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  1. On our TA last Sept I couldn't get cards anywhere. Gift store was sold out, none at the casino. Asked our room steward and he was able to get us a deck. Said he "stole" them. Gave him a good tip for getting them for us.
  2. My wife's favorite is Capricciosa Pizza and that was available from room service for $8.50 or $10.18 with the gratuity added. It was always very good.
  3. We just finished 40 days aboard the Majestic. I loved the noodle bar, but Harmony was just so-so. The service in Harmony was excellent but the food was on the vanilla side. Not really great Chinese food, but not Panda Express. I'm glad we got to sail on her before and "if" the Hollywood area is changed to a paid Sanctuary. That would cut out a pool and leave just one for all the passengers that don't feel like paying for the area. On our cruise, the first leg was sold out and had kids on break. The pool areas never seemed crowded. I'm not a fan of inside pool areas, but did like walking through the Hollywood and being able to view out over the bow. I can see removing the musical instruments and blocking off the forward area but taking away the pool and jacuzzis would really be bad.
  4. Maybe a charter? We board her in Southampton on 05/22 after the planned 23day cruise on 04/29.
  5. It was on the MUTS screen every morning on the Majestic.
  6. Only gelato option on the Majestic. My wife would have it with ONLY gelato. Interesting was that the chocolate rim coating didn't melt outside in Queensland.
  7. Misread, it was only the peel. My thought was why mess with them.
  8. We did a 28 day South Pacific on the Crown in E730 and Club Fusion wasn't used that many nights. Late night entertainment was in Skywalkers.
  9. On the Majestic we arrived at 3am for the tides.
  10. Oh how I wish they'd change over the Bayou on the Coral and the Island to a Churrascaria.
  11. A very good tool to have when on a private excursion is the port information you can get from your in room TV or one of the hall boards near an elevator. If a problem with your arrival time back to the ship occurs you can call the local ship agent and advise them of your updated return time and they could possibly help.
  12. Our favorite cabin on the Grand/Crown class ships is the farthest aft Emerald deck mini suites. We have cruised in these cabins several times, and have 2 coming up. Recently we've sailed on Royal class ships in mid forward cabins. I've found the difference to be the more pitching movement and the banging of the swells in the fwd, as compared to the yawing motion in the aft. If we chose a balcony cabin, we prefer a Caribe deck room for the larger balcony.
  13. Here's a picture of a "bed in the ceiling". It's the square you see above the sofa. This is on the Majestic Princess.
  14. We just finished a Trans Pacific on the Majestic and the pool area was never a party atmosphere. The only day there was a crowd was for the crossing the equator ceremony. You could always get a pool side lounger.
  15. Favorite cabin location on Grand and Crown class ships. We did 28days in E730 last year and have done several cruises in the very farthest aft cabin on those class ships. Still have another 50 days booked in those cabins. Quiet being at the end, not much traffic. Club Fusion is directly below on deck 7 and we've never had a problem with noise. Some engine vibration, but not too bad we actually like it as it soothes us to sleep. Fully covered, nice location!
  16. Go to the State Dept travel site and see what level Nicaragua is at. We skipped it a few years back due to unrest over retirement plans. Felt sorry for out bartender who was going to be able to go home for a “conjugal” visit😃. Tendering is sometimes not able to be done if rough
  17. My wife and I did the 28day South Pacific cruise. We met in Pago Pago on a layover and wanted to return. The hotel we met at was torn down long aga,so we couldn't replay that night as we would've been arrested in a park..Apia was one of our favorite ports. Loved reading your perspective of the 2 Samoa ports. We just finished a B2B 40day Trans Pacific cruise with only 13 days in ports. It was very relaxing. My wife would occasionally have the specialty desert but with only the gelato and nothing else. The chocolate coating on the rim of the glass never melted. Looking forward to the 32day Trans Pacific from Asia coming up.
  18. What times are the fixed dining times? I forgot.
  19. We are on same cruise and ours have been wiped.
  20. We just got off the Majestic after 40 days and the washcloth shortage showed up a few times. Our room would be serviced then later he'd come by and give us washcloths.
  21. Mahalo for replies. Website good for checking in covered or not. Deck Plan site photos make them look the same. That was my thought. Not tiered. Guess I’ll rebook to Baja for my knees.
  22. On Grand and Crown Class I know the balcony on Caribe is partially covered and larger. Not sure about Coral.
  23. We are booked in a forward mini suite on the Caribe Deck. It's fully covered. The same room on the Baja deck also fully covered is available. Will keep the Caribe deck mini if the balcony is larger. Like Baja as only 2 flights of stairs to get to Lido. Any info? About to re-fare and trying to decide.
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