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  1. The 70+ health condition policy was formulated by the CLIA, which almost all cruise lines belong to. So you will have the same problem with any cruise line you try to book with.
  2. Agree 100%, nice day at the beach sipping labadoozies.
  3. Labadee is not an island, it is a 250 acre peninsula , it is separated from the mainland by a fence.
  4. I assume it is the same in the UK, but we received our FCC for our 3/14/20 cruise. I received one for half of the cruise fare and my wife for the other half. They don"t have to be used together, so yes you can use them on opposite ends of a B/Bs as long as the person on the FCC is sailing that leg.
  5. We also cancelled on 3/11 and received our FCC yesterday 3/27.
  6. Funny how opinions differ, Equinox is our favorite ship, we have sailed her 6 times. Always clean, great crew and friendly officers.
  7. Depends on the OBC, if it was part of a promotion, you will lose it and only get what your new booking offers. Bonus OBC from booking while on-board will be retained and adjusted if length of sailing and cabin class are changed. TA issued OBC is between you and your TA.
  8. For older and those with underlying health conditions, I don't think it will be safe to cruise until there is a vaccine.
  9. In the US, 36 million have gotten the flu and 22 thousand have died, as of March 13th.
  10. We bought ours 15 years ago. When I need a new pump they did a very fair prorate and shipped it priority no charge.
  11. We have a Sleep Number bed, best investment we ever made. After our experience , all of my grown children have them for themselves and my grandchildren. They have a 100 night trial and a 25 year warranty.
  12. "Having so many passengers in even a three (3) month period use them and even different 'sizes' of individuals on the same mattress, how do they keep them like 'new'?" Still only two people per day, (or one) same as your mattress at home. They flip and rotate 180 degrees. I don't know where you purchased yours but I would hope it came with some type of warranty. A decent mattress should last a minimum of 10 years.
  13. You are correct, Celebrity states that the travel restrictions are in effect for thirty days and will be renewed as needed. Once the Covid pandemic has wound down, they won't require those notes. "These temporary safety precautions will remain in place for a projected period of 30 days and will continued to be reviewed daily. Updates will be posted daily on this website"
  14. From Celebrity Cruise With Confidence FAQ: "19.What if my client used a Future Cruise Credit to pay for their existing cruise and now wishes to cancel under the Cruise with Confidence terms? The original Future Cruise Credit will be reinstated with the prior FCC amount and expiration date. If expired or due-to-expire before October 31st, 2020, your clients will be granted an extension through October 31st, 2020 to redeem. Your client will also receive a new Future Cruise Credit based on the remaining amount paid and following the Cruise with Confidence policy terms. " 18
  15. We are on the Equinox sailing after you. Can I ask what it is like onboard with the Corona scare? Are they serving people in the buffet?
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