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  1. I get the same error for cruises booked on Discovery and Diamond. No matter what I do I cannot get a booking to go through....
  2. We found that vines was normally full of people just hanging out rather than using Vines so there was never any seating so we just didn't bother last cruise.
  3. They get the old fashioned cruise card. The medallion is considered a choking hazard for toddlers which is why they do not get one. As they will be in the room with an adult it is unlikely that they will be roaming the ship alone but the cruise card will open the room and can be scanned by security when leaving the ship etc. (though the last toddler I saw they just scanned the parent and glanced at the cruise card)
  4. It's funny I get these emails too but I don't get my calls returned.......
  5. We have had that error since the new app launched. Haven't been able to book a specialty restaurant booking since, so helpful this new app idea. About as helpful as our CVP who won't return phone calls....
  6. We travel with our son so having 3 in the suite we tend to send laundry out daily to keep the bag small. Never had a problem with the frequency or amount that we send and always back the same day.
  7. Wonder what they use on the popcorn?
  8. I wish Princess would make it public that any passenger may sit on a bar stool regardless of age or gender............ Also if they could wrap tips into fares so we no longer have to hear silly arguments about why everyone has to tip every person under the sun that would be great too 😉
  9. It was complimentary in January when we last cruised
  10. Or they can be requested on board via the app
  11. Thank you for taking this on and enjoy your cruise!
  12. The warning in NZ is the PA notices, signs and the Patter. Ignore them and you get the fine 🤷‍♂️
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