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  1. It can be anything, but you can compare the weather with South California in the Southern part of Spain, and Northern California for France and Italy. The Western Med. Is in my opinion the absolute best part of the Mediterranean, with different cultures, great cities and amazing food.
  2. Absolute tosh! Barcelona, Cartagena, Murcia ( excursion from Cartagena), Pisa, Tuscany, Roma are World-Class destinations as as anything in the Eastern Med. Also more diverse culture in The Western Med. Than in the Eastern. Athens is a dirty place, Mykonos, Sntorini is just IG fun and tourist trap shops, Istanbul is great though. And yes, I am European with extensive travel experience around the Med.
  3. A ship is always female. No discussion about that.
  4. Sushi on Lida Market is just fine, and has actually improved over the last few years. it certainly is not terrible, but obviously, as an included venue, it will not be of Tsukiji Market quality.
  5. You can easily walk from the cruise pier to the Centre if Able Bodied. Very nice marina and fantastic promenade. Alicante is a gem and a Culinary Walhalla.
  6. Captain Kevin Beirnaert will supervise the construction of MS Rijndam after his current rotation, as he has done the same for her older sisters. At least, that is the plan...
  7. Why on Earth would you tip 18% for a buffet breakfast?! The scammed you.
  8. These websites are basically scamming US citizens in making them believe that a tip is necessary. IT IS NOT.
  9. The Vista Class vessels will not get a dedicated Tamarind restaurant. At least not until a major structural change will take place. Several reasons make the installation very difficult (read costly).
  10. TSA and EASA allow metal straws in your hand luggage. Saving this Planet starts by the little things we can do to eliminate plastic garbage. it is honestly shocking to read some poster’s aggression towards a plastic ban. If you don’t want Clean Oceans and Nature, then do not take a holiday on them either and stay home. Luckily, soon, all plastic straws and plastic bags will be banned in the EU, as we DO take our Responsibility towards Clean Seas serious. Note that as all HAL vessels are EU territory, it will soon be illegal actually to use plastic straws.
  11. Driving in flip-flops or high heels is obviously unsafe and as a result, you are driving with inappropriate footwear. I presume this is fined in any country that takes safe driving at heart. Driving without a shirt is also unsafe as in case of an accident, the seatbelt will severely burn your torso. small note: Spain has a reputation that driving is unsafe and Spanish drivers are nutjobs. In reality, Spain has a better road safety record than the average EU, and better than the UK for example. Also, Spanish drivers have matured a lot over the last 15 years thanks to awareness classes in high-school, lots of fines, good roads etc. Which are NOT funded by the EU by the way.
  12. Just go after boarding to the reservation desk outside the Pinnacle Grill. They will gladly assist you in getting you the days and timings you need.
  13. Fun and games on the Carnival forum. Popcorn time. Please do not immediately start to blame the Captain, crew and pilot for this accident, not even if you hold your STCW 2 🙄 Not the place, not the time, not the audience.
  14. Thanks buddy, I doubt he remembers me haha, it’s been 20 years.
  15. Any dining experience of less than 1 hour is akin to fast food, and NOT a relaxing sit-down experience. If you want such fast service, go to the buffet. I can not stand when I have to gulp everything down asap. Time between courses should be at least 10 minutes.
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