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  1. On our 5th February cruise on the Voyager we were emailed the day before with a change in itinerary and then once onboard we had an announcement of another change. The updated itinerary was delivered to all cabins by late afternoon after sailaway. Original was Noumea, Mystery Island, Mare, Port Vila, Suva , Lautoka, Lifou. This changed to Noumea , Lautoka, Suva, overnight in Tauranga NZ, then Eden NSW. Cheers, Buzz.
  2. We had an overnight stay next to the Mount on Voyager in February. Arcadia was there on the first day too. Cheers, Buzz.
  3. We checked in on the 5th February as lowly no status cruisers, on Voyager of the Seas, with a 11:00 - 11.30 checkin time and were called at 10:45 to come aboard we are expecting you. There were no lines at at that time and we just sailed through. Indeed we were spoken to by some diamond people who were not too thrilled we were onboard before them.We met the infamous gbenjo onboard ! Cheers, Buzz.
  4. I just went to Next Cruise , they have no information about a repo cruise for Spectrum. The ship has just completed a 14 day quarantine in the Philippines, the crew has just had a day off ship. The ship will complete another quarantine and then an inspection before she is allowed to sail. I think the announcement has caught them by surprise. If I hear any updates I will post , cheers, Buzz.
  5. Mike , Cruise Director on Voyager of the Seas , last night announced Spectrum will be coming here after it’s current quarantine. Free cruises will be allocated to first responders of the bushfires. No itineraries or dates announced. Availability will be forwarded to Emergency Services for them to do the allocations. Great move RCI , warmly welcomed by those of us onboard. Cheers, Buzz .
  6. Our revised itinerary on Voyager of the Seas is Noumea , Lautoka, Suva , we left there yesterday, 2days at sea then an overnight stay at Tauranga NZ , then across the ditch to a day in Eden, then next day back to Sydney. Cheers, Buzz.
  7. That’s the thing about RCI cruise planner pricing , the $60.28 was on for one day only AUD at the same time the price was $18 for our US friends. The glitch was discovered after a few hours and rectified. I would have loved the $18 USD but alas no luck. We are on a 14 night cruise and forward planning is 3 formal nights. We are having a great cruise , terrific crew and the quickly updated itinerary now includes an overnight in Tauranga NZ then across the ditch to a day in Eden. Surf and Stream is ok but patchy. Digital photo package is a good deal when on special, we have never posed for so many photos ! Cheers, Buzz.
  8. We are currently on the Voyager of the Seas , just left Lautoka bound for Suva. We have the DBP and can report we have been having plenty of wines and cocktails over the $12 quoted limit with no extra charges. Sail card not required for 500 ml water bottles they just hand them over on request. DBP is a winner for us bought at $60.28 on sale and used OBC to further reduce the overall cost. So Enjoy , cheers, Buzz.
  9. They emailed the revised itinerary on Tuesday which included Luganville as an overnight stay. This was revised again yesterday to the current itinerary. As of today no shore tours available yet for Tauranga or Eden. There is also some issue with shore tours for Suva as no tickets have been delivered yet for pre purchases. They say they haven’t printed them yet but will deliver them when ready. Tickets were delivered for Noumea and Lautoka. We will see. We are enjoying the Deluxe Beverage Package any way !
  10. Most passengers are just happy we are going somewhere at least. Have overheard a number of other passengers complaining about everything ! One thing we have had issues with is the pre cruise Royal Gifts purchases. So far 2 of my purchases have not arrived. I had to join the massive queue at Guest Services to enquire. Yes my purchases are in the system but they had no idea where they were. They reordered my champagne and truffles. They were delivered after 730 pm while we were at dinner.i have orders for our anniversary on the 16 th , they too are in the system but I am not hopeful of their arrival.I had also prepaid for lunch atChops Grille on Friday but they are not open for lunch so I cancelled that and was refunded.I will look for dart boards later today for you. Cheers, Buzz.
  11. We we are currently on Voyager of the Seas , joined in Sydney today , even met the famous GBenjo. We are no longer going to Mare , Port Vila, Lifou or Mystery Island. So far, we are still going to Noumea, Lautoka, Suva with a new overnight stop in Tauranga NZ, then onto Eden. It is a bit of a mystery tour. Cheers, Buzz.
  12. I saw the road damage and the tourists being flown out on the late news last night. So much rain , we need it here too for our drought affected country , but not that much all at once . Cheers, Buzz.
  13. If you like a quiet drink call into the Ship Inn , it's in Circular Quay and also has good food . Cheers, Buzz , enjoying your view of my home city.
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