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  1. Yayyyyy! I won dinner at the Windjammer!!!!! What time shall we meet?☺️😁
  2. Freedom is definitely the right, (as you face the picture), Those curved glass balconies at the front....
  3. A very elderly couple at that time. Their outfits were dazzling and very coordinated. Morning, afternoon, evening.......it was very entertaining to watch them. They were very social and talked to people all the time. I think the hat people could be a different one and then there the matching Hawaiian shirt couple. I have seen quite a few. Sorry for not sticking to the subject of the thread.
  4. Similar story: The famous Matching Couple were on the Explorer Repo out of Bayonne with similar story: didn't know it was a Repo, had a UHaul full of luggage, had to take that on a plane and so on.
  5. Why is everybody looking at Florida? We have as good a port as any state....NY? NJ? Baltimore? Boston? Just saying.........you never know!
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