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  1. A couple of additional remarks on things that sometimes cause confusion: Non-alcoholic drinks are UNLIMITED. I will say this another way to be absolutely clear on this: ONLY Alcoholic drinks are limited to 15 beverages per day. Large bottles of water (all vessels), the self-service draft beer and Coke Freestyle machines ( where installed) are NOT included. Do be aware. On disembarkation day, meaning your last morning onboard, your package will not be valid anymore. Sometimes, a friendly waiter will accept your card, but this is NOT the rule. Onboard Nieuw Statendam, Rijndam and Koningsdam, Milkshakes are NOT included as they are made with gelato at a designated surcharge gelato parlour. A friendly waiter MIGHT find a way around this ( I can not give further details) but that is not the rule.
  2. Sorry, but 800 US$ for some quite standard vaccinations is just robbery. Why on Earth would anyone pay such a ridiculous price?! Take a flight to Brussels, see Belgium, visit Amazing Antwerp and get an appointment at the Institute of Tropical Medicine in the centre. You will be off cheaper 🙄 note that Yellow Fever vaccination is now valid for the rest of your life .
  3. How many Gala Nights do you have? the surf and turf is on the LAST Gala night, NOT necessarily on the second one if you have more than 2 galas.
  4. Most of the wines by the glass are actually fine. Especially the Remole white is a good choice.
  5. Comparing the Berlin wall with this small protest is not only extremely ignorant, but also insulting to those affected by the years of East German oppression.
  6. Once again the FACTS: Signature Package: ANY drink of 11$ Or less except large bottles of water is included. ( no self service tap beer and freestyle machines) UNLIMITED NON-alcoholic drinks. 15 ALCOHOLIC drinks. valid on ALL vessels. full stop.
  7. Better check the definition of kidnapping before making such comments.
  8. On our recent 12 day Koningsdam cruise, the only time that the MDR was open for lunch was on embarkation. Even on the 2 sea days, it was closed, one day because of the Mariner’s Luncheon. But do not fear, the Lido Market is excellent.
  9. The protesters were peaceful and without violence. we are a civilised area in Europe, where police DO NOT shoot people at first sight, like in some other countries. Passengers nor crew were at risk, no damage was done to the vessel. I do not agree with how the protesters handled this, as passengers should never be victim, but do NOT start spreading fake news, as you start to resemble Fox News. the protest did NOT warrant a one-sided increase to Marsec 2 by the Master while Kiel remained Marsec 1 .Know your protocols before critisizing.
  10. The Remole white wine is quite decent and included in the SBP...
  11. They are AWESOME! but they are disembarking today In Civitavecchia, together with me. they will have a new band embarking today. by the way, Billboard on Board is simply stunning. 2 guys, Michael and Tom , who are very talented and are great entertainment.
  12. The CORRECT INFO: 15 ALCOHOLIC beverages per day of 11$ or less UNLIMITED non-alcoholic beverages (of 11 $ or less) excluding large bottles of Evian and San Pelegrino. on Koningsdam and NS, Milkshakes are made by the Gelato bar and there everything is fee based. on other ships, the milkshakes are made at other bars and are marked as smoothie and included in the SBP. The beverage menus on rogerjett are current and correct by the way.
  13. No MDR menus, look at the Prinsendam live thread for the actual ones, but here is the Mariners Lunch menu...
  14. Well, we are now in Valetta, Malta and I have a couple of minutes to give you a small update regarding what is happening on HAL’s largest... * The welcome Aboard buffet on Lido Market was absolutely stunning. FRESH Oysters, crablegs, clams, razor clams, etc etc. For us at least a first to see this onboard a HAL vessel that is doing a regular cruise. * Food is the best we have seen on HAL. The MDR serves delicious menus, lots if lamb by the way and portions that are large enough. The Sushi for lunch at Lido Market has been greatly improved and even includes sashimi and very inventive, attractive choices made by the Nami sushi chef. Not sure if other vessels have seen the same imorovement. * Service: mixed bag here. Most crew is as always HAL-friendly but we have seen some overworked crew and some grumpy crew as well, which is not normal for HAL. In the MDR, head waiters, assistant Maitre D’s and Maitre D’s are noted for their total absence except running around. * The Signature Beverage Package: UNLIMITED. I say again, UNLIMITED NON- alcoholic drinks. The 15 beverage limit is ONLY VALID FOR ALCOHOLIC DRINKS. ANY drink of 11$ or less is included. except large bottles of Evian or San Pelegrino ( and those are currently also included as no-more Perrier onboard) I trust that this settles the discussion once and for all. * NO surcharge for a second main dish although portions are plenty. * Pinnacle grill serves amazing food. new items are great. my Filet steak was fork tender and of excellent taste. Maybe a tad dryer than the absolute best South African and Arentinian beef ( best beef in the World without antibiotics and hormones). * Orange Party seems to become a new tradition. bring Orange on your next cruise .
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