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  1. But you needed a passport to board the cruise didn’t you. The op was asking if they needed a passport to take a cruise to the Bahamas not what they had to show in port.
  2. I’ve personally had great response from post cruise customer care in dealing with issues on the ship. Given that it’s the F&B manager/HD that implemented the change you are fighting a losing battle on board. I’ve seen them totally ignore a written directive from Miami. The ship is a world unto itself.
  3. Take one of the 11 or 12 day southern cruises to make up for it. Far better itineraries than the 7 day Bahamas.
  4. You don’t book the flowrider unless you are booking a private lesson or renting it just for yourself.
  5. Just go ahead and order what you want based on the advertising that they are doing. If the restaurant charges you mention it to them. If they refuse make one stop at guest services, if they refuse just call the post cruise customer care line and they will fix what the ship has screwed up just like they did for the fake stateroom water charges and the phone pool towel charges. Not worth spending any more than 5 minutes dealing with it on board.
  6. What you are showing is not the gratuity. If you said the regular price was $35 and you were charged $43.38 then that is 24% more. Since your cruise was in Europe perhaps you were charged the VAT but it wasn’t the gratuity. edit. VAT in Spain is 21% I just did a booking for Chops. Cruise planner lists it as $49.99 pp. the total that I am charged is $99.98.
  7. What Carol was referring to was that if you book and pay in the cruise planner and the price was $50 per person then your total would be $100. On board if it is $50 per person then your total will be $100 plus $18 gratuity for a total of $118. Whether or not they show you the breakdown of what you paid in advance is irrelevant to the actual amount that you paid.
  8. With both groups staying in Junior Suites you also have the option of dining in Coastal Kitchen. Take a look around on this site and you will find the menus and could pick a day or two based on the menus.
  9. Coastal kitchen on Oasis class is part of the same space of the SL.
  10. Not really. There used to be 2 lounges...DL and CL Now there are still 2 lounges the DL and the SL and in most cases now the SL is in a much better location than the old CL was Same 2 lounges, the only thing that’s different is who can use them
  11. Kids keep the status but revert back to their own actual points. They could be Diamond with 7 points. This happens at age 18 regardless of where they are living
  12. They have to make up for all the packages they sold at $18.
  13. There appears to be 2 open spaces. One is the Aquatheatre balcony and the other is the Rockwall with a crew staircase behind it.
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