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  1. .Hi, I have a deck 11 aft facing booked in 2021....but I am a little concerned. I have read a lot of reviews that say the movie above is going constantly and VERY loud. Did you experience that? Sometimes people exaggerate, so I sure would love your opinion, or anyone elses too:)
  2. Its funny how everyone is different. Our last cruise was in a suite and we MUCH preferred Blu over Luminae. We had no trouble at all eating there every night. The only issue was the Maitre'D from Luminae kept calling to ask why we weren't coming there for dinner....lol. They keep track of where you eat.
  3. Wow, you guys have been great with the responses! I feel so much more well informed now. I had to laugh at those saying once you go suite its hard to go back. We booked a sky suite on Celebrity 3 years ago, and haven't been able to do anything else since...LOL . BUT, we can only cruise once a year right now.....hubby is not retired yet....so once we can go a couple times a year we will HAVE to choose between once a year in a suite, or twice a year in a reg balcony. I really appreciated the feedback on comparing Celebrity and Princess. We have been a little worried the service wouldn't be up to par with Celebrity. But, the more I research the better I feel. If the Princess ship is half as friendly as the Princess people on CC, we are good to go:) We are both excited to be trying a new line, with new itineraries. We are like little kids waiting for a new adventure😁 Happy sailing to everyone!
  4. ooooohhhhh...the Jack would make hubby very happy...lol Thanks!
  5. Thanks so much to everyone! We are really looking forward to trying Princess. We are Elite with Celebrity but we got so tired of the same ole itineraries on the same ships...lol(a sad problem to have!!!). We live in Florida and pretty much stay in the Caribbean, because of limitations in time available. Hopefully going to try Europe next year. I have heard great things about Princess, so we are excited. But there is a lot to learn! One other question I thought of...does anyone have a suggestion for lunch on embarkation day, besides the buffet? Want to try and avoid crowds.
  6. This is our first time sailing with Princess, and we have booked an aft full suite. I have been trying to get answers to a couple small questions, and cant seem to find them. First, in the mini bar set up that is complimentary, can you trade for bourbon? or specifically Jack Daniels? Second, I've read conflicting reports about whether you get 2 free bottles of water each day or not. We are on the Crown Princess in March. I am wondering if anyone has been on her recently and knows the answer for sure. I was going to order bottled water, but not if its free:) Third, is there an Elite Lounge on the Crown? And if so, is it free drinks like Michaels Club on Celebrity? Thanks in advance for any help!! Rebecca
  7. Oh and I had one more question...pretty please:) Does anyone know if The Chef's Table is offered on the Crown Princess 10 day cruise --Caribbean?
  8. I want to thank everyone for your replies....it has helped out greatly! I love Cruise Critic!!!! I would never have known about the OBC for shareholders or the military OBC without CC.....awesome people, helping other people! And kudos to PRINCESS for offering the Military OBC ! Too bad other cruise lines aren't as supportive of our military;). Just makes me want to sail them all the more.....regardless of whether we were military or not. I am so looking forward to this cruise. We had gotten in a rut with Celebrity...same ships, same itineraries year after year. I am leaving Edge out because we refuse to pay the ridiculous rates they want for a terrible itinerary . Also, we usually do a suite and they have "segregated" the suite occupants so much on that ship, that it wont feel right to us. I don't feel like if I have a suite, I should have a separate pool area ect….The separate dining was fine every now and then, and Michaels Club is nice...who needs more than that? We regularly sail with other friends who may or may not have a suite. I didn't want to feel like we couldn't socialize with them...lol. Okay sorry for the rant...:rolleyes:. Thanks again!
  9. We are both stockholders in Carnival, and my husband is retired Air Force. Can we take advantage of both OBC's or is it just one ? We have a suite booked for a 10 day cruise on Crown Princess in March of next year. This will be our first cruise with Princess. We are Elite with Celebrity, but wanted to try something different;). I am hoping we will like Princess. Does anyone know if they offer a Moscato on board? Celebrity did not, and it was very frustrating, since that's my drink of choice. Are you allowed to bring wine on board? If so, how many bottles? Thanks in advance for any help! Rebecca
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