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  1. Is the same form as the folllowing? https://stmaartenehas.com/application-form/ I do not see any of the red lined questions in my application form.
  2. I am in your neighboring state. The "gov" as he likes to be called, extended the state of emergency in our knucklehead state and said masks will stay on in indoor public areas. "Not where we want to be yet" says he!🙄 Dreaming of leaving for Florida!
  3. Did not mean it that way at all! So don't understand if you are being snarky or joking. But fine, I say whateverrrr!😁😁
  4. LOL! 😁 I am not loyal at all ....we have been on Norwegian more than Royal. Love them both. I Iike Princess, Carnival and HAL. Heck anything "cruise" I am all for it!😁
  5. That is why it is the "new" normal for me, not just normal. You can call it whatever you like or detest it. You don't have to like it.
  6. NJ governor said yesterday that masks and the 9 yards still required for some more time. Not complaining (although I am not his fan). I have no problem wearing a mask. I have adapted to this "new normal".
  7. Sorry for confusing and if it was percieved different, but that is what I meant when I used "figured it out". I understand what you are saying and I agree.
  8. Yes we haven't seen anything like this pandemic. However, this forum is for people to talk about their experiences with Celebrity cruisng and the Millenium's new cruises. We have learnt so many things from other people's posts of experiences, vents, thoughts, ideas etc.
  9. 100% agree. They should have figured all this out before offering cruises. We have changed our flights, resrvations and itineraries so many times now. And it adds to the cost. Cruise planning has never been this kind of a headache before.
  10. Thank you. The policy cheat sheets...are they given to only TAs to inform their clients? I understand those.....very well explained. But the reps and their website is giving different info especially about the 5 day or the 3 day window. I hope that Celebrity can clarify that, so we can look for a different flight into St Marten to satisfy the 3 day window or look for a place in St Marten that will do the PCR that is required for boarding the cruise.
  11. Yeah I know. I agree Celebrity does not know what they are doing! And like some poster mentioned above I do not want to be informed at the nth hour and have no time to do a test or fulfill a requirement right on boarding day.
  12. We got a call from Celebrity today: I had emailed about the mass confusion on testing requirements and was called back to "clear" the confusion. I gave the dates of arrival and departure to the rep and was told (read to) that I would require: 1. PCR test to get into St Martin per St Marten's travel /entry requirement. And uploading results and filling out their form. (Flying in on June 30) 2. PCR test done in St Marten to show Celebrity at pier check in, since I was flying in earlier (Done within 3 days before boarding ship) Day 1 June 30 to July 1 Day 2 J
  13. @grapau27 I love your pictures. Pauline looks lovely and those prawn sandwiches and fries yummmmmmmmmmm!
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