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  1. There was equipment on the Island
  2. This is what we do.
  3. Third one didn't work for me, but Mahalo for the others!
  4. Tour groups here in Hawaii have banned full face snorkel masks. There has been a rash of drownings attributed to the use of those masks. You're a lot better off going with a traditional set-up.
  5. Island had equipment and set up April 2018
  6. We ( wife insists ) avoid the hassle and just ordered Uber XL. All of her stuff fits where it should. After being in a few car accidents, we don't want bag missiles flying around the car to save a few extra bucks.
  7. I was wondering if this is played on the PA every morning to announce Joe activities.
  8. I book the Princess Protection plan just for that reason. The last few years we traveled with my mother as my wife and I were her primary caregivers. The Platinum plan allows you to cancel for any reason and you receive cruise credits instead of a cash refund. Mom has passed, but I still book the same insurance as we now have my MIL and grandkids to worry about.
  9. Those nights, they usually have anytime dining for all. That's what we've experienced on our cruises.
  10. Don't forget the duct tape to prevent tripping.
  11. What time zone does the Princess website operate under and recognize? Will this work, time to call my TA.
  12. About 20 minutes and one of the tender boat helpers did recommend a tour that said would give him a commission if we mentioned his name. The tour was , "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" sights of Belize. Was a great tour and the tour operator had a flouresent t-shirt with his name on it. After seeing some of the bad we did tip on the way back.
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