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  1. Just back from a Regal Princess. Checked my account on day of departure, all good. Got home and two extra debits appeared on my credit card account. Dated on last day of the cruise. Rang Princess. Oh they will come off in a few days. They could be authorisation costs. They did, but I’m suspicious that if I hadn’t challenged them they would have stayed on. Sorry this has never happened on any other cruise line.
  2. Just back off Regal Princess. Our first Princess Cruise. We are UK based and cruise with Fred Olsen, P&O, Marella, Celebrity and once each with HAL and RCI. The Service on Princess was second to none. Cabin, Bar and Dining Room Staff all first class.
  3. Steelers…..so sorry to hear of your experience. Hope you are both over the shock. I was robbed in the Gare de Nord 6 years ago. Not a pleasant experience. I enjoyed your posts. We were on the cruise and have just got home up in Yorkshire. It was our first Princess Cruise and we were impressed with many aspects of the cruise. Stay safe.
  4. Just back from round the UK on Regal Princess. Twice we had drinks added that we hadn’t had. We were on a Drinks Package anyway so shouldn’t have incurred any charges. When we checked we had never been in the bar where they were supposed to have been ordered.
  5. Hi we are on the same cruise. We live in the UK so it’s a cruise around our own back yard as we say. It’s very interesting to hear other people’s perception of the cruise. It is our first time on Princess. We always cruise with British Based lines. P&O, Marrella and Fred Olsen. We have cruised once with HAL and Celebrity.
  6. Just had a word with an Officer. He thanked me. He’s going to look into it . 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  7. On the Regal Princess round the UK. Anybody else on the Ship think it’s blooming cold? Am from the UK and it’s the coldest we have ever been on a Cruise Ship. Might have a word with the Captain at the Cocktail Do tonight 😂
  8. All sorted. I hadn’t added arrival time ☹️ Thanks for everyone’s help and advice.
  9. Thanks very much. We hadn’t done that. We are travelling with others so I will liaise with them to see what time we are going to arrive. Appreciate your help.
  10. Now that’s something I will check.
  11. Apologise. Will try to do better next time.
  12. Hi. Yes checked in and it’s on green lane. But can’t find the Boarding Pass. Thanks for your help.
  13. Hi . Cruising with Princess for first time. Out of Southampton in 13 days. All sorted except I can’t find our Boarding Pass with its QR Code that we are supposed to access via the App. Am I been stupid or is it hiding somewhere that I can’t see.? Waiting a call back from Princess but thought I might ask everyone in case I’m missing something. Cheers for any help.
  14. I asked a similar question a few weeks ago. I hope you do better than I did. 😂
  15. Hi. We have cruised with both lines. We have cruised with FO to the Northern Lights 4 years ago. We are booked again with them next year to the Northern Lights. Not done Northern Lights with P&O. I would be happy to cruise with P&O to the Northern Lights. So the only difference I would say between the two lines is the spread of Passengers. Fred Olsen has the “feel” of a Country House with Passengers more to the 60 plus age group. P&O we have found to have a wider age range. Depending with whom you have cruised with before may influence your choice. If you are used to the large ship cruise lines you may find P&O more to your taste. But if you want a more smaller ship feel FO may be the one. We have found food and service very much the same between the two lines. Whichever Line you choose it will be a fantastic cruise. The Northern Lights are an experience never to be forgotten.
  16. Tring is right about the Ice Field Tour. We actually stayed up till one in the morning to ensure we got booked on. I remember at the other Port they organised lots of things to see. Children Dancing ect.
  17. We went with Fred to Greenland. I can’t remember which Port of Call it was, but we went on an Ice Field Boat Trip and it was fantastic. Also at one POC everyone was plagued with midges. We were prepared tho with full head mesh protection. Nonortalik rings a bell.
  18. Hi. If there is away I’ve never found it. Sometimes people ask on here if others have been on a specific cruise and ask about the Excursions. Sorry can’t be more helpful.
  19. https://www.whatsinport.com This Webb site is great for Port Information.
  20. https://www.whatsinport.com hi. We haven’t been to all those, but one of them, the place with the Mermaid, we walked in. I use the What’s in Port site to get the information on the Ports of Call we are visiting. I have attached it for you to look at. Simple to use Cruised on the Bolette when it was with RCI. Was a decent ship then. I’m not sure if the two new ships are as “Fred” as the original Fred Ships. Balmoral ect. Other people will advise. Depends on what other cruise lines you are used to as to how you will like Fred I suppose. Am sure if you trawl thro you will find reviews.
  21. Hi. Glad all the info was useful. As I said we are booked on the same Cruise. 2023 holidays and Cruises to concentrate on before next March 😂
  22. Hi. I can’t remember the exact cost of the trips BUT I do recall we did considered them very expensive. Just remembered the spreadsheet I keep for all our holidays costs. The cost for two of us for the Cruise excursions was £790. I think that was for three. The costing says £440+£175+£175. So as you see very expensive. I recall we said well it’s only once, but hey ho we have booked again. It was that good. Yes we booked in advance. The Northern Lights were worth the cost of the cruise. Incredible and very moving.
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