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  1. If they are available on some ships, and not considered a fire hazard what argument does Princess use if you bring one identical to those on Sapphire. Wife drinks Green Tea and I go to International Cafe or Horizon Ct. and get hot water in my hydroflask. Stays plenty hot( unless I stop for beers on the way back).
  2. Do you have to wait for general boarding, or can you go right back on with the others that did the group customs. 1st b2b out of FLL in March. Mahalo
  3. On the Island when they did the add ons, they put 2 large steel structures right in the middle of each of the shuffle board courts. Recent photos show that they have corrected that.
  4. Just ordered $2000 more from Allstate. They are now down to only the $500 cards left.
  5. It's a workaround, but you can go to Cruisetimetables.com and search by Departure Ports, Ports of Call, or Cruise ship. Good research site.
  6. The Island had balls and equipment last year, the Grand didn't this summer.
  7. Funny how I posted that Allstate had Princess cards available and the board mod moved it. Guess she is an AARP member and doesn't use Allstate. Dumb move as art pertained directly to Princess cruisers. Allstate still has 10% off cards available.
  8. I'm not getting any shipping notices so I can't track mine. Anyone else not getting shipping notices.
  9. And I use my Princess card, so no double points, but I do get the points and 10% on top of that.
  10. We primarily cruise with Princess. I've used Allstate cards on my Carnival cruises, and have patiently waited till Princess came out with some cards. Thanks to this thread, I found out they had come out. I'm up to $4000 so far in ordered cards and will continue to purchase up to $8000 as long as they are available. Mahalo
  11. All the major airlines have posted FEE waivers for most of the Florida airports.
  12. You get points and possibly cash back from having their Safe Driving app ( I hate those irritating commercials). I go to the Carnival Board and scoop up all the promo codes that get posted there.
  13. I venture over to the Carnival boards to see if any new gift cards have come out. This morning Allstate has the Princess Gift Cards in $100 or $500 denominations. Nice deal, no expiration date. For all questions, go to Carnival board and look at Allstate thread. I got $1000 for $901.80. Little shipping thrown in. Aloha
  14. Got the burger twice for my wife on our 07/15 Grand cruise, and never got charged for either. Was a GREAT deal.
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