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  1. Nothing wrong with shopping around! Congrats on your finding!
  2. Typical NCL, just raising prises as usual 🙄
  3. A few months ago before the repo cruise there was a Facebook post with pictures showing mattresses getting swapped out. I wonder what happen?
  4. Of course NOT You have to book a cabin that will grant you those "free" perks. Those cabin rates cost extra Example Sail Away rate cabin no perks at all: $100 Cabin that will grant you at least 1 perk: $400 You are paying the $300 to grant you those free perks making it essentially NOT free.
  5. So....what do you say about the MedallionNet WiFi ? Is it worth the 59.99 online price ?
  6. They prep and mail them based on sailing date not the date you ordered.
  7. Yes. Joy and Encore are switching places it seems. Joy is moving east.
  8. I mentioned it here in this thread but it must not be a big deal as it is just a dead thread
  9. Not only that but the Casino Credit is actually there as well for a non cruising passengers to buy as a gift for a cruising passenger on their upcoming voyage. Maybe that person buying the credit doesn't know better and thinks Casino Credit sounds more exciting to gift than OBC.
  10. Yes, there are ruby colored ones but you have to be Ruby tier with Princess to get one 😉
  11. By any chance would you be able to post pictures of the room service menu? I'm guessing you'll be packing soon, Sad your cruise is over the week sure flew by. Thank you soooooooo much for taking the time from your vacation to posting and thinking about us .
  12. Bummer. We have one of those big balcony staterooms up on the front, deck 16. I was hoping to utilize a lot especially on the 2 sea days coming back. Guess that wont be possible.
  13. The Encore is doing Alaska season in 2021 and well into October. I don't think I have ever seen Alaska cruises in October.
  14. Based on the previous tax free sales, Panama Canal cruises were excluded.
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