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  1. We stayed there. it is a nice place. Clean and new. No free breakfast as at the Best Westerns. Items to order were on the expensive side. Parking garage was across the street. Do not remember what they charge, I saw it some where. We were not charged for it. Don't know why. There no possible way to walk to the port unless you are up to walking through traffic crossing and jumping the hurdles on I 95 and perhaps a chain link fence with barbed wire. Other than that we have stayed at the Marriott Waterfront...liked the area a lot. And Best Western Elkridge.....hotel was decent, nice breakfast. Clean rooms. Free parking on site. Shuttle to and from the port and airport. Also stayed at the Embassy Suites Airport. It was fine.
  2. Sounds great! Is there perhaps a link to some articles/news etc to read up further on this good news? Please post if so. Thanks.
  3. One of the TA my DH used to book us falls under that category. I guess we deserve it for using Clearance Store to book Cabin.
  4. That place is paradise! We enjoyed it a lot. However, lots and lots of steps to navigate all over, so if that seems something one does not want to or cannot do, reconsider.
  5. Who says she isn't? Is anyone saying she isn't? We are entitled to our own feelings. And those are mine.
  6. I am a realistic optimist. And I do like to see the lights at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. However, considering that Bermuda has cancelled the Newport Bermuda Race set for June 16, all the itinerary changes from Canada cruises to Bermuda seem doubtful to me as of now. Hoping those are not the next round of cancellations. That's only a nagging thought at the back of my mind, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that there is a very positive outcome.🙂
  7. Sadder times for those that are afflicted with the virus, those who lost jobs and lives.
  8. OP I am amazed how many armchair Pandemic Pundits love to give their two cents and run you down for your post. I appreciate you posting it and whether it is June 1 or not, thank you for your post. I appreciate the light you are throwing.
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