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  1. I avoid cabins directly under the pool deck due to the possibility of noise from above.
  2. I prefer deck 8 for its proximity to Central Park.
  3. Ourusualbeach

    Kids sail free

    You do not need to rebook. It also doesn’t matter if itwas a refundable or non refundable rate. When the next KSF promo starts (and your date in March isn’t excluded due to it being spring break weeks) and you see a lower price just call Royal or your TA and get the lower fare. As long as you are before final payment you can do this. Royal will just reprice your existing reservation.
  4. Ourusualbeach

    Starbucks ~ gift cards?

    Careful on the coffee card. Most ships are charing extra punches for anything other than a small. Cheaper to pay an you go.
  5. Ourusualbeach

    Oasis propulsion problem speculation?

    You were the one that quoted the image and said that was the QV. I was merely pointing out that the image you quoted was not the QV. I am not doubting that the QV was in port when you said it was.
  6. Ourusualbeach

    Room Service in a Crown Loft

    MDR yes, specialty I believe is for star class suites only.
  7. Ourusualbeach

    Oasis propulsion problem speculation?

    Not sure which terminal is which but there was only only ship in the image that you quoted and it wasn’t the QV.
  8. Ourusualbeach

    Soft drinks on the Oasis?

  9. Ourusualbeach

    Stroller rental on Oasis?

    No stroller rentals on any ship.
  10. Ourusualbeach

    Price of shakes on Harmony

    Thanks. Never noticed that before. I just saw that the person posted classic and it took me back to when there was the 2 alcoholic packages.
  11. Ourusualbeach

    Rci app

    I’ve always heard it was the end of 2019. That’s what the slide presentations to the shareholders showed early last year.
  12. Ourusualbeach

    Deck 6 or move Voyager Of The Seas ?

    6230 is a category 6B. You can only change to other 6B’s. Actually I just noticed you were from the UK. I’m not sure what the latest status is but at one time residents of the UK were not allowed to change cabins if they booked a guarantee. If you are going to try I would just call and say you want to change cabins from 6230 to xxxx and don’t mention that it was a guarantee. Personally I would not have an issue with the cabin that you were assigned. Good luck.
  13. Ourusualbeach

    Deck 6 or move Voyager Of The Seas ?

    You need to post your cabin number if you don’t know. On your reservation it should say both the category and the cabin number that you were assigned.
  14. Ourusualbeach

    Deck 6 or move Voyager Of The Seas ?

    Ok, so you can switch to any other available cabin that’s a carptegory 6B. 6B are only available on decks 6 and 7
  15. Ourusualbeach

    Perks for Booking Next Cruise Onboard

    See post 9 this thread.