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  1. If you booked a refundable deposit you would get back 100% of everything you paid including deposit if you booked a non refundable deposit there would be a $100pp fee, you would get back the balance of the deposit as a FCC and everything you paid above the deposit would be refunded. Regular cancellation terms apply. If Royal eventually does cancel you would get a 100% refund of everything you have paid.
  2. Ok, so are you saying that everything on this list is being out on hold? That I can see
  3. That list is a list of everything they were planning on doing. the left side is as it currently sits and the right side was post amplification. i think there was some confusion in the interpretation of this list as I don’t see them going ahead with a lot of this particularly the addition of all the cabins From personal experience in dealing with Royals account managers, they don’t always have the most up to date information.
  4. TA’s can set their own dates. I don’t think Royals has changed in the UK.
  5. Thanks, my memory is obviously terrible and totally forgot about those few temporary changes.
  6. Aren’t all UK final payment dates at day 56
  7. Oasis from what retired Leo reported in an earlier post than that.
  8. With the non refundable deposit Royal waived all of the $100pp change fees and you could move that entire deposit to a new cruise.
  9. I’m surprised that they did given that you booked a NRD and will get all of that returned via a FCC.
  10. Why not rebook for next year and not stress about what will become if this years season.
  11. Refundable air through air 2 sea. Don’t pay until final payment. If the air pricecdrops it can be repriced.
  12. It was supposed to be added at her drydock 5 years ago but they had technical difficulties so it was scrapped then. Never part of the plan for this recent drydock
  13. Seems like a fair offer. Basically the same offer as if they had cancelled them and some OBC if you decide to sail. I still think they will eventually be cancelled.
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