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  1. Interesting. I just looked at the deck plans thinking that they may have added cabins but that’s not the case. They used to be on 7, 9 and 14
  2. Did they do away with the couple of small rooms that they had on some of the passenger decks near the forward elevators?
  3. Your correct, there are ships out there larger than Radiance class however I didn’t really see the need to mention that since we were talking about the deployment of Royals ships. I still believe that there must be something from preventing them from docking a ship larger than Radiance as it’s been years since the Mariner test and they haven’t stopped there since with a ship larger than Radiance.
  4. Deck 7 will have less of an obstruction. In fact on Anthem they aren’t even listed as obstructed.
  5. Hibachi is only covered under the Ultimate dining package. It is not covered under the 3 night package. Central Park is a fixed price. At Izumi you get a $35 credit per person.
  6. My guess would be that Royal is higher than the 108% with Celebrity and Azamara (admittedly with fewer berths) dragging the number down.
  7. It will automatically be refunded to the credit card you provided at check in if unused.
  8. Liberty may very well have been able to do that but she was probably going full out given the circumstances. I think that if ships could economically get to Key West earlier then they would be yet Royal arrives there at 10 and Disney does not arrive until noon. It’s a huge cost increase in fuel to get those last couple knots that could make that possible. I also think that if it were possible to have a ship larger than Radiance class visit key West you would have already seen it happen by now. Either way we will know in less than a week. Until then a whole lot of speculation.
  9. Not sure Miami really works as a port stop. It’s 6-8 hours further than Key West and the earliest that ships arrive there from Galveston is 20 am with others arriving at noon. i thought that Adventure was too big to port at Key West.
  10. Impossible. Same type of cabin but not the same category. On Harmony if you 2 people you get a diffetent category than if you select 3. Example 4D is 2 people 5D is for 3 or 4. Sane cabin type diffetent categories
  11. I last sailed on Oasis over a year ago and it was offered then.
  12. This has been available for over a year. Cant believe they are still selling it....maybe there are more Cat lovers than I thought.
  13. Yep, it would open up adding Labadee as a port with Jamaica and would also allow a Bahamas itinerary while still keeping a 3 stop 6 day itinerary
  14. I think that you will see 2 itineraries. Cozumel, Costa Maya and Roatan Cozumel, Jamaica and Grand Cayman (providing the pier gets built) substitute Roatan or Costa Maya if it doesn’t. If they opened it up and did a 9/5 or a 10 /4 rotation it would open up a lot more possibilities
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