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  1. It became one of the "sad stories" thanks to the fault of the PCC, the NCL employee who goofed using the wrong certificate. So shouldn't they make it right?
  2. 🙏I have to say a big thank you to you for all the great info and examples you post. I read all your posts in various threads and then called Royal to initiate the headache.😁 And it got done. And you are absolutely correct i saying that "things change". I bet when I call for the final remainder to be applied they will ask me to wait till I finish my second cruise.😉
  3. If that question was for me: Yes, second cruise is after the first one.
  4. Thanks for your post Jules. Keep us updated. I find it interesting reading people's interpretations of various job titles.
  5. Not all at once. It was a process and I was very patient. I also thought one had to wait for the sailing to end and then the FCC remainder is issued. However I read here, on CC, that if you call Royal or your TA they can help you out with this. So I called Royal first. They had to give me a call back after consulting with "the right department". The call back informed me to call the TA that had the booking I wanted part of the FCC applied to. I did. That TA did the job in 3 days. That cruise is all paid for. Then I called Royal again to ask if I can apply the remainder of the FCC to another cruise I had booked with another TA, since I read that that can be now done (Not sure if this is a temporary courtesy that Royal is extending due to all the issues of cruises getting cancelled and people wanting refunds and FCCs and what not). Royal said yes, I had read correct and they would do it immediately (if booked directly with them) but I had a TA on that reservation so I would have to have the TA call to get it done and yes, once they (the TA) call to initiate the request, they will do it. So I requested the TA to call. Took about 2 or 3 weeks to get everything done. And the second cruise is paid for. I still have some leftover FCC which I can use for a short cruise. But I will sit on it for a bit, since my bag of patience is tanking almost zero. So after a while of some patience replenishing and some months of ohhhmmmms, I may start thinking about how to put the last remainder of the FCCs to use. I hope you have not had to take asprin after reading this! 😉😁
  6. Disney 100 % capacity not happening till January as of now. Water cooler rumor has it.
  7. I can confirm, yes you can use a different agent/s. Our cruise on the Adventure (booked with Agent A) was cancelled: Selected to go with 125% FCC. FCC comes in our names. Used part of the FCC to pay for an existing booking (with Agent B), and the remainder to pay for yet another existing booking (with Agent C). We still have some left over FCC. Took a bit of time, but it was done. Hope I haven't confused you. But, yes, you can use the FCC with another agent. The FCC is in your name, so you can use it with which ever agent or directly with Royal.
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