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  1. We are doing a Viking River Cruise that stops in Vienna. Viking was unwilling to provide arrival and departure times. They further implied that the boat stops at one dock and then moves to another dock downriver to pick up people from evening tours. We are looking to book an evening concert on our own. We understand the implications of not getting back to the boat. We are comfortable traveling in Vienna with public transportation. The concert is 8PM for 1 hour at St Peter's Church. Easy metro ride from and to the dock at the Reichsbruke I know they have tours from the boat that go later than that. Does anyone have any insight into how the handle the Vienna docking times and places?
  2. IMO, walkies talkies are annoying to you fellow passengers. Nothing like hear someone shout their personall business in the elevator and elsewhere. They have a messaging app on the phone which is free and quiet and works.
  3. We did Dyea Dave. Kathy was our drive and it ended up being just Her, my wife and I. We drove around town, drove up to photo spot for the City (I use that term loosely, lol) of Skagway, the Summit, a little beyond but not all the way through the Canadian entry. Back in town we stopped at the cemetery and then she gave us a insider's tour of the town. She dropped us off at Skagway Brewing, We had beer there and then walked through town down to the Red Onion. Had a beer there and then back on the ship. $90 for the tow of us. Paid with a check. Gave her a tip in cash. It worked well for us. We did see the train being super convenient. You get off the ship and the train is right there at the dock. As we drove up and stopped for photos we could se the train winding through the pass.
  4. I sail on Sunday. :confused: https://weather.com/news/news/2018-07-19-alaska-mendenhall-glacier-flooding-juneau
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