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  1. Thanks, I thought it was really late.
  2. You would think so but didn’t the one in Sept came out well after 5pm? I’m not sure regular office hours matter.
  3. Waiting on the CDC if they let it lapse then Royal will have an announcement if they extend it then it will be another wait and see.
  4. And yet they have different loyalty programs, perks.......I could probably name more differences than similarities.
  5. At this point they don’t even know so to release a definite date then have it change is not good either which is why they just go month by month.
  6. If you cancel, the FCC has an apply by and a Sail by date of Dec 31 2021 or 12 months from the date you cancel, whichever is greater. it can only be applied to cruise fare and extra cannot be used for OBC.
  7. Yes however they have never stated what defines short cruises. Even their own healthy sail panel defined short cruises as 10 days or less. Now, if they don’t start sailing until late Feb or early March then the 3/4 day cruises until spring make perfect sense. If somehow they start the short cruises in a December the I see them starting a few of the 7 day itineraries Late January or early February.
  8. Yes, that is why I posted this new enhancement. They are no longer waiting for the Cruise to finish before reissuing the FCC. The remaining FCC will be reissued as a new FCC within a week or two of it being applied.
  9. By pricing ships that they know won’t sail high they will hopefully drive the little remaining interest to ships that they plan on sailing.
  10. And being north of the border I feel that I will end up missing those really empty first sailings.
  11. Social distancing definitely will not be a problem.
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