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  1. Nope you're not the only one. We cruise every April and December. April was a bust so we are doing an AI in Cancun in December. Mexico has never really been closed though.
  2. Sorry to disappoint but it's NEVER been free to begin with. Ever...Ever...Ever..
  3. He's anxiously waiting to start charging $17 for a milkshake at Coco's again 🙄
  4. Then cruising will not be for you anytime soon because I doubt cruise lines will let it slide so easily. Sorry 😀
  5. Right? I can already see it. Passengers arguing and picking fights with crew members about not wanting to wear their mask, it's their right no to wear one, blah blah blah. 🙄
  6. Of course he is. He wants to be able to start the Nickel and Dime-ing again.
  7. This will also be another issue. Don't expect Los Angeles County (San Pedro and Long Beach) to open up soon. Just sayin.
  8. If Noro can easily spread on a ship then so can Rona.
  9. I think we all know he truly means the next few months... 😆😂
  10. Being that we are in September already and the lengthy process it will take to bring crew back on board I don't see how Carnival will be ready to sail in November. Not to mention majority of the ports are not opened to U.S. tourists yet so with that said, I'm willing to bet all my 401K that Carnival will NOT be sailing in November.
  11. 7 Day cruise to no where? I don't think I'd want to use my vacation time at work for that kind of vacation but if your retired, by all means live it up!
  12. Who will still cruise with Princess...I think many in these groups won’t I'm not sure about others in this group but I know I am cruising Princess December 2021. Tahiti with my sweetie 🏝️❤️
  13. Went for my daily jog to the port and look who was in town Today? Wonder where on earth is she heading to next? 🧐 Last week I saw 2 Celebrity ships and I'd be lying if I said I don't miss cruising 😏
  14. That could have been Yesterday but she's definitely in Long Beach Today and right now as we speak. Look to the far right 😉 Millennium is currently in San Diego and she was here Yesterday in L.B.
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