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  1. I’m booked on the 5th, but that’s just by luck as it’s Christmas and that’s the only week we can cruise.
  2. Don’t book the first cruise. Book the second or third.
  3. @AlexisV just because your uncalled for post has rightly been removed doesn’t mean that I won’t respond to it,. I would suggest you reread my post that you quoted and you will see that I was saying that it won’t matter if Ashland waits until Monday to call and reaches someone in the US as it will be the people working in the call centre in the US that will make up answers. Whether the people work in Guatamala or Springfield Oregon isn’t the issue. The issue is that the front line CSR’s do not have access to the information that is being requested and has been shown time and time again they will make up answers knowing that most people will believe whatever they tell them. You really should work work on your reading comprehension and take a moment to think about what you are posting before making the accusations that you did.
  4. I booked a Oasis this Christmas specifically becase she will be fresh out of drydock. Booked Allure for Christmas 2020 for the same reason. Funny enough for Allure in 2020 the prices were the lowest I’ve paid for a Christmas cruisebon an a Oasis class ship. I’m hoping they kill the cats as well. (Sorry John)
  5. Shows will either be geared towards early or late seating with late seating going to early show and early seating going to the late show.
  6. It won’t matter. If anything were going on the reps you talk to won’t know anything anyway and will most likely confuse you even more by telling you something that they just made up.
  7. On Symphony last week the lobster at Chops was a tail for $8 and not the $21 broiled lobster.
  8. I’ve seen reservations open as close as 45 dats to sailing and as far out as 154 days ahead.
  9. It’s showing on Royals travel agent site. All categories are closed except for a couple balcony categories that you can waitlist.
  10. There is no requirement for the minor to buy any package.
  11. It’s confusing bu5 it means show up at least 2 hours before departure. You can arrive at anytime. Boarding generally starts about 11 am.
  12. That $600 is misleading. It’s for suites on a longer sailing. A balcony on a 7 day cruise is only $100 and if you take a refundable deposit it’s less than that.
  13. I had clients who were a few cabins away from the Centrum on deck 7 complain about the smoke.
  14. On every casino on a Royal that I have been to in the last several years one side has always been non smoking.
  15. We enjoy both the Boardwalk and CP balconies. We don’t sit out on our balcony bough to justify the extra cost for an Oceanview but it’s nice to have all the natural light and fresh air that they provide. Also with our balcony discount many times the BW and CP balconies are just a few $ more than insides.
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