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  1. I am not furious. And did not encounter furious D + members either. In our case, we have cruised and will cruise to enjoy ourselves, not earn perks and medals. I feel you are not enjoying your cruises one bit if you are getting so "furious".
  2. Bob, It recently combined all discounts for me: D+ , resident, DEAL, $100 off booking onboard bonus (which I changed to $100 OBC). Maybe we are talking about different "instant savings"?
  3. Yes, you can go with the $100 off or $100 OBC. My most recent booking had a resident discount, a D plus balcony discount, a DEAL promo ($50 off) and a $100 OBC or $100 off. They were all combinable. Plus TA perks.
  4. Thanks. I have done that some times...book on board and then transfer. I have also noted that recently some of the TA's who give you their quote for a group rate and their perks do not accept an onboard booking and want you to book with their quoted links directly or by calling them. A couple of times they accepted the onboard booking as an extra deposit. Some have no problem. I suppose it varies with every TA?
  5. Dang! I opened this thread thinking it was a B2B cruise review! LOL😒😃 Enjoy your cruise.
  6. That is nice. Did you call a special number to get the groups department and ask if there were groups available for the sailing? Also was the E or D discount combinable/eligible with group rate?
  7. To fund Coco Cay construction.🙄😉 Someone has to pay for it somewhere!
  8. Was informed by the CnA loyalty person that they now only provide those for Diamond Plus 340 points and above. However the room steward had a bigger pull. I asked and he got me some...then said to ask him for anything and he will provide, not to waste my time asking the higher ups.
  9. I know that an RD can be converted to NRD. But can NRD be converted to a RD by paying the extra amount needed for an RD? If yes, convert to RD by paying the amount. Then cancel and get your deposit $ back. BEFORE DOING THIS PLEASE MAKE SURE THEY WILL REFUND YOU THE ENTIRE AMOUNT OF THE RD. This is just a thought.
  10. Sorry for duplicate info Grapau27, we must have clicked at the same time.😀
  11. I believe it is not offered anymore (?) But the Diamond plus BOGO does exist and can be availed on any of the first two nights. As far as I know, it can be only booked on board.
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