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  1. I presume if we have the internet package we do no have to pay the $10/week? I can't seem to find this in the FAQ, but other questions are answered there. https://www.ncl.com/cruise-faq/what-cost-phone-and-messenger-package
  2. Well, I've sailed NCL, Princess, Holland, Celebrity, and Crystal. Crystal was obviously the clear winner-but so pricey, I doubt we will do it again. The other 4 were all very nice and honestly, except for more kids on NCL, and more older folks on Holland, there was not that much difference as far as hubby and I are concerned. We have had a terrific "trip of a lifetime" on all of them. Many say the entertainment on NCL is better, and the food on Celebrity is better. We haven't found it to be so. We now guide our trips based on the itinerary and the "value" (ahem, am I getting a good deal). I guess one's attitude is what makes the experience and we are so happy to be on vacation it makes it all good.
  3. We are a family of 7 traveling in June. We are signed up now for regular freestyle dining-is there a problem with seating in the MDR for a large group like ours? Will long waits be a problem? Should we opt instead to a set time, if so how should we do this? I called Norwegian and they said they could not help us. Thanks for your help.
  4. Hi Tarwood, Hubby and I and another couple will be joining you in October. This should be a fascinating cruise, with outstanding ports. Prior to booking this I didn't know too much about Cypress-I thought Egypt or Israel would be the highlight here, but it may just be Cypress. I'm glad you started this post, hopefully we will garner more information. Looking forward to meeting you in the fall.
  5. Hi Lepidoptera, I was planning on signing up for the Costco afflicted shore excursion. It may not be any better. Our ship ports at Mykonos only from 9 to 3. I thought of doing it myself but was concerned that the ferry left Delos at 1:30 then not until 3:00. The ship leaves at 3:00 and I was afraid if somehow I missed the 1:30 I would be in big doo-doo.
  6. Thanks for all of your replies. Bummer.
  7. Hello! Super excited to be on the Star this upcoming summer for the Adriatic cruise! I was reading review on the Delos Island excursion and many comments here and on TripAdvisor suggesting one brings a bag lunch. Does anyone know if we can take a box lunch out with us to shore from the ship? And if so, does Norwegian charge us for it?
  8. I plan on doing a cruise in later 2019, but still unsure if I want to do Silversea Spirit vs Crystal Esprit vs Seabourn. The Esprit cruise allows seeing the pyramid--but Sprit goes to the Valley of the Kings. If anyone here has been both to the Valley of the Kings and the Pyramids, I am interested in hearing what they think of itinerary's that include one but not the other.
  9. I'm trying to decide between this cruise and similar ones on Seabourne and Crystal. This itinerary you do not see the pyramids. How do/did you all feel about this-I don't suppose there are private excursions which can get you over to the pyramids? Is the Valley of the Kings as impressive as they also seem to be, such that I would not miss my possible once in a lifetime chance to see the pyramids?
  10. I was there last fall for a stay-not a cruise. How long are you there for? If its just a day you could walk around the old town which is quite pretty and visit the cathedral there and grab some lunch. If you want to go inland and hike around we used joselitomoves.com and had a fun day of it. He drove us around a little did a nice one hour walk and took us to a cute little winery.
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