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  1. Yes, they had soft ice cream outside by the pool on deck 10. The first part of the cruise they had vanilla and chocolate but at the end they broke out the strawberry!! Since the Empress is so small when the Windjammer is closed the ice cream is the only free option - not that I ever went hungry. We loved the Empress and would sail on her again in a heart beat. The library had daily word and soduku and they cruise staff held trivia several times a day usually in the Schooner lounge. It would be really neat to be able to sail into St. George - we've only docked at King's Wharf and taken the ferry to both St. George and Hamilton. Enjoy your cruise!!
  2. Thank you for the article. This confirms what was posted on our roll call by someone who is on a B2B2B. Safety first... but I'm crossing my fingers for calmer seas and winds next Wednesday ☺️.
  3. She was scheduled to be in Virgin Gorda from 8am to 7 pm. It would totally freak me out if we got off the ship and did whatever we were planning then went back to the tender location to find out the ship was gone and it was only 3 pm!! Hopefully everyone onboard was notified of this change before she arrived in Virgin Gorda this morning.
  4. Yes, Virgin Gorda is specified on the itinerary for the Jan 3rd sailing and the Jan 11th sailing.
  5. The Empress of the Seas was scheduled to be in Virgin Gorda today and appeared to moored offshore this morning however she is currently shown as docked in Tortola. Just wondering why? Maybe seas to rough to tender? We sail on the Empress on Saturday and going to Virgin Gorda was one of reasons we chose this ship and sailing.
  6. We were on the Explorer over Thanksgiving and the helipad was open just about all cruise (it was closed the last sea day because they were painting it). Definitely go out at night - awesome place to see stars!! It is one of our favorite places. They will close access to the helipad if there are high winds. Also, go and check out the peek-a-boo bridge. It is located on the pool deck -with access from the solarium. We are disappointed that it will be removed during the upcoming refurb. We've really enjoyed it on this class of ships.
  7. I hope so, we sailed on the Brilliance for Thanksgiving many years ago and decorated our doors. That's when the kids were still real young and it helped them figure out which room was ours (the one with the fold out turkey on the door 😊).
  8. We have always decorated our door for different celebrations and never had a problem (and that's been on RCI, Celebrity and Princess) We are getting ready to head out on Thanksgiving sailing tomorrow and have the door decorations all packed. We usually bring some blank paper and crayons/markers/colored pencils etc.. and the night before Thanksgiving all the kids (and some adults 😉) make hand turkeys and put we them on the door. It is lots of fun. It would be sad if they wouldn't allow it any more.. even though the kids are teens now we still enjoy putting our decorations on our door.
  9. We are booked on the same 9 night sailing on the Explorer that you are looking at. We have cruised over Thanksgiving many times and it is a family tradition at this point. I love it because there is no cooking, or cleaning, or getting caught up in holiday traffic. I also save a lot of money by NOT being home on black friday. We've sailed multiple different cruise lines over Thanksgiving and they all do things a little different. We have never seen the Macy's parade shown on an RCI ship, however, we were docked next to a holland america ship in san juan one year and they were showing it on their big screen (we kind of tried to watch from our ship but the angle and lighting didn't really work). If traditional NFL Thanksgiving football is important to you - they show those games on Princess and we saw them last year on Celebrity but they are not usually shown on the big screen on RCI. As others have said they will have minimal decorations mostly just in the Windjammer - because the Christmas decorations will be going up at full speed. They always offer ham and turkey in the main dining room on Thanksgiving Day (it is a unique menu so you'll miss the regular one in the rotation). As others have said it isn't quite like home cooking and "chef" thanksgiving isn't really our traditional type of thanksgiving. However, my nephew orders the turkey every year and always loves it. However, since he has grown up cruising on thanksgiving he doesn't really have the same traditional food memories as the rest of us. They usually will have some sort of black friday sale on the ship - but isn't usually anything special. We are mostly looking forward to the wonderful 9 night itinerary for next year!! We did the same itinerary on the Navigator and it was awesome!
  10. I would agree, and especially being able to book a GTY for 3 or 4 people. In the past we were never able to book a GTY for more than 2. Times must be changing. They aren't offering the GTY for 3 or 4 anymore (for our sailing). Glad we booked when we did.
  11. For those of you still waiting to find out your guarantee booking and your ship sails soon, we are on the opposite end of the spectrum. Have an inside guarantee for 3 booked on Explorer 9 night southern for NEXT Thanksgiving (2020 - still over 400 days out) and have been assigned a room already!!! Wow, that seems really early - maybe because its a holiday cruise the rooms for 3/4 are filling so they wanted to get us assigned???
  12. Interesting. DS will be 19 and is going on the Infinity in December - due to his Diamond Status he'll be Elite - according to the folks over on the Celebrity Board he'll get the drinks loaded on his card - non-alcoholic of course - to be used at any/most lounges during their 5-7 happy hour. I guess we'll just wait and find out. It is no big deal either way - just kind of interesting since kids become "full" members at 18 but the perks differ. Due to his college schedule he's missing out on our Explorer Thanksgiving cruise ☹️ - so I can't verify the current way it works on RCI.
  13. Thank you. Do you know if they get the coupons like the free photo (18-20 yr olds - I know kids don't get them).
  14. Kids don't get the same coupons. they get their own discounts. No free pictures. I'm wondering at 18 how that works... full fledged Diamond member and should get the adult Diamond coupons but obviously not the drink coupons. Do they have a separate coupon "sheet" for those 18-20? Then they get everything at 21. Do they get the three free drinks (non-alcoholic) added to their cards when they are 18?
  15. Yes, we got our kids C&A numbers as early as possible, however, even if they don't have a crown & anchor number they will still get points for every cruise they have actually been on. DD was 18 months on her first cruise. Once they turn 18 they need to call and get their C&A number unlinked from your account - at that time they will also get their parents status. However, in order to move up in status it is based on their points not yours. DS is 18 and just did this last week. It was very easy. One call to C&A. Just have them make sure they have all your kids previous cruises listed (even the ones prior to having a number should show up). He is Diamond due to our status but has 83 points anyway... but he's a lot further from Diamond Plus than we are 😊
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