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  1. Here are the terms and conditions. Please show me where it states that ^IF YOU BOOK A NONREFUNDABLE DEPOSIT FARE RATE, YOUR MINIMUM DEPOSIT REQUIRED WILL BE NONREFUNDABLE. THESE ARE “NONREFUNDABLE DEPOSIT NEXTCRUISE BOOKINGS” or “NDNBOOKINGS.” FOR NDN BOOKINGS, THE FOLLOWING RULES APPLY. CHANGES FOR NDN BOOKINGS: For Guests who make a NDN Booking, changes made during the first thirty (30) days after the debarkation day of the cruise during which the NDN Booking was made shall not be subject to a Change Fee; changes made to the ship or sail date after that 30 day period has expired shall be subject to a Change Fee (currently $100 per person but subject to adjustment without notice); in either case, the deposit shall remain nonrefundable. For all NextCruise Bookings, the special promotional offer that you received as part of your NextCruise Booking (the “Special Promotional Offer”) will adjust in the event that you make any changes. In lieu of that Special Promotional Offer, your cruise would be booked at a prevailing rate available in your country as of the date of your change. The NextCruise Promotional Offer you received, currently either NextCruise Dollars Off or the NextCruise Onboard Credit Promotion will be handled as provided below.CANCELLATIONSFORNEXTCRUISENDNBOOKINGS:IftheguestcancelsaNextCruiseBookingpriortothefinalpaymentduedate,thecancellationtermsapplicabletoyourbooking(whichmayvaryfromcountrytocountry)willapply. ForNDNJuniorSuiteandbelowBookingswithareduceddepositof $100 per person, the reduced deposit will be held in full penalty (i.e., forfeited) and no Future Cruise Credit (“FCC”) will be issued. If additional payments have been made on the NDN reduced deposit booking fulfilling the standard minimum required deposit and the booking is cancelled prior to the final payment due date, an FCC will be issued for the minimum deposit less the $100 per person service fee in countries where FCCs are offered.1 For NDN Grand Suite and above Bookings, Royal Caribbean will issue an FCC to the guest named on the cancelled NRD Booking in countries where FCCs are offered. The FCC will expire 12 months after it was issued and shall be issued in an amount equal to the nonrefundable deposit paid minus a $100 per person service fee. No FCC will be issued if the nonrefundable deposit amount is $100 or less. NEXTCRUISE DOLLARS OFF AND OBC PROMOTION: Guests who make a NDN Booking are eligible for our NextCruise dollars off promotion or Future Onboard Credit (up to $600 per stateroom depending on length of voyage and type of stateroom or suite). Guests who select our refundable fare option are eligible for a Future Onboard Credit (up to $150 per stateroom depending on lengthofvoyageandtypeofstateroom.)FORALLGUESTS,aNextCruiseBookingmaybecombinedwithcertaingroupsandrequireafulldepositandpossiblelossofyourpromotionalofferand/orOnboardCreditoffer. Guestsmustbe21yearsofageorolderandsailingonaRoyalCaribbeanInternational cruise, or participating in an authorized day visit onboard, at the time of booking in order to take advantage of our NextCruise program. There are limits on the number of NextCruise bookings that may be made by each such person. NextCruise cannot be used for Travel Agent resale. Visit your NextCruise Sales Team onboard for full Terms and Conditions and/or visit the Royal Caribbean website in your country of residence. Nonrefundable Deposits may not be permitted in certain countries of residence. In that event, the NDN Booking shall be converted to a refundable deposit booking program and the specialNextCruiseoffersapplicabletorefundabledepositbookingsshallapplyinlieuoftheNextCruiseofferselectedbytheconsumer. FCCsarenotofferedinallcountries.IncountrieswhereFCCsarenotoffered,thedepositwouldbeforfeitedandnoFCCwillbeissued.Allamountsstatedhereinarein U.S. Dollars. ©2018 Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Ships’ registry: The Bahamas. 17057524 • 10/29/2018
  2. Did you read about the passenger on the Westerdam who tested positive despite the ship being virus free for over 14 days. Throws a whole new wrinkle into this 14 day period everyone has been following.
  3. When did they start having the dinner menu items available at lunch. When we were on over Christmas it was just the sandwiches or turkey leg, they didn’t even have the ribs fully cooked at lunch.
  4. It’s never been 10%. It was and still is at 5% depending on the ship and whether they have the new system set up in the casino.
  5. Sure they do because they were given the wrong information.
  6. No, the OP is asking about the OBC that you get for booking on board. That stays with the reservation regardless of how many times the booking gets repriced. If it were promotional OBC that they happened to get in addition to the next cruise OBC then yes that would be lost.
  7. The 30 days is an estimate. Some have theirs available earlier and some have theirs open later.
  8. On a lot of the ships now you don5 pay the surcharge. You are able to put your seapass card into the slot machine, set up an account and add money to the machine. You then hit cash out and go to the cashier to get your money. Did this in December on Oasis, no 5% fee
  9. Suite perks on Navigator and Indy will be the same.
  10. Izumi is a la carte so they give you a $35 pp credit towards your bill. Hibachi is a set price but some ships charge an extra $10 pp.
  11. Yes, it is a standard format. Initial, last name@rccl.com
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