specifically I was trying to find out how often and what times the ice show is performed.
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