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  1. I am really interested to read what you thought about the ship. Will you post some thoughts please? We last sailed her when she sailed out of Baltimore and also did the repo out of Baltimore (to Florida).
  2. I am a fan of of that crunchmaster multiseed! Also available in Walmart, Sprouts and other stores. And I top it with brie..... The small ones snack sized. 😋 I am happy to see that you are settling down and becoming a Floridian!
  3. Necessary unnecessary information for Tea lovers: I heard that MSC is opening a Tea Bar on their ships, that will serve over a thousand varieties of teas and also carry water from different places/regions in England, especially for their British clients, who are not only very particular about the teas but of the taste of water for their teas. Apparently they conducted a survey and many were complaining about lack of tea variety, and not only bring their own tea but also water for tea. Sue and Graham, are you particular about the taste of water for tea? For example, does water from south London taste any different than from central?
  4. Dh was watching a video (Don's or Tony's, don't remember) on what gets one banned from cruising for life. It shows that a couple was banned from cruising all cruise lines for good. Seemed that they put out a video on social media, bragging how they got free bottled water on every cruise. They showed how they open the bottles inside the stateroom, drink the water, fill them up with tap water, show how they sealed them back. It seemed they did this for a long time till they bragged on social media and showed their video. The cruise line got the lawyers involved and a ban was issued on all cruise lines for this "wise" couple. A similar ban was issued for another couple who bragged that that they got away with smoking by bribing the room attendant every time, till one guy went and reported them. How stupid can people get to first do something like that and then brag about it!!!! And don't touch that water bottle in the stateroom!!!😁 🤣
  5. Jane, I am so sorry for what you are going through. What the movers packed ,like for example, furniture, they should have unpacked and set up. Boxes, I believe they do not unpack or arrange your stuff. So sorry to see such a beautiful table not handled well and broken. That dresser they should have unpacked. Take pictures and I hope you are filing a claim. Just throwing ideas: Perhaps your bedroom furniture guy may help? Or young students off from college? Perhaps ask at Publix, they seem to have lots of young guys and maybe someone knows someone who can help for some extra $$$?
  6. Move Up does not give the additional points for the higher category, but upgrading to concierge or aqua (5 points per night) directly will give you the extra points plus the one day (5 points) of extra for Go Green. So do your math and watch prices. Good Luck!
  7. GOOD LUCK JANE! I was just checking in to see if your movers arrived or gave you an update. Looks like tomorrow is the day! Have a good night's sleep. And good luck for tomorrow.
  8. Love the pictures. You did great on the tomatoes! And that sandwich inspires me to make it! Tomorrow perhaps! I am happy to see you posting and think about you very often.
  9. Jane, Jacksonville is at least 2 and half to 3 hrs, give or take to Cape Canaveral and Melbourne. And it really depends upon traffic, which is most of the time horrible near Jacksonville so factor that in.
  10. 25th for us. No chance of crossing paths in August, unless I bump into you and your group somewhere in Orlando! But I (like many others on this thread) do hope to see you on Bella 2.
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