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  1. As this indeed escalated rather quickly, I do stand corrected that this will be a non-issue in a years time. We have destroyed the whole travel industry, I am also currently out of a job as a result, with a 2 weeks old baby and infirm wife. So yes, my humble apologies. However, I stand by the fact that with most people infected, the symptoms are either mild or not noticed at all. That is the dangerous thing though indeed, and only complete adherence to the orders by your Government is appropriate. kind regards.
  2. Will you please stop spreading fake news?! nearly ALL fatalities of Covid19 are older persons with previous health issues, just like with a saisonal flu! Only difference is that indeed, many vulnerable people are vaccinated against the flu. But if you are a healthy individual, you have absolutely NOTHING NADA ZIP to fear from Covid19. The news agencies are having a field day, feasting on hysteria.
  3. if you want to just walk off the ship and tour the city, I advise to do this in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The ship docks near the new centre, and you can have a nice walk on the promenade, admiring the Atlantic and the surfers, Then, take a taxi to the historical centre which is very nice indeed. Don’t forget to have some local food and wine. For Tenerife, I advise to rent a car, and tour the Island. Traffic is not that bad, roads are mostly very good and the scenery, dominated by the Pico del Teide stunning.
  4. In Spain, like in many EU areas, all persons needs to be able to prove identity when in public. In the EU, this is normally done by showing our Identity Card, which all of us are carrying in our wallet. Tourists are NOT expected to carry their travel passport with them, a good colour copy, either on paper or as a scan on your smartphone will do in reality. If there is a serious problem, the authorities will ask you to get your passport from your hotel/ship. Do bear in mind though that some port authorities require you to show your actual Identity documents.Your ID cards for EU citizens ( this is credit card size and very handy), for those without such card, the International Passport.
  5. Is there a Korean stamp or visa in the passport? If the person remained airside, that person was officially not in South Korea 😉 And we need to stop that hysteria!
  6. Actually, that is incorrect. if we look outside of The Hubei province, fatality rates are about the same as a heavy saisonal flu, with almost no fatalities amongst healthy, middle aged persons, and no fatalities amongst children. the only issue is that there is no immunisation at the moment and the higher contamination chances due to that. but next year, nobody will blink an eyelid anymore about Covid19 and we will all wonder why we created a new Worldwide economic crisis by sheer hysteria.
  7. With all respect, but the name Champagne is a EU protected name and can NOT be used except for real Champagne products. same goes for Kobe beef . Any professional company needs to respect its products and clients by not misrepresenting their offerings.
  8. That is actually correct! Fincantieri was the low-cost low-quality yard of the cruise industry. Like an Italian car, nice to look at and great design-wise, but reliability and built wise, often a disaster. Especially in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Things do seem to have improved a lot over the last few years I heard from people “on the inside 😉” and there is a lot of knowledge within Fincantieri. building a huge passenger vessel is very complicated and only few yards have the knowhow for it, and nearly all of them are in the EU. ( Japan has Mitsubishi Maritime yards, but faced huge problems with Aida Prima.)
  9. That is correct. Once again, there is NO contamination risk of Covid-19 by cabin air onboard aircraft.
  10. Also bear in mind that these fatalities are in almost all cases elderly with previous health complications. there are ZERO children fatalities, and by far most cases have mild symptoms, often milder than the saisonal flu. This whole scaremongering is getting out of hand.
  11. Well, I am workng together with immunology experts on Covid-19 risks for aviation at this very moment if you must know. Are you?
  12. Unfortunately, HAL in Rotterdam is completely useless in my experience. If you booked via a travel agency ( often Classix cruises in Belgium, but they are also useless), try to contact HAL via them. HAL’s Customer service for us Europeans is severely lacking, we are second-grade clients to them it seems.
  13. Because FACT is that Covid-19 is NOT airborne ( but does transmit through tiny droplets from saliva that by the way go right through a normal surgical mask of the recepient when standing within 2m. of the carrier)
  14. Buddy, Covid-19 is not airborne and can simply not be recirculated through the HEPA filters fitted onboard all airliners. best regards, Captain Tino Coddé Captain B747-400 Master Nautical Sciences Chairman of TCAS Aviation and Maritime Safety.
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