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  1. No tracking device for crew, but guards (🙄😒) patrolling the hotel... like I said, prison really, especially as the food is abysmal in this hotel haha! Oh well, at least I still have a job.
  2. Did a test yesterday in Nairobi, Kenya. results were ready within 24 hours. Today, I did a so-called Saliva test in Hong Kong. Painless, and without assistance of medical personnel. i do not know the accuracy however. Quarantined in Hong Kong by the way. Leave the room and get arrested. We crew , both flight and maritime, feel being treated like criminals. ( all together in same hotel)
  3. I suggest that from now on, we all boycot the idiotic name Nieuw Statendam and call her by her correct name: Ms. Statendam.
  4. For those interested in normal sailings with stops: MSC is starting-up their cruises again from 15/08/2020. Only EU Schengen residents are allowed to board. Negative Covid19 test is obligatory, issued within 72 hours of the sailing. Onboard, there are temperature measuring stations, obligatory to get temp. tested every 24 hours as well as before and after going ashore. Going ashore is for now only possible through ship’s excursions. Shows require reservations, and the ships will sail with a restricted occupancy.
  5. For the record, the GSK and Pfizer vaccine production will take place in Belgium, which is specialized in the research and production. Same goes for the vaccine by Janssen. ( Belgian company and research).
  6. I share the same opinion that a Consultant Virologist should not decide on these things, it should be the cruise lines themselves, supported by the CLIA and IMO. I am not upset at all buddy, but a certificate should be issued by a Health professional, not by the passenger in-person. Most people lie on these forms when confronted with a question that might impede their boarding/entrance. not only that, but a certificate issued by official instances might be a requirement to enter ports of call, just like a visa. Self certification will simply not do. I read your writing “simple yes/no” as a self-certified document, I apologise if this was an incorrect assesment.
  7. Negative. Pregnant women also must supply a declaration of fit to sail if they want to cruise. Same should obviously be required for those who are in the Covid19 risk group. when a vaccine is available, vaccination proof or negative test result should be required before sailing. I do not give a rat’s ass about HIPPA or whatever, a cruise line, or airline has the absolute right to ask for a doctor certificate before able to board and they do NOT contravene privacy laws as they do not give medical details, only a professional diagnosis wether at high risk for complications or not. this will give cruise lines and passengers the opportunity of a normal cruise experience.
  8. We plan to cruise in Autumn 2021, not because of Covid19, but because we have a 4 month old baby and we will start travelling locally and by car first as it is just easier. My wife and I love HAL, And we will cruise with HAL again, but with a little-one, I am currently dreaming about taking him on a Disney cruise. ( yes, I know they are vastly overpriced).
  9. We saw Bohemian Rhapsody on Koningsdam and really liked the open-air vibe, combined with comfy loungers and snacks. For us, much better than the cramped cinemas of yore that reminded me of porn cinemas of the seventies 😏.
  10. Alicante is a gem. Best food culture of Spain, cozy old-town, great beaches and I can also recommend an excursion to The mountain village of Guadelest. Also Cartagena Spain is an absolutely thrilling city by the way. ps. I am moving to the area next month, so if anyone ever needs a guide...😎😀
  11. I am referring the NS as Statendam already. Nieuw Statendam is ridiculous and an invention by someone NOT Dutch or Flemish, locked in an office cubicle. Nieuw Amsterdam is appropriate however, with a long naming tradition within HAL and refers to current New York City.
  12. A cruise along California, Oregon and Washington, with a stop in Vancouver would be VERY popular. Same goes for a cruise along the East Coast by the way. An area often forgotten but with such important American history.
  13. Officially, a Muster station is called ASSEMBLY station. Assembly stations have several reasons of existence, but the most Important are : *Mustering the passengers * Crowd control and ease of informing * preparation for a decision to evacuate In orderly way. *especially on Inside Assembly Stations ( which are actually Better for many reasons and should be adopted on all vessels in my opinion as an Evacuation procedures expert), the option to easily assign different Lifeboats than the original linked ones, or assign an alternative evacuation method. The RCCL new procedure is actually something I have been advocating for years so am very pleased to see it finally being implemented. The Maritime world is very traditional in terms of Safety procedures and it sometimes takes a rough wake-up call for things to change. ( just look at the use of checklists and simulators, somethings that only recently became the norm, and actually still need improvement, but I digress).
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