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  1. Personally I like deck 8 as it is easy access to Central Park and an easy walk down to the Boardwalk or Promenade. If you like being closer to the pool deck then choose deck 12.
  2. And yet it’s the AZ and J&J vaccines based off the old technology that seems to be having the issues.
  3. When we first started cruising we booked a hotel based on it having a shuttle....never again. After an hour waiting for it and being told any minute now for 30 minutes of that we gave up and took a taxi. Didn’t even bother looking for the shuttle when the cruise was over, we just took a taxi.
  4. That's great that you saved money. My point was that this thread was asking about promo codes that you need to manually enter to get a discount. The SAVEMORE is the current promo and is automatically added to the booking. In your case because you booked so early they hadn't finished the updates and when you called back they had so you got the promo
  5. I agree that it doesn't matter in the end however it does put one of those two groups in a bad PR position if they are preventing humanitarian aid based on who has been vaccinated.
  6. There was nothing in that article to suggest one way or another whether it is the cruise lines or the receiving countries requirement for the antigen test.
  7. SAVEMORE is not a promo code. It is the current promo that Royal is running, no special code needed ALLABOARD is valid and provides a $50 discount. It is not combinable with the C&A balcony discount nor is it combinable with the $50 early booking bonus for groups and it’s not combinable with the bonus discount you get for booking a NRD deposit (kicker NRD)
  8. We were on at Christmas 2019 and had the UDP. We went to Portside every day either for lunch or a late afternoon snack if we had late dinner reservations. Even the 2 meat was plenty to share. I really hope this gets added to other ships.
  9. The cancellation announcement for the Jewel was done in March 25, 2021. The deadline to lift snd shift was April 8. 125% FCC will automatically be issued and you have until June 30, 2021 to request a refund instead of the FCC
  10. Choice air and air2sea are the same thing.
  11. There is another thread on this but with the new user interface that they have for the cruise planner (currently only Symphony snd Mariner) Royal is now charging sales tax as well as adding gratuities on several items. I would be surprised if this was a glitch. More likely just another way to increase fees. the 12% Bahamas sales tax is legit, it’s just whether it will be included in the price as it has been in the last or shown separately as it no appears for Symphony and Mariner sailings.
  12. Bi weekly, as in every two weeks as opposed to twice a month. Payments are still calculated based on 12 monthly payments but you end up making the equivalent of 13 payments so the mortgage gets paid off quicker.
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