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  1. Here is my latest "trip report". It's a short read and I hope you enjoy the cruise references. http://susancrow.blogspot.com/2020/05/our-vacation-at-casita-del-crow.html May we all be cruising again soon!
  2. Here's a link for anyone missing their favorite Bahamian cocktails: http://susancrow.blogspot.com/2020/04/how-to-make-bahamian-sky-juice.html I hope we'll be able to get back soon and have one at the Fish Fry!
  3. I get that. It is disappointing when you've looked forward to something a long time and spent a lot of money and it doesn't come out the way you expected. I think we are more critical too when we take other people with us because then we feel responsible for their enjoyment. It doesn't sound like you've spent much time in the Caribbean. My experience is that you have to get away from the port areas to really experience the countries. I know that's harder to do when you end up in an unscheduled port or if you're with people who have mobility issues. I'm sure your parents were just happy to have the time with you.
  4. Cruising isn't for everyone and a lot of people don't realize that when you cruise, the ports aren't guaranteed. Things can happen like bad weather or an engine problem that slows the ship down. In your case, you had the bad luck to cruise when the coronavirus started taking off outside of China so Jamaica refused your ship. Personally, my husband and I prefer land vacations over cruises. Fewer people, more space to spread out. But there are many aspects to cruising that we do enjoy. Maybe you'll give cruising another chance or maybe you won't. If you do, I hope you have a better experience next time! And as someone else mentioned, you might want to try a shorter cruise. 🙂 Edit: Just wanted to add that your cruise does sound disappointing but not a disaster. I'd save disaster for the poor people on the Princess ship who are now facing a quarantine or worse, are seriously ill.
  5. I'm surprised South Korea hasn't been added to the list. They have as many cases as Italy and Iran. Maybe because they seem to be containing it better?
  6. This just a guess - most of the crew aren't US citizens and the US doesn't want to cover the cost of their treatment and quarantine or have them count towards the "numbers". If they are onboard, Princess is still responsible for them? And how would all those people get back to their home countries?
  7. Looks like Florida has a couple of people from that cruise too. ☹️
  8. The airline officials have already gone to the government and asked them not to discourage air travel because it would hurt their business. We have a long history of putting the interests of large businesses first.
  9. For prevention in the general public, yes. For people dealing with sick patients they are essential. Priority for masks needs to go to medical personnel, emergency personnel like police and firemen, people caring for sick people at home. Just for the general public walking around, they won't do much to prevent the spread.
  10. Three weeks ago we were doing some drywall and painting work on our house and needed masks. They were out in the stores already. I think people already saw it coming but apparently the people at the top did not. I know one issue with masks is that most of them are made in China. There is a dual problem of work being shut down along with the country needing the masks themselves. Any other countries making masks are also probably keeping them for their own needs. Unless we get some mask-makers here in the US very fast, it's going to be a major issue.
  11. Not enough test kits. Not enough personnel to board the ship and administer 3000 tests. Not enough labs to run the tests.
  12. The people in Maryland weren't on Grandeur. If someone on Grandeur got sick and died after the cruise, I'm sure they would.
  13. I'm sure it's because someone who had been on the Grand the cruise before the current one had died from coronavirus. The CDC has only been testing people who have symptoms and have been in affected areas or have been in contact with a person known to have it. Is that enough testing? Obviously not. But it explains why Grand was flagged and not Grandeur.
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