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  1. Ah this is a puzzle. When i click on the $319, it goes to a page where it says $249 and on that page the add to cart button disappears and the " Not available to book. Please check back later or once on board." message comes up. So who knows. This whimsical little spa pass was available to add to cart some time back at $299 per person. I played around with it adding it to cart. Then it disappeared and came back some days later with a higher price. But I am entertained, so I look and play the "add to cart" game.....LOL!
  2. I am on the same Jan 2020 cruise. I see it for $319 per person (which they claim is $20 less the onboard price). Then you click and it goes to $249 per person on my account. However it says " Not available to book. Please check back later or once on board." I am already in a spa cabin, this may look different on your summary.
  3. LOL! Never tempt a cruise junkie!😁 Charlie needs a lecture on being more fun.😉 (just as RJ needs at times) We don't much care for the 11/23 itinerary either, but the price was too good (on Saturday only) to be missed. And wanted to go on the Anthem before she bids farewell.
  4. Certain promotions are not combinable with the Crown and Anchor Balcony discount. I can understand your disappointment, but that is in no way "poor treatment". I hope you have a great cruise!
  5. I also do that to leave notes for the hubby. Many times I have found the room steward all dolled up, meeting me at a bar.....now I understand why!!!! LOL!🤣
  6. Just Jersey Girl Drama....believe me, I live here and have to go through it too!🙄😁😁🤣LOL
  7. LOL! Going on the Anthem for Thanksgiving. Price was too good to pass up. Shall I look for you on board?
  8. Yeah. The earliest I am getting for my date is at 10 pm.😐
  9. If you can handle your luggage, your easiest option is to take a taxi to Penn Station. Take the NJ Transit Train to Princeton Junction. Take an Uber from Princeton Jct to wherever you want to go or have your son pick you up at the station. Another option is to take a cab to Port Authority Bus Terminal. Take the Coach USA Bus that will drop you right outside Princeton University. Get an Uber or have son pick you up from there. I have used the train option hundreds of times with and without luggage.
  10. Chops wins by far. Sorry Cagney's. Apps, sides, desserts.....I would rank Chops slightly better. No favorites or cannot do withouts
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