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  1. Come back and let me know you still mean it is your only trip to Bermuda.😁 You will get hooked. 😁
  2. I am really very sorry for your loss. I am certain in this case they would have done something more than just refund the tax, fees and port charges.
  3. We are doing Meraviglia Repo from NYC to FLL. 6/22 will be the more or less the deciding factor. I have high hopes for the 6/22 Seaside.
  4. Although I have not ha a problem with a connecting door, I would pick one without a connecting door, if given a choice. I am not a huge fan of hump cabins......I have experienced more noise related annoyances in those than in other cabins.
  5. If you cruise NCL, do not book way in advance......last two weeks before the sail date is when you hit that book button. And book the lowest you can.
  6. Our Bermuda strategy is to book very last minute with Celebrity or NCL. Have booked for as little as $372 pp. But average has been 449 to 549. Royal never has those rock bottom prices and ships are sold out quite a bit ahead in time. I love the 9 day itinerary but it is high in price and it also gets sold out fast. Did those a lot on the Explorer and loved it.
  7. LOL! OHHHH them! I used to use them as my primary TA. Not anymore. Yes, the perks were absolutely great, but too much stress, never can speak with anyone directly, some one always has to call back, too many mistakes....say something do something else, invoicing was terrible. Would charge fees for change. Would list perks on invoice and when on board it would not be there, calls would be made by GS, they would just deny it. Finally decided we did not want to deal with them anymore. Our cruising friends had the same problems with them. They now book directly with the cruise line. We now use our other TA and sometimes book direct.
  8. Going to miss the "MKing Dailies". Perhaps you will spring out of a corner and surprise us on June 2 on board the Escape. Mrs K says she is already packed LOL!
  9. Food for thought for compensation happy people: If the ship of life makes drastic changes because something went off the track, who do we ask for for compensation? Why dos there have to be a compensation for everything and never an attempt to make the most from what you have?
  10. Demanding compensation for that??!!! That same crew toils for you, cleans up all your *****, ensures you have a comfortable stay and you could not take a few hours of their enjoyment into consideration?
  11. The Asian food looks so delicious! Is Bamboo still a free restaurant? I wish there was a good "real" Chinese restaurant on the Escape.
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