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  1. Last Feb., we had to cx our cruise just 3 weeks before sailing since my hubby needed surgery. We were reimbursed by our travel insurance company for everything including the non-refundable deposit. Later, we received an email from RCCL telling us that we have a voucher for a future cruise, BUT IF we had been reimbursed for our costs, then that negates the voucher. To use it would be considered insurance fraud.
  2. On the Radiance class deck plans, there is a narrow space between cabins 8614 and 8616. Does anyone know what that is?deck.bmpdeck.bmpdeck.bmpdeck.bmp
  3. We have been looking to cruise New England in Sept. of 2020. I am amazed at the price of a balcony cabin would be $4000+ from any of the ports! Why so much for a 7 day cruise even before the fall leaves would be an attraction? And there is a HUGE price difference between an oceanview & balcony cabin....like $800 per person difference on some. Crazy!
  4. Is there a cruise that combines both itineraries? I can't seem to find one.
  5. WE have booked both ways...with RCCL and with an on-line cruise agency. The only difference is RCCL won't discuss your reservation with you. Everything has to go through the other agency. Recently we had to cancel our cruise and that also had to be done through the agency. It went smoothly and we never have had any issues. We always have had access to Cruise Planner once it was posted on RCCL. All of your show reservations, drink packages, etc. are booked and /or cancelled directly thru Cruise Planner. However, you will read on these boards that a disadvantage of not booking with RCCL is being able to reach the agency in time to take advantage of price drops, etc. You just need to make sure you have a reputable agency. Some agencies also have cancellation fees in addition to RCCL fees.
  6. The company referred to would be the travel company, not the insurance company. Clark Howard just included this again in his recent email on travel insurance..... " But, this is important: Never purchase the travel protection plan from the trip organizer or online travel agent. They are designed to protect the company and not the consumer. This includes when you are booking on a site like Expedia or Travelocity."
  7. JRUDY33........I follow Consumer Advocate Clark Howard's advice on many things and he always says to buy travel insurance from a 3rd party. The reason is because any company is going to have their own best interest at heart, not yours. So we always choose another insurance company.
  8. We had to cancel our B2B Allure cruise for this month with less than a month to go because my husband has to have an unexpected spine surgery. We had ordered travel insurance through insuremytripdotcom with a pre-existing condition clause since both of us have uncertain health issues. SO thankful that we did! We had a non-refundable deposit and I am happy to report we are getting EVERY penny back! RCCL refunds the taxes which I didn't know and the insurance covers the rest. I never like paying for travel insurance and have always gotten it for our cruises, but have never had a claim. If we didn't have it, we would have lost $4100 since we were only a month out! SO worth it!! You never know what tomorrow may bring!
  9. 😭We are booked on a B2B on Allure in February and just found out my husband has to have a 2nd spine surgery 2 weeks from now! As disappointed as I am, it is more important for my husband to be out of pain! So my question.....before I start this process, do any of you have words of wisdom from experiences you have had. We DO have travel insurance thru insuremytripdotcom which includes pre-existing condition coverage. At the time we booked last May, he was scheduled for the 1st spine surgery but was able to travel at that time. We booked thru an on-line cruise travel website and have non-refundable deposits on both cruises. Do I cancel the cruise first with the travel agent or first confirm the coverage with the insurance company? Not sure how to begin the process. Thanks!
  10. Does anyone know if it is possible to use Luggage Valet if you have a senior fare booked on SWA? Southwest says in small print "seniors need to show ID at airport to confirm fare eligibility". We were refused the luggage valet on another cruise line when we had a SW senior fare booked, but SW could not tell us why we were refused nor could the cruise line. Each blamed it on the other but when I found the info about the ID needed, I wondered if that was the reason.
  11. I am trying to make show reservations and keep getting this message.."Error locking the Cruise Reservation". What does this mean?
  12. I have been looking to schedule our show reservations on Allure and noticed that on some shows, the only choices are 8:30 pm and 10:15 PM. We have Late Dinner Seating in the MDR. Is it realistic to think we can finish our meal including dessert & coffee and be able to hike to the theatre by 10:15 PM? In the past, it was not a relaxing dinner knowing we needed to get to a show.
  13. What do you do about extra-tipping after the 1st week if you are not changing cabins? If we want to give our room steward an extra tip, do you do that after each week....or wait til the end of your cruise? Also, if you choose MDR for dinner, do you stay at the same table for both weeks, or are you re-assigned?
  14. We took the NCL Pride of America in Hawaii. We did not want to spend 5 days going & coming with only a few hours on each island. It was great and would highly recommend doing it that way. We flew into Honolulu, spent 1 night on Waikiki then boarded the ship. At the time, NCL was the only line that had the market on a 7 day cruise of the islands and that is why we chose them. Now you need to know that this is NOT a typical cruising experience....more like a floating hotel. You will read that over & over. The ship is American registered and to be honest, the level of service was not comparable to a typical cruise. Lots of young American workers who were "hanging out" in Hawaii for a year or two. The positives were that the ship stays overnight on Maui & Kauai so you have 2 days on those islands. I planned our island days by reading on Trip Advisor....got off the ship, got rental cars (reserved before we went) and took off exploring the islands each day. On Maui, we went to an evening Luau which we loved. There is even a place to park your car near the ship when staying overnight. There are neat Hawaiian shows on board, narrated talks when sailing past certain things, cultural classes, etc. When the week was over and people were flying home, they were exhausted. We were SO thankful that we stayed an extra week on Oahu to recoup and explore the island, relax on beaches, see Pearl Harbor (a must!), and just take things at a slower pace. There are many residents that have built little apartments on their property and rent them out very reasonably. We found 1 on VRBO and had the best time. It was in Kailua, a quiet residential area across the street from the beach...perfect! I highly recommend a day at the Polynesian Cultural Center on Oahu. Well worth the money! Keep in mind that it is a 3-6 hour time difference depending where you live. So the 1st night we were up 24 hours! Some people were trying to cram in Pearl Harbor the same day as their flight home. That would have been hard and exhausting. So I definitely recommend 7 days on the islands, however you can manage it. Even after being on Oahu for a week we were still stopping at beautiful overlooks on the way to the airport. So much to see!
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