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  1. Thank you for the information. I missed that announcement on May 26th.
  2. We booked the Sky for January awhile back as sail away because when looking how much more it would cost with the options ($800) we would never drink that much. For this trip we are better off purchasing onboard credit to cover the cost. That being said on all past cruises it was worth it to take the package.
  3. So there has been no updates on the Sky starting back up but you can still book on it for August. Anybody have any insight on this?
  4. I was wondering about the Sky. We have a January 3. 2021 cruise out of Miami. So far it's still available to book but there is no shore excursions showing. Praying it doesnt get cancelled!!
  5. My online account for our April 15th Tahiti to Hawaii cruise is now showing as a default named cruise for 0 days. Im sure we will get notified this week 😣
  6. Thanks for the replies everyone. I have looked up the alaska railroad and think maybe that is my choice. At least right now LOL.... was also looking at starting in Fairbanks instead of Anchorage. For those that have been to both which has more to see?
  7. Looking for recommendations on getting from East Coast of USA (florida or Georgia) to Seward Alaska.
  8. This is just a quick review of our 7 day Eastern Caribbean cruise on the Encore. As others had said I was a bit curious as to how this cruise would be due to the negative reviews I had been reading. We were dropped off at port on Sunday, March 1st around 10:15. Only about 20 people in front of us going through security. We are platinum so we went to the line for latitude members. There was an extra form to fill out due to the Corona Virus. It just asked if you have been on another sailing in the last 30 days, if you were in contact with someone or caring for someone that was exposed to the vir
  9. Thanks for the review. Getting on the ship this Sunday and can not wait!!!!!
  10. Anybody recently been to GSC and can tell me if the water has warned up yet? Trying to decide if it's worth it to bring our snorkeling gear.
  11. Thanks for the information everyone. Wow if its anything like that video we will be very happy with the space for 2 people 🙂. Not to worried about the motion at the front of the ship. We were in a suite on the Sun at the very front and absolutely loved it!! I will make sure to get some pictures and post when we get back so others that wonder will know !
  12. Just got our Oceanview guarantee room and its 13700 at the very front of the ship. Anybody out there that has stayed in cabin 13700 and can tell me layout etc. Pictures would be awesome if you have any 🙂
  13. My scenario is I am platinum and my husband is not. Will he be able to board with me?
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