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  1. It was my pleasure to see you aboard from the Captains Lounge!
  2. We open the terminal doors at 10:30 and generally speaking boarding begins around 11:15 with FTTF around 10-15 after that.
  3. We open the doors to Terminal 3 at 10:30 and you may enter then. I’ll see you here in the Captains Lounge.
  4. Yes indeed it was a very busy day here and I'm so glad that I was finally able to get you aboard to start off 2019 on YOUR Carnival Miracle - Happy 2019!
  5. LOL!!! Actually the reverse is true and John is always a blast here!
  6. We open the terminal doors at 10:30. You MUST be inside by 3:00 as the terminal doors will hard close shortly thereafter.
  7. Even though there may have been a slight wait the port announcer guy made it FUN!
  8. I know that you get the correct information in Tampa from the guy on the microphone. ;p
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