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  1. Not bungee jumping but bungee trampolines (like they have in some malls). I'm not sure of all the ships it is on but definitely Enchantment of the Seas. I think you should start another thread on the Royal Caribbean board and title it "Favorite Onboard Activities on *** of the Seas". Then maybe the mods won't move it again.
  2. I don't know why they moved this thread because you probably wanted to know about onboard activities specifically on Royal Caribbean. I like the behind the scenes tour and on our upcoming Grandeur cruise, we plan to do the sushi-making class. On Carnival, the comedy club and the piano bar are my favorites. Mixology classes are usually fun. Sometimes we just like to go on deck and watch for flying fish.
  3. We were recently on Summit out of San Juan. The latest to board for us was 7:00.
  4. Yes, I bought it for our Grandeur cruise at $49 but cancelled and rebooked at $46 a couple of days ago. My credit card has already been credited.
  5. Agree, it needs some warmer colors. Gray seems to be the color of the moment. We're remodeling our bathroom and everything seems to have gone gray! I went with it because I want things to look up-to-date but I know I'll need to mix in some warm colors or it will look sterile.
  6. Wow, that's a beautiful suite! I don't mind the gray but do think it could use some more pops of color, like turquoise blue to remind you of the ocean. I'm not getting the coral sitting on the couch. Can't wait to see what the regular balcony cabins look like now.
  7. The Sandals day pass does not include transportation to and from the ship. Lddella is referring to the included boat ride from the main part of the resort to the resort's private island. The boat goes back and forth once an hour so if you go to Sandals and want to visit the private island, make sure you time things carefully. You'll need a taxi (or you can take the #10 bus) to get to Sandals and back to the ship. Sandals is about 5 miles away from the port.
  8. They had those the first morning of our Summit cruise out of San Juan. I used the straw to poke a hole and then squeezed the milk out of the hole onto my cereal. It was a bit messy but I lived. After the first morning, they had regular milk cartons. It does seem kind of funny that cruise lines are getting rid of straws in drinks but then hand out milk cartons with straws...
  9. We've gotten some really great cabin locations booking guarantees. We've also gotten some not so great locations but we've never had a crappy room. It's a gamble. For a 3-day weekend cruise we're happy to take the gamble and save the money. For a 7-day cruise, we're not. It's good to have choices.
  10. The dining room looks great. Did they keep the statue?
  11. The lower deck cabins are nice when you come back from port. You don't have to climb 8 flights of stairs or wait for an elevator with 200 other people. I like being in the middle the best. Too high and you end up under the pool deck, which is NOT a good place to be (speaking from one very bad experience).
  12. Same here. But our guarantee cabins have usually been assigned fairly close to sail date.
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