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  1. We have Verizon and brand new iphone 11Max pro (so not cheap as referenced by OP). We were recently in Punta Cana and put our phones on airplane mode on the plane. When we got to the resort, we connected to their wifi. We attempted to imessage someone and we got a text from Verizon that our $10/day had started! DH called Verizon and told them we had our phones in airplane mode with all cellular data turned off! After much discussion, we had the charges reversed. We still don't know how that happened, but we are going to call Verizon before we leave on the cruise next week. Janet
  2. LOVE the food pictures!!! Helps me know what to order!! Thank you for those! 😀 Janet
  3. Getting on the ship Feb 1! Looking forward to reading about your adventures and the ship the week prior to our sailing. Maybe we will run into each other! Janet
  4. When I printed our Ocean Pass for the cruise on the Regal with my sister, the information on the bottom of the ocean pass states the cruise is 14 days and 5 ports. It is really a 7 day cruise with 3 ports. I am not overly concerned about this. I just mainly wondered if anyone had this happen? Just seems a little odd. Janet
  5. Yes, that is good to know, but what is REALLY good to know is whether the wine package is available BEFORE we board a cruise. I would not drag 12 bottles of wine onboard if I would be assured the wine package would be available. The availability is hit or miss, and the information is not available until one boards the ship. Janet
  6. We have missed Princess Cays more times than I can count due to wind. I would love to have $75 OBC! I have to say however, I am taking my sister on her first ever Princess cruise. We already have 3 sea days, so I would be disappointed if we missed Princess Cays! Not for me, but for her. Janet
  7. We have always been charged $40/pp also. Didn't cruise last year, but wanting to attend on the Sky in February. We cruise alone and dine alone, so it is always nice to chat with others one night. Very enjoyable for us! Janet
  8. I totally agree! I would rather not lug my own wine either. I personally wish Princess would either make the wine package readily available, or just make a statement that it isn't! They treat it like it is a secret! Just let us know if it is available or not! Janet
  9. That's exactly what my sister and I did! We switched to the cyber sale the day before the BES came out. We moved from a balcony to a mini for a large price reduction, giving up our sip and sail. Then, 2 days later, we added the drinks and gratuities for $30/pp/day. We have the 4-device wifi and $32 OBC from the cyber sale. We are all set for the same amount as our balcony! Win-Win. Janet
  10. We too have purchased wine packages in the past, but we are not willing to wait to board to find out that it is not offered. We purchased a couple of light-weight wine carriers and will be bringing on our own wine. Janet
  11. We are sailing in April on the Regal Princess with a stop at Havensight, from 10am until 10pm. I have been to St. Thomas over 20 times in the past 25 years, yet have never stayed past 6pm. For the life of me, I can't figure out why one would want to stay that late? What do you do in the evening? Thanks, Janet
  12. Our priorities are: Warm weather (we cruise to escape winter) Nice ship Great cabin Mix of ports/sea days If we want to really visit a country or region, that would be a land vacation.
  13. There has been some discussion lately that Princess may have discontinued their wine package. Not sure if that has been confirmed yet.
  14. I have not been on the Regal, but I have been on the Royal. (should be similar) There is no night light but I plugged a very dim one into the outlet marked for shavers only. I have also brought battery operated tea lights. Janet
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