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  1. They bring on a dentist from time to time for crew appointments. I have sailed twice with a dentist on-board and they worked the heck out of them. Unlikely to have a dentist sailing regularly, you might be lucky and find one that could respond to emergencies.
  2. If you order 2 drinks with a package and only have one card they will ask for your cabin number and get your drinks. Drink packages are a waste of money if you drink less then 6 per day. My wife and I averaged less then 3 per day each on our most recent 16 nighter. A big win for Celebrity.
  3. Had this conversation with dining room management on the Eclipse last week. I inquired why men wearing the same cut off jeans, flip flops and mussel shirts night after night where permitted to enter the main dinning room for dinner. I was informed that they will not confront a guest re: "attire" any longer. (i.e. turn away) As much as they wished they could enforce some sort of dress code there hands are tied.
  4. You will be fine at 11am. Have done similar flight times on numerous occasions from FCO. Just arrange your pickup at 715am to 730am and they will be outside the terminal door with you name on a sign.
  5. Major renovation. Really a waste of time going to the Blue Mosque as there was really not much to see. Haghia Sophia is fully open but the crowds in July are a little un nerving. (wear a mask)
  6. Have done Hawaii - Vancouver to Honolulu and the other way. Have to say that the southern direction with 26hr days and a warming weather is far better then 23hr days and the weather getting cooler going north. Just remember that medical treatment onboard is free if you injure yourself on the ship (wink wink) Found your statement about Covid positive people sitting in medical interesting. The policy is to phone medical and someone will come to your cabin in P.P.E. and test you. Not on the Eclipse until March for a B to B so still have almost 5 month to wait, but it's still nice to see the ship heading towards Australia. Thank for your review.
  7. Funny how times have changed. They had a fire sale back in 2019 because of low bookings. Did the exact same itinerary on the Constellation in Nov/2019 and my port charges cost more then the cruise. Remember paying $599.00 for the cruise and the port charges were just over $600.00. LOL.
  8. Just remember there are external factors that have limited passenger numbers, especially in Europe. It's only been a month since the U.S. dropped the testing requirement for returning back to the USA for international flights. This alone kept Americans from booking international trips. With the requirement now dropped deep into the summer travel season many have already planned there vacations or have put them off this year. The other factor is "Airline fares" and availability. Good luck finding a reasonably price flight these days. Many good cruise deals out there right now. However, you can't get there from here is a huge roadblock for those wishing to travel. Until the airlines fix there problems, I would think bookings will be weak in the near term.
  9. Bit of a crap shoot. As mentioned there is docking for 1 ship which then involves a "slow" bus ride to the main town (shopping area) and then a fairly long walk. When ships tender they drop their guests a stones throw away from the entrance to the town. Honestly, tendering here is far easier then docking. Was in Mykonos in September on the Apex (Tendered) and then again last month on the Reflection where we were docked. So, I guess you will have to play it by ear with the shore excursion team for the meeting area on the day of arrival.
  10. Next Q report will be dismal for all brands. The costs of startup have far outweighed revenue and will be reflected in the next report. Look for a substantial downward plunge before stabilization.
  11. Google is your friend! Many many pharmacies that will do your Antigen Test. If your staying at a reputable hotel they will assist you.
  12. Just returned last night from our adventures on the Reflection. Thanks for posting the video. It was nice to view all the wonderful ports again. A port intensive cruise with over 20,000 steps on average per day. It will take me this week to recover.
  13. All my bags are packed I'm ready to go I'm standin' here outside your door I hate to wake you up to say goodbye But the dawn is breakin' It's early morn The taxi's waitin' He's blowin' his horn Already I'm so lonesome I could die So kiss me and smile for me Tell me that you'll wait for me Hold me like you'll never let me go 'Cause I'm leavin' on a jet plane Don't know when I'll be back again Oh babe, I hate to go
  14. The lifeboats on the Edge Class Ships sit on the deck (5) not hanging. Look down from any deck and you will see the giant life boats. Nothing is obstructed on deck 7.
  15. I checked this an hour ago and it was still 1 day. Will it change again in the next 72hours? Luckily i still have tests booked on Saturday (2 days before) and on Sunday on the way to the airport. Will not cancel one of them quite yet as this could just be another Celebrity glitch.
  16. The article say's a person can survive in 41 degree water for 6.19hrs. Yea right...how about under 30 minutes tops.
  17. Celebrity will "NOT" test you on the ship. They will however sell you a voucher for a E-Med test kit that will not be available until you're in the luggage area of the terminal. Strongly suggest you bring your own E-Test with you and do it the day before departure at a location with a good internet connection. Or if you have a port day prior to departure, get a test there.
  18. Celebrity ended their Covid Assistant program on May 1st. Since the T.A. started in April there may be (which I doubt) some financial assistance available.
  19. In my 30 plus years cruising a lot with the Royal Caribbean Group one thing I have learned is Miami controls everything. There is very little independent thought and actions shipside permitted. If it isn't in the policy and procedures outlined by the corporate model it will not happen without the overlords in Miami giving permission.
  20. Unfortunately, it is what it is! They made the rule and now we have to live with it. I would like to think there is some scientific evidence that a one day test can identify possible positive results better then a 2 day test? Flying to Europe from North America doesn't leave one many hours to obtain a test. I managed to find a pharmacy about 1/2 way on my 3 hour drive to the airport to get the test and then hopefully carry on.
  21. Wow guys. This has been discussed since the startup began. It's the "day" not "hours". Sailing on a Monday with a 1 day test requirement, means anytime Sunday (by the date, not hour. 12:01AM to 11:59PM) Never trust what you are told on the phone as you will get several different answers. Only believe what's in writing.
  22. LOL...If reminded I'm sure they will honor the free testing if you booked earlier then 11/21. So that means they will hand you a E-Test in the luggage area and won't charge you the $55.00.
  23. Lets address the elephant in the room. The bottom line is the cruise line by not testing onboard doesn't want to know who is positive prior to disembarkation. By giving passengers the test kit in the luggage pickup area, you are not their problem any longer as your are off the ship. Anyone that needs a test to board a plane home needs to balance the risks involved if you are stuck in a foreign Country and have to "quarantine" at your expense until you test negative. Options, you can take your own test kit with you and complete the test on the ship before disembarkation. If positive, there are now options to stay on the ship and quarantine into the next cruise if you wish to inform the medical facilities that you are not feeling well and triggering them to test you. Otherwise you can't expect support if you depart the ship on disembarkation knowing you are positive. Anyone that needs a Negative Test to Board a plane home needs to know and evaluate the financial and personal risks of being stuck in limbo without any outside support. Is your vacation worth the possible consequences?
  24. I assume this is a repeat of the one done this past Tuesday. A waste of 1/2hrs of your time. Absolutely no redeeming production value nor a source of useful information.
  25. We are off to Europe in 2 weeks and did indeed get our 2nd booster this past week. Waiting till October just doesn't make sense to me. I figure a 3rd booster will be recommended in another 4 months anyways, so don't wait.
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