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  1. I also got this promotion in my email. When I do a mock booking and click on applied promos it shows the OBC but doesn’t show/say anything about the $400 EZair 🤷‍♀️ I'm curious to hear if someone figures it out
  2. I lost mine when I didn’t cancel at time of final payment 😫
  3. Noooo.........I thought the past guest offer of 15% off was for the month of October. Im disappointed I missed it
  4. Hi Kathy, We are booked on this same cruise. Assuming it’s not going to sail, I also looked at different types of vacations, places etc Husband Is adamant we are staying home this year 😢 Which is probably a smart idea....... I haven’t cancelled the cruise......waiting for Princess to cancel.
  5. Thank you for your reply
  6. Did many cruise passengers go to Nikki Beach Club & Resort?
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